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"That is just a recolor. It's not even your weapon."
Dark Ghost[src]

Brain Megane Blade (ブレンメガネブレード Buren Megane Burēdo, Brain Eyeglass Blade) is Kamen Rider Brain's personal weapon. It was invented by Crystal Peppler.



  • Brain Megane Blade is a recolor of the Sunglasseslasher, a fact that was mentioned by Dark Ghost, one of its two users and a Rider from the same season the weapon came from.
    • In theory, being a recolor, the Brain Megane Blade should also have a gun mode function, yet no such feature was ever displayed.
    • Ironically, Dark Ghost is also a recolor of the original Ghost.
    • For the reason of the artifact, Brain is, in fact, the Roidmude Rider inside his glasses while in his human disguise.
  • The Brain Megane Blade is the second weapon that was re-used from the Sunglasseslasher, the first one to the Deep Slasher.
    • However, the Deep Slasher is a retooled and recolor version of the Sunglasseslasher, while the Brain Megane Blade is a recolor version of it.


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