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"Brad Barrett always wins"
―Brad's catchphrase and last words before being vented[src]

Brad Barrett is a former motocross player who was banned from the sport due to a cheating scandal that he did not commit. Approached by Xaviax with a promise that his name would be cleared, he became Kamen Rider Thrust and fought under his orders, later ultimately being vented by Drew Lansing.


Upon recapping past events, Brad takes an interest in Dragon Knight after he refused to fight him while dealing with New Monsters. He later baits Dragon Knight into helping him with a squid monster which he easily destroyed before he attacks him to get answers about the "Battle Club". Though he did get confirmed info about the Advent Void and then left. Brad later encounters Drew who tells his side of Xaviax and tries to persuade him to take down Kamen Rider Wing Knight and Xaviax. Xaviax confessed to Brad and says that he still has the proof of the setup. Xaviax gives Brad the option to vent or be vented as the video evidence that he was framed into cheating still on Xaviax's hand. In order to clear his name, Len and Brad engaged each other in battle again afterward. Kamen Rider Thrust was taken down, but Wing Knight could not vent him. Kamen Rider Thrust retreated.

In the next battle with Len, Kit and Chris tried to get Brad to work with them against Xaviax during the time when Brad was using the Confine Vent to negate the other Vent Moves. With his pride on the line and due to being forced into working with Xaviax to clear his name, Brad refused to listen to them and continued to attack the trio until Torque activated his Final Vent attacking everyone with Brad taking the most damage of all of them, though none of them were vented. After recovering from Drew's Final Vent, Kamen Rider Thrust is sent to the Advent Void by Kamen Rider Strike's Final Vent, thusly becoming the third Kamen Rider to be vented in the series. Len then grabs Kamen Rider Thrust's Advent Deck. Strike believed that Brad would eventually come around and join Kit and Len, as Chris did, so he vented him while he was still recovering from Drew's attack. His Advent Deck is claimed by Kit and Len.

During the final battle, the Ventaran Thrust was rescued from the Advent Void and used his Link Vent to destroy Xaviax. Soon after, Eubulon rescued Brad from the Advent Void and erased his memories to return him to normal life, most likely clearing his name in the process.


Brad Barrett as a motocross player has great pride in his reputation, as this was his main motivation to enter the "Battle Club", he also doesn't like to lose, as evident by his cocky attitue and catchphrase, despite this, Brad does like to fight fair and square, as shown when he let Len transform during their first encounter when he could have easily killed him before that. With his reputation on the line he did agree to Xaviax's deal, but he still had his doubts on venting Wing Knight, showing that inside him there was a good man that just wanted to clear his name.


Contract Monsters-Metalgelas


Metalgelas is an armored humanoid rhinoceros which is Thrust's Advent Beast. Metalgelas later ends up under the control of Kamen Rider Strike.

Kamen Rider Thrust

Kamen Rider Thrust

Kamen Rider Thrust

Thrust slots his cards in a compartment on his left shoulder called the Metalvisor.

  • Attack Vent: Summons Metalgelas to attack his enemies directly.
  • Strike Vent: Conjures a horn-like weapon.
  • Confine Vent: Negates the last Advent Card slotted.
  • Final Vent: Summons Metalgelas for Thrust's Final Vent. Metalgelas carries Thrust on his shoulders, his Strike Vent weapon equipped, as it pierces his enemies in a high-speed charging attack.


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