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Bossroach (ボスローチ Bosurōchi) is one of the Roach enforcers who watch over the human race, whom he sees to be inferior. Bossroach resembles the Caucasus Undead. He controls a small portion of Darkroaches as his personal soldiers. Bossroach is then destroyed by Decade Complete Form using the Kiva Emperor Final Kamen Ride. Wanted: Diend End of Diend


  • Height: 230 cm
  • Weight: 139 kg


  • Bossroach is the altered version of the original Beetle Undead costume of Kamen Rider Blade with it's Ouroboros Buckle replaced with the Darkroaches' belt.
    • His sword and shield, however, are directly taken from the Causasus Undead.
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