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"Turn Up!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Blay Buckle (変身ベルト ブレイバックル Henshin Beruto Burei Bakkuru) is a transformation device that Kazuma Kenzaki uses to become Kamen Rider Blade.


It was the second Rider System developed by B.O.A.R.D. intended as a means to combat the Undead via the fusion of Undead DNA and human DNA. The Blay Buckle was designed for specific compatibility with the ♠A: "Change Beetle" Rouse Card and harnesses the DNA of the Beetle Undead. This model utilizes the "Turn Up" mechanism to produce a stationary transformation screen, which initiates the fusion of Undead DNA with a human to produce the transformation. Coincidentally, the transformation screen itself can act as a deflective wall against assaults.

The Blay Buckle is consist of the following part:

  • Card Slot (カードスロット Kādo Surotto): A card insertion port for loading Change Beetle (Ace of Spade) Rouse Card with a sealed Beetle Undead.
    • Rouse Reader (ラウズリーダー Rauzu Rīdā): An internal mechanism inside Card Slot that read and execute the program of the Rouse Card.
  • Rouse Cradle (ラウズクレードル Rauzu Kurēdoru): The buckle's main body. Made by Orichalcum Platinum (オリハルコンプラチナ Oriharukon Purachina) with an internal mechanism.
  • Turn-Up Connection (ターンアップコネクション Tān Appu Konekushon): An arm part that connecting the Rouse Cradle and Card Slot.
  • Shuffle Wrap (シャッフルラップ Shaffuru Rappu): A card-shaped belt straps, the number of each cards changes depending on the wearer's waist size.
  • Wrap Connector (ラップコネクター Rappu Konekutā): A joint part that connects with Shuffle Wrap and Rouse Cradle.
  • Turn-Up Handle (ターンアップハンドル Tān Appu Handoru): By pulling this part sideways, the central part of buckle rotates, and the spade design surface is exchanged.
  • Rousing Alert (ラウジング・アラート Raujingu Arāto): When inserting a different Rouse Card, the lamp blinks.
  • Element Radiation Muzzle (エレメント・レディエーションマズル Eremento Rediēshon Mazuru): Release an energy screen Orichalcum Element (オリハルコン・エレメント Oriharukon Eremento).
  • Access Signal Lamp (アクセスシグナルランプ Akusesu Shigunaru Ranpu): A lamp that check the activity of the internal computer.
  • Dealer Box (ディーラーボックス Dīrā Bokkusu): A sub-computer that controls Blay Buckle.
  • Arms Mount (アームズマウント Āmuzu Maunto): Secure the holder for carrying the Blay Rouzer.
  • Connecting Buckle (コネクティングバックル Konekutingu Bakkuru): A part that connects the armor and wearer nerves.



When a Change Beetle (♠A) Rouse Card is loaded into the Card Slot in the center, a band that imitates the shape of the card called Shuffle Wrap stretches and is attached to the wearer's waist. After that, by pulling (turning up) the Turn-Up Handle on the right side, an energy screen called Orichalcum Element is released from Element Radiation Muzzle. By passing through this screen, the Blade Armor is attached and the transformation into Blade is completed. The Orichalcum Element can only be passed by a conforming person, and if touched, it will be blown off by an impact.



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