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Black Knight (ブラックナイト Burakku Naito) was the third Space Ironman created by the Alicia Federation who works alongside an agent from the Alicia Federation named Inga Blink.


Black Knight was created by Professor Blink along with the Kyodain. Unlike the siblings, Black Knight did not develop his own personality and stayed loyal to Professor Blink. He paired up with the professor's daughter, Inga to prevent the Kyodain's plans. Over the course of the movie, Black Knight would fight Gentaro Kisaragi as Kamen Rider Fourze. Black Knight eventually sacrificed himself protecting the Kamen Rider Club and Inga from the awakened Kyodain.


FOURZE-Black Knight
  • Height: 235 cm
  • Weight: 221 kg

Unlike the Kyodain, Black Knight relies more on more defense than offensive attacks due to his strong armor. Black Knight is armed with a rapier called the Blackest Leaver (ブラッケスト・リーバー Burakkesuto Rībā) and a machine gun built-in to his chest.



  • Black Knight is an homage to the evil Black Knight of the Robot Army Corps from the Space Ironmen Kyodain series.
    • Ironically, in Everyone, Space is Here!, the roles the characters were based on are reversed.
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