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"(Birth CLAWS name)!"
―Birth CLAWS equipping announcement[src]

"Cell Burst!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Birth Driver (変身ベルト バースドライバー, Henshin Beruto Bāsu Doraibā) is a belt that enables the transformation into Kamen Rider Birth, created by Doctor Maki as part of the Kougami Foundation's Medal System. After a single Cell Medal is inserted into the Birth Slot (バースロット, Bāsu Surotto), and the Grap Accelerator (グラップアクセラレーター, Gurappu Akuserarētā) knob is twisted, the belt's Receptacle Orb's Transer Shield (トランサーシールド, Toransā Shīrudo) is opened, encasing the user in the energy-based Cell Reactor (セルリアクター, Seru Riakutā) as the Kamen Rider Birth armor forms around him. After inserting another Cell Medal and turning the Grap Accelerator again, Kamen Rider Birth can summon one of the Birth CLAWs units. By inserting two more Cell Medals into the belt, Kamen Rider Birth can initiate a Cell Burst (セルバースト, Seru Bāsuto) attack.


The birth Driver consists of the following parts:

  • Versal Frame (バーサルフレーム, Bāsaru Furēmu) - The overall exterior. It is composed of Strontium (ストロンジウム, Sutoronjiumu), a metal alloy synthesised by the Kogami Foundation after analysing the O Scanner's metal alloys. It can withstand the energy released by an inserted Cell Medal, and can protect the Driver's Cell Reactor from outside enemy attacks.
  • Transer Shield (トランサーシールド, Toransā Shīrudo) - The shielding unit that protects the central Cell Reactor.
    • Transer Shield Top (トランサーシールド・トップ, Toransā Shīrudo Toppu) - The top clear half of the Transer Shield. It acts as a transport gate that transfers equipment that has been disassembled to the atomic level outside the Birth Driver before reconstructing it. The reason the top half is clear is so that the Birth Driver can transmit accurate location information to the Kogami Foundation's servers.
    • Transer Shield Bottom (トランサーシールド・ボトム, Toransā Shīrudo Botomu) - The lower green half of the Transer Shield. It acts as a transport gate that transfers equipment that has been disassembled to the atomic level outside the Birth Driver before reconstructing it.
  • Cell Reactor (セルリアクター, Seru Riakutā) - The core reactor located in the middle of the Birth Driver. It extracts and accumulates energy from the inserted Cell Medal. The Cell Reactor is a high performance reactor was developed by using data from fights monitored by Ridevendors and Candroids. When the Cell Reactor is activated, part of the accumulated energy is released as light.
  • Grap Accelerator (グラップアクセラレーター, Gurappu Akuserarētā) - A golden knob on the left side of the Birth Driver. It is used to transform into Kamen Rider Birth. When twisted, the Transer Shield separates, exposing the Cell Reactor, releasing accumulated energy.
  • Bar Slot (バースロット, Bā Surotto) - The slot in which Cell Medals are inserted.
  • Blank Cage (ブランクケージ, Buranku Kēji) - The location where Cell Medals are dropped into. It discharges the Cell Medal's latent energy.
  • Gold Linear Drive (ゴルドリニアドライブ, Gorudo Rinia Doraibu) - The gold detailing on the face of the Birth Driver. It is a a type of transmission circuit that sends out energy released by the Cell Reactor throughout Birth's body. The etchings on it is reproduced from the OOO Driver's own energy transmission circuit.
  • Drive Core Processor (ドライブコアプロセッサ, Doraibu Koa Purosessa) - The main CPU inside the Birth Driver. In case of an emergency or system error, the Drive Core Processor will automatically close the Trancer Shield, negating transformation.
  • Expand Cable (エキスパンドケーブル, Ekisupando Kēburu) - The strap. It is both tough and flexible. It adjusts itself accordingly based on its user's waist size.
  • Buckler Joint (バックラージョイント, Bakkurā Jointo) - The part where the Expand Cable is attached to the Birth Driver.
  • Lily Switcher (リリースイッチャー, Rirī Suitchā) - Two buttons on the strap located on the Birth Driver's left side. It holds the Birth Driver to the strap. It is linked to the Drive Core Processor, and will immediately stop transformation when pressed.
  • Vital Shift Sensor (バイタルシフトセンサー, Baitaru Shifuto Sensā) - A sensor located at the rear of the Birth Driver. It monitors the user's vitals such as heartbeat and oxygen concentration in the blood, and reduces burden on the user's body while maintaining fighting efficiency by optimising suit performance.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
Nobunaga's Desire Although technically non-canon, Nobunaga was the first person to become Kamen Rider Birth after Kougami gifted the Birth Driver to him after witnessing his desire.
Akira Date
Birth, Birth·Proto Type
An End, the Greeed, and a New Rider (1st)----

The Eiji Greeed, the Double Births, and Ankh's Desire (2nd, prototype version)

Date used the Birth Driver, supplied by the Kougami Foundation, to become the first Kamen Rider Birth. After getting enough money pay for his surgery, Date gives the Birth Driver to Shintaro Goto and entrusts him with becoming the second Kamen Rider Birth.

Date later returns to Japan and takes the prototype Birth Driver to fight again as Birth·Proto Type.

Shintaro Goto
Birth, Birth·Proto Type
Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W feat. Skull: Movie War Core (non-canon)----

Circumstances, Farewell, and a Tearful Birth

The Surprise Attack, the Proto Birth, and the Desire of Love (prototype version, briefly)

When Akira Date left Japan for his surgery, he gave Goto his Birth Driver to fight in his place as the second Kamen Rider Birth.

When the Birth Driver was damaged, Goto briefly used the prototype version while it was being repaired.

Erika Satonaka
Kamen Rider OOO Allstars: The 21 Leading Actors and Core Medals (temporary) It was shown that Shintaro asked her to not to be rude to Akira, but she easily beat up Akira and Shintaro. She also takes Shintaro's Birth Driver away and transforms into Kamen Rider Birth leaving Shintaro crying. The driver was later returned back to Shintaro.
Eiji Hino
Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals (briefly) Eiji temporarily used the Birth Driver when he was unable to transform into Kamen Rider OOO after Gara had taken his Core Medals.


  • Breast Cannon Shoot (ブレストキャノンシュート, Buresuto Kyanon Shūto): Birth fires a red energy beam that leaves behind a spiral effect.

Behind the scenes


The voice of the Birth Driver, as well as the Birth Buster, is provided by Jōji Nakata (中田 譲治, Nakata Jōji), who is also the narrator of OOO.


  • For unknown reasons, the finisher announcement was never used later on in the series.


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