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The redesigned Birth Buster in S.I.C. Hero Saga

"Cell Burst!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Birth Buster (バースバスター, Bāsu Basutā) is Kamen Rider Birth's personal firearm weapon, created by Doctor Maki as part of the Kougami Foundation's Medal System. It first appears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W feat. Skull: Movie War Core, and then made its TV debut in episode 16.

In Normal Mode (ノーマルモード, Nōmaru Mōdo), it is a gun that uses Cell Medals as ammunitions, firing medal-shaped energy bullets. Birth can reload the Birth Buster with Cell Medals by using the Cellbullet Pod (セルバレットポッド, Seru Baretto Poddo), which can also be mounted on the forehand to act as an auxiliary grip. In Cell Burst Mode (セルバーストモード, Seru Bāsuto Mōdo), the Cellbullet Pod is attached onto the Birth Buster's muzzle, making it capable of releasing an explosive ball of energy so long as it has at least one Cell Medal.

As shown in episode 18, it can be used when untransformed, but the recoil of the gun is very powerful, as Shintaro Goto was thrown backwards after firing just one shot when he fired the gun for the first time. Date later allows him to use and keep it, as so to prepare Goto in becoming Birth once Date achieves his goal of acquiring one hundred million yen. After giving Goto the original Birth Buster, Date obtains a replacement from Maki.[1]

When Satonaka becomes Goto's assistant, she also wields a Birth Buster.


The Birth Buster is composed of the following parts:

  • Birth Chamber (バースチャンバー, Bāsu Chanbā) - The circular section located in the middle of the Birth Buster's chassis. It is a generator furnace that compresses energy extracted from a Cell Medal into an energy bullet. When launched, an energy bullet is propelled forwards by using a high-speed injection system, accelerating them to a point that they can deal massive damage.
  • Cell Damper (セルダンパー, Seru Danpā) - A slot in which the user can drop medals into the Cell Render. By dropping Cell Medals within the Cell Damper, the Birth Buster is loaded.
  • Cell Render (セルレンダー, Seru Rendā) - A clear container located around the rear of the Birth Buster. It holds Cell Medals, and due to its construction involving the same materials used in the Cellbullet Pod, it is sturdy and allows the user to see the remaining amount of Cell Medals left.
  • Ignition Trigger (イグニッショントリガー, Igunisshon Torigā) - The trigger. It is linked to the Master Server (マスターサーバー, Masutā Sābā) in Kamen Rider Birth's head, and adjusts firepower and firing rate according to the data it receives.
  • Gold Bus Drive (ゴルドバスドライブ, Gorudo Basu Doraibu) - The golden detailing on the Birth Buster. It is an energy conduit that runs along the entire body, and is successful at transferring as much energy towards the muzzle as possible with minimal energy loss.
  • Flasher Muzzle (フラッシャーマズル, Furasshā Mazuru) - The muzzle. It controls the trajectory of each energy bullet, and contains a shock absorbing mechanism which reduces recoil, although an untrained person would still fly backwards from it.
  • Junction Frame (ジャンクションフレーム, Jankushon Furēmu) - A section mounted on top of the Cellbullet Pod that acts as its connection port. When it is linked to the Flasher Muzzle in Cellburst Mode, it will perform a data link, increase effectiveness.

Cellbullet Pod

  • Cellbullet Pod (セルバレットポッド, Seru Baretto Poddo) - A clear pod which stores discharged Cell Medals. It is composed of a reinforced glass material which can withstand the Cell Medals' power. When connected to the Flasher Muzzle (therefore changing the Birth Buster into its Cell Burst Mode (セルバーストモード, Seru Bāsuto Mōdo) mode), it acts as a reinforced muzzle. It also prevents the Flasher Muzzle from melting due to energy overload and instead redirects it towards targets, increasing damage.



The Birth Buster is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Behind the scenes


The voice of the Birth Buster, as well as the Birth Driver, is provided by Jōji Nakata (中田 譲治, Nakata Jōji), who is also the narrator of OOO.


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