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Biogreeza (バイオグリーザ Baiogurīza, 13 Riders): A humanoid Chameleon monster that serves as Kamen Rider Verde's Contract Monster.


  • Death Punish: Verde's Final Vent; Biogreeza wraps his extended tongue around Verde's legs and swings him towards his opponent where Verde grabs the opponent and piledrives his opponent head first into the ground.


Through the use of certain Advent Cards, parts of Biogreeza's body can be used by Verde as weapons or other equipment.

  • Bio-Winder (バイオワインダー Baio Waindā): A yo-yo weapon derived from Biogreeza's eyes. It's summoned with Verde's Hold Vent card.



Biogreeza drawn by the Kanzaki brother and sister.

  • Before Biogreeza's debut in the special, its origin painting already made appearances in the TV series.
  • Biogreeza was planned to be playable in the video game, but he was cut from the final game. His leftover data is still on the disc and can be chosen with cheat devices, although he cannot be controlled.[1]

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  1. The Cutting Room Floor: Kamen Rider Ryuki
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