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Shocker big machine

Big Machine (ビッグマシン Biggu Mashin) is a character who only appears in Ishinomori's original Kamen Rider manga. Big Machine is Shocker's highest commander and main antagonist in the manga. He also seems to be the one called "Great Leader" by some of the lower ranking Shocker members. He has a fully mechanized body and is behind Shocker's "October Project", which involves using a super computer to brainwash the population of Japan. He's able to match up the Riders in combat and launch attacks that disrupt electronic equipment, including Rider 1's and 2's own bodies. The design of his body was the base of Ambassador Hell's design in the TV show, although it was altered to allow a human face, and, unlike Big Machine, Ambassador Hell was kept a separate character from the Leader of Shocker.

Kamen Rider Eve -Masked Rider Gaia-

Big Machine VS Gaiborg

Super Hero Taisen

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Big Machine
Big Machine in space

Big Machine in space firing missiles at Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh

In Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen, Big Machine is used as the name for the combination of the Crisis Fortress and the Gigant Horse. It was made when the members of Dai-Shocker and Dai-Zangyack secretly united behind Captain Marvelous and Tsukasa Kadoya. It was destroyed by Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh.

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