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―Activation announcement[src]

―Miridewatch insertion announcement[src]

―Lever closing announcement[src]

"Future Time! (transformation jingle)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Finaly Time! (transformation jingle)"
―Transformation announcement with the Ginga Miridewatch[src]

"Beyond the time! (finisher name)"
―Standard finisher announcement[src]

"Finaly beyond the time! (finisher name)"
―Finisher announcement with the Ginga Miridewatch[src]

"Ridewatch Break!"
―Ridewatch finisher announcement[src]

The BeyonDriver (ビヨンドライバー BiyonDoraibā) is a transformation device used by Kamen Rider Woz. It uses Miridewatches as its primary collectible device.[1][2]


The BeyonDriver is composed of the following parts:

  • Mapping Slot (マッピングスロット Mappingu Surotto) - A slot that is used to insert Miridewatches.
  • Crank-in Handle (クランクインハンドル Kuranku In Handoru) - The handle used to push the Miridewatch into the BeyonDriver's side. When pushed, the Miridewatch begins to transmit data into the BeyonDriver.
  • Prime Frame Circuit (プライムフレームサーキット Puraimu Furēmu Sākitto) - The BeyonDriver's green frame that surrounds the window. It is made up of the same durable material that covers the rest of the BeyonDriver, and the BeyonDriver's shape allows the material to wrap around vital internal mechanisms, shielding them from intense combat.
  • Beyond Future Riser (ビヨンドフューチャーライザー Biyondo Fuyūchā Raizā) - The blue strip located within the three green 'buttons' to the right. It is a theoretical realisation device that materialises Kamen Rider Woz's suit and armor by using data within the inserted Miridewatch.
  • Miride Scope (ミライドスコープ Miraido Sukōpu) - The window in the middle. It's structure is specially designed to enable high-speed optical communication with a Miridewatch It contains a data projection mechanism that projects Kamen Rider Woz's equipment into the air before it is realised. To cope with the large amounts of data being released by the inserted Miridewatch, the Miride Scope projects the suit/weapon in the air as various parts before compiling them together.
  • Winding Belt (ワインディングベルト Waindingu Beruto) - The strap. It scans the wearer's physique and clothes in order to adjust itself to ensure a tight, yet comfortable, grip.



To transform, the user must insert the Woz Miridewatch after pressing its Miride On Starter, making the Driver announce, “Action!” Pressing the Miride On Starter again will cause the Miridewatch’s Gate Activator to open, revealing its Send Projector. A smartwatch is projected behind the user as geometric shapes appear around them. Closing the Crank-in Handle will send the data of the Miridewatch to the Miride Scope, causing the Driver to announce, "Touei! Future Time! Sugoi! Jidai! Mirai! Kamen Rider Woz! Woz! (投影!フューチャータイム!スゴイ!ジダイ!ミライ!仮面ライダーウォズ!ウォズ! lit. Projection! Future Time, Amazing! Era! Future! Kamen Rider Woz! Woz!)". To assume a Futurering form, the same procedure must be performed, but the announcement depends on the Futurering.


Main Article: Time Break/Burst/Explosion

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description

White Woz

Kamen Rider Woz
Happy New Woz 2019

Arriving from the timeline in which Geiz Revive defeated Ohma Zi-O and prevented the rise of Oma Zi-O, Woz brings the BeyonDriver with him to assists the present day Geiz Myokoin defeat Sougo Tokiwa. White Woz would lose the BeyonDriver after having his powers being absorbed by Hiryu Kakogawa and his poor choice of words when attempting to retrieve it back resulted in Black Woz taking the powers.

Black Woz

Kamen Rider Woz
The Beginning of Everything 2009

Once Hiryu Kakogawa successfully absorbed White Woz's powers, he in turn uses his notebook to retrive his powers back but due to his poor choice of words, Black Woz took the watch, and in turn the BeyonDriver to become Kamen Rider Woz, intending to challenge GeizRevive.

White Woz (Another World)

Kamen Rider Woz
2019: Operation Woz

Behind The Scenes


The BeyonDriver is voiced by AFRO (アフロ Afuro).[3]


  • Its name comes from the words Beyond and Driver.
  • Its color scheme is similar to Kamen Rider Necrom and Kamen Rider Cronus.
  • The toy version's activation with Miridewatches is similar, but also an inversion, of the use of the Gamer Driver, with the reflection of the device displayed on a panel in the center of the Driver, but requires a lever to be closed, instead of opened to show it.
    • In addition, one can activate a Ridewatch's Armor Time noise in the DX version by pumping the lever thrice.
  • Much like the aforementioned Riders, the systems of said Riders play a role (an inverse one) in the mechanics of the BeyonDriver when compared to its predecessor:
    • Necrom's Mega Ulorder used the transformation trinket without having to press any buttons on it when docked, while the Miridewatch requires a button to be pressed while docked in the Driver.
    • The Buggle Driver II was technically compatible with any Rider Gashats, but the BeyonDriver cannot use standard Ridewatches outside of finishers.
  • The Miride Scope's projection gimmick in the BeyonDriver is a play on the word "projection" itself, as the word also means a forecast of the future. Both users of the BeyonDriver fulfill this role of forecasting, or more aptly, "projecting" the future they envisioned.
BeyonDriver Beruto
  • Similar to Ziku-Driver, the DX BeyonDriver also has the katakana for "belt" (ベルト Beruto) on its battery slot cover.
  • The Ridewatch Break finishers are never used in the series.



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