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The Bee Lords (ビーロード Bī Rōdo) using their method of killing is grabbing a person and use a form of matter transference to bury the victim alive in a honey comb wall.

Bee Lords

Apis Vespa

Bee Lord-Apis Vespa

Apis Vespa

Main article: Apis Vespa

Apis Vespa (アピス・ウェスパ Apisu Wesupa, 22): A wasp Unknown armed with a rapier named the Purgatorial Needle (煉獄の針 Rengoku no Hari). He was destroyed by Agito Storm Form's Halberd Spin. Voiced by Katsumi Shiono.

Apis Mellitus

Bee Lord-Apis Mellitus

Apis Mellitus

Main article: Apis Mellitus

Apis Mellitus (アピス・メリトゥス Apisu Meritusu, 22 & 23): A honey bee Unknown armed with a rapier named the Purgatorial Needle. She fought Agito in both Storm and Flame Forms before retreating, losing one of her antenna in the process. As a result, the wounded Mellitus begins to attack random people without discrimination if they are her ideal targets or normal humans, momentarily drove away by Hōjō in the V-1 suit. Mellitus resumes in Ōta Ward, where she is intercepted by Agito. She battled Agito until G3-X arrived and took out his GX-05 Kerberos, blasting her to bits. Voiced by Yumi Takada (高田 由美 Takada Yumi).


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