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Icon-kuuga.png This article is about a vehicle in Kamen Rider Kuuga.

For the song that shares the same name, see BEATCHASER 2000.

The Beatchaser 2000 (ビートチェイサー2000, Bīto Cheisā Nisen) (aka. BTCS 2000) is an upgraded model of the Trychaser 2000 that was designed specifically for Kuuga. It is faster and more durable than the TRCS 2000 model and more resistant to the metal corrosion caused by Gouram. Yusuke first utilized this bike in order to track down and defeat Go·Badaa·Ba. The Police Department was hesitant to give this to Kuuga due to his Rising Mighty form. Like the Trychaser 2000, this vehicle was also upgradable by the Gouram and even Kuuga's golden power.

Due to it being faster than the TRCS 2000 model, it is equipped with a parachute module for additional power for the brakes. According to Hikari Enokida, the BTCS' activation code is Number 4's date of birth.

In later history, Beatchaser 2000 is not frequently in use after Kuuga regained the Trychaser 2000 again without further explanation.

All Rider Break

Kuuga got on his Rising BeatGouram, among many other Kamen Riders and their Rider Machines, to perform the All Rider Break attack which ended the final battle with Rock Great Leader. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders


Beatchaser 2000 (Red Line)

BeatChaser 2000 (Blue Line)


  • Length: 2.4 m
  • Height: 1.25 m
  • Top Speed" 420 km/h


  • Length: 3.2 m
  • Height: 1.25 m
  • Width: 1.1 m
  • Top Speed: 570 km/h
The Beatgouram (ビートゴウラム, Bīto Gōramu), like Try Gouram, is the combination of the Beatchaser 2000 and the Gouram which results in an even more powerful vehicle for Kuuga. It bears a similar resemblance with TryGouram except for the longer handle (which appear like horns), darker interior and the side guards from the Beatchaser 2000.


  • Length: 3.2 m
  • Height: 1.25 m
  • Width: 1.1 m
  • Top Speed: 700 km/h
The Rising Beatgouram (ライジングビートゴウラム, Raijingu Bīto Gōramu) is the result of Kuuga combining the golden power with the Beatgouram. Unlike its Trychaser 2000 incarnation, the Gouram returns to the National Research Institute of Police Science when inactive, now intact and in a different color. It was used only once in Episode 42 in order to destroy Go·Babel·Da, using the Body Attack (ボディアタック, Bodī Atakku) ramming technique named by Yuusuke himself.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider: The Bike Race

Kuuga appears riding the Beatchaser 2000 in Kamen Rider: The Bike Race, a racing game featuring the majority of Kamen Riders and Rider Machines up to Kamen Rider Agito.

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  • Much like its predecessor the Trychaser 2000, the Beatchaser 2000's base form is modeled on a GasGas Pampera 250, while its Gouram and Rising Gouram forms are based on a Yamaha V-Max.

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