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Battride War (バトライド・ウォー Batoraido Wō) is a action-adventure video game series developed by Bandai Namco and Eighting, based on characters appearing in the Kamen Rider Series. These games have primarily been released for the PlayStation family of consoles, save for a Wii U port of Battride War II.

In addition to the primary standard versions of the games, special DLC Riders are available in each game to expand the gameplay roster and special TV Sound Editions of the games were sold to the public in limited batches. The TV Sound Editions let players reenact their favorite moments from the TV series by syncing music from the shows to specific actions such as unleashing the player's super finishers or as background music.


Kamen Rider: Battride War

The first installment of the Battride War game series was released on May 23, 2013 for the PlayStation 3. A malevolent force named Callas has abducted the Kamen Riders and wiped their memories. The player must re-enact famous scenes from the TV series and fight waves of enemies to restore the memories of the Kamen Riders and fight Riders and enemies that are under the evil force's control. Characters available for play are the Heisei Riders up to Wizard.

Kamen Rider: Battride War II

Due to the sales of the first game, a sequel went into production and was released the following year on June 26th, 2014. Battride War II expanded the game roster to include Riders from Gaim as well as the ability to play as a certain Rider's movie exclusive Extra Final Forms or Final Forms for powerful finishers to rack up combos. The game's system of play was improved to have new mechanics to the game, such as an AI support system where player can choose a computer controlled Rider to assist them in combat.  The story for this game is more focused on re-enacting scenes from the films of the franchise as well as commemorating the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider X, as King Dark serves as one of the main antagonists along with a mysterious cinematic themed villain.

Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis

The game series went on a brief hiatus in 2015 during Kamen Rider Drive's broadcast, but a new game was announced later in the fall of 2015 by Bandai at the Tokyo Game Show expo.[1] The third installment of the series, Battride War: Genesis debuted on February 25, 2016. The third game was created during the televised broadcast of Kamen Rider Ghost and was commissioned to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Kamen Rider television series. Genesis is the most successful installment of the Battride War series thus far, as it went to the #1 spot on the Playstation Japanese sales charts with over 33,000 copies sold in the first week of its release.[2]

Genesis saw the first appearance of the some of the Showa Riders and the Kamen Riders of Drive and Ghost as playable characters, as well as featuring the playable debut of some Riders who were NPCs in previous games. A new feature added to the game was a Tag Team system that lets players do special finishers and attacks with their chosen AI assist partner. The story for the game is that an enemy from the past has erased his rival and most of the Kamen Riders from history and it is up to Ghost and Den-O to use the DenLiner to restore time to normal and rally the restored Kamen Riders against this threat. The level theme of the game is based on "first events" of each TV series, such as the first TV episode or the first transformation of a Kamen Rider from their respective series.


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