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{{ArticleBlack|kaijin form used by several identities}}
{{ArticleBlack|monster form used by several identities}}[[File:Kamen_Rider_Black_(green_version).jpg|thumb|SIC Kamen Rider Black (Green Ver.)]]
[[File:Grasshopper man.jpg|thumb|Batta Man]]
During [[Kotaro Minami]]'s pre-transformation state or [[Nobuhiko Akizuki]]'s pupa-like hibernation state, they completely transformed into a {{w|grasshopper}}-themed mutant called the {{nihongo|'''Batta Man'''|バッタ人間|Batta Man|lit. "Grasshopper Man"}} before they became the [[Century Kings]] [[Kamen Rider Black (Rider)|Black Sun (Kamen Rider Black)]] and [[Shadow Moon]] respectively.
[[File:Kamen_Rider_Black_(green_version).jpg|thumb|left|268px|SIC Kamen Rider Black (Green Ver.)]]
During their hibernation state, [[Kotaro Minami]] and [[Nobuhiko Akizuki]] completely transformed into a [[Wikipedia:grasshopper|grasshopper]]-themed pupa form called the {{nihongo|'''Batta Man'''|バッタ男|Batta Otoku|Grasshopper Man}} before they became the [[Century Kings]] [[Black Sun|Black Sun (Kamen Rider Black)]] and [[Shadow Moon]] respectively..
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Km.jpg|[[File:Icon-black.png|20px]] [[Kotaro Minami]]|link=Kotaro Minami
Grasshopper man.jpg|[[File:Icon-black.png|20px]] [[Kotaro Minami]]|link=Kotaro Minami
Na.jpg|[[File:Icon-black.png|20px]] [[Nobuhiko Akizuki]]|link=Nobuhiko Akizuki
Shadow_Moon_Batta_Man.jpg|[[File:Icon-black.png|20px]] [[Nobuhiko Akizuki]]|link=Nobuhiko Akizuki
[[Category:Grasshopper Kaijin]]
*[[File:Icon-black.png|25px]] ''[[Kamen Rider Black]]''
[[Category:Grasshopper Monsters]]
[[Category:Monsters with more than one identity]]

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This article is about a/an monster form used by several identities in Kamen Rider Black.
Kamen Rider Black (green version)

SIC Kamen Rider Black (Green Ver.)

During Kotaro Minami's pre-transformation state or Nobuhiko Akizuki's pupa-like hibernation state, they completely transformed into a grasshopper-themed mutant called the Batta Man (バッタ人間 Batta Man, lit. "Grasshopper Man") before they became the Century Kings Black Sun (Kamen Rider Black) and Shadow Moon respectively.


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