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Bath Jack Panic (銭湯 (バス)ジャック・パニック Basu (Sentō) Jakku Panikku) is the fifteenth episode of Kamen Rider Den-O.


Ryotaro is taken hostage by a wannabe criminal in a bathhouse as an aquatic Imagin starts running amuck.


In a string of bad luck while out shopping, Ryotaro's bike is stolen and he becomes a hostage of the thief in a public bathhouse along with another man named Shūjirō Hakamada. While Ryotaro is held hostage, his sister is contacted by the robber and the Whale Imagin begins attacking fishermen.

After much confusion, Hana and Ryotaro both end up in the bathhouse after a failed attack on the Whale Imagin. When Airi enters and begins to make lunch for the group, the SWAT team arrives. However, it is revealed that the entire situation provides no threat as the gun is fake.

The Whale Imagin appears again and Urataros fights it, only letting it escape because of less-than-favorable fishing conditions. Hakamada discovers that the targets have been his former co-workers, and Ryotaro investigates Takonoko Heavy Industries.

He discovers that its former president, Kōsaku Higuchi, is the Imagin's contract holder and Ryutaros takes over in an attempt to kill the president, only to be distracted by the Whale Imagin who is driven away easily by Gun Form.


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  • Den-O: Axe Form, Rod Form, Gun Form


DVD releases

Kamen Rider Den-O Volume 4

Kamen Rider Den-O Volume 4, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Den-O Volume 4 features episodes 13-16: Okay? I Can't Hear Your Answer, Dance With Dragon, Bath Jack Panic and Star of Happiness, Criminal's Surrender.

91conwDThtL SL1470

Kamen Rider Den-O Box 1, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 1 comes with 18 episodes.

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