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"(Low-toned klaxon alarms) Limit Break!"
―Finisher announcement w/ Cosmic Switch[src]

"(Switch) On!"
―Activation announcement w/ any other Astroswitch[src]

The Cosmic Module Barizun Sword (コズミックモジュール バリズンソード Kozumikku Mojūru Barizun Sōdo) is the main weapon of Kamen Rider Fourze when in Cosmicstates, accessed through the 40th Astroswitch, the Cosmic Switch. It first appears in episode 32.

This weapon has two modes: the club/rocket-like Boost Mode (カバーモード Kabā Mōdo) and the orange bladed Sword Mode (ソードモード Sōdo Mōdo).


The Barizun Sword is composed of the following parts:

  • Variant Cylinder (バリアントシリンダー Barianto Shirindā) - The outer rocket-shaped shell that closes over the blade in Boost Mode. Because it is composed of the super dense astorium (アストリウム Asutoriumu) alloy, it can be used as a heavy clubbing mace or a spear.
  • Master Controller (マスターコントローラー Masutā Kontorōrā) - The Barizun Sword's lever, pulling it down will open up the Variant Cylinder, revealing the blade.
  • Cruising Muzzle (クルージングマズル Kurūjingu Mazuru) - Rocket boosters built in to the bottom of the Barizun Sword, it allows Fourze to propel himself forward in space. Additionally, it serves as energy exhaust ports, discharging any excess energy the Barizun Sword produces.
  • Blast Off Trigger (ブラスオフトリガー Burasu Ofu Torigā) - The Barizun Sword's trigger, pushing it activates Limit Breaks and other combat maneuvers.
  • Contrail Arm (コントレイルアーム Kontoreiru Āmu) - The Barizun Sword's grip. It's mold is carefully designed to give its structure high strength.
  • Heldo Sprinter (ヘルドスプリンター Herudo Supurintā) - The gray bits poking out from the Switch Slot.
  • Switch Slot (スイッチスロット Suitchi Surotto) - A slot at the bottom of the Contrail Arm used to insert Astroswitches.
  • Transition Edge (トランジションエッジ Toranjishon Ejji) - The orange section of the Barizun Sword's blade. It is covered with Cosmic Energy and is capable of high powered slashes.
  • Cosmic Capacitator (コズミックキャパシタ Kozumikku Kyapashita) - The red part of the Barizun Sword's blade. It is an energy conversion unit that activates an inserted Astroswitch's energy. When switching from Boost to Sword Mode, it extends the blade, increasing length and slashing range.


Fourze Cosmicstates wielding Barizun Sword.

The Barizun Sword can utilize any Circle Switch Basement-orientated Astroswitch with the sole exception of N Magnet, since it is always supposed to be used with S Magnet (a Square Basement-orientated Astroswitch) as a means to balance out the intense power of the Magnet Switches.

When any of the below (sans Cosmic) are inserted into the Module and activated, it would announce the Switch in the same way the Fourze Driver does, only the voice is different, having a choir-like voice rather than the robotic voice of the Fourze Driver.

  • #1: Rocket - Activates the built-in boosters on the Barizun Sword for increased damage. Super Space Sword
  • #5: Magic Hand - Unknown
  • #10: Elek - Coats the Barizun Sword in Boost Mode in lightning to make it behave like Billy the Rod. It can also emit lightning. Monster's Broadcast Star Follower Selection
  • #13: Chain Array - Unknown
  • #17: Flash - Unknown
  • #20: Fire - A fiery energy blade that extends to great lengths. Super Space Sword Ancient City Mayhem
  • #29: Scoop - Unknown
  • #33: Claw - A three-pronged rake-like claw that slices through enemies, with the multi-blades hitting multiple areas on the target at once. Winner Determination
  • #40: Cosmic - Unnamed Rider Thrust Limit Break (Boost Mode) or Rider Super Galaxy Finish (Sword Mode)
  • Meteor Storm - Activates the Storm Topper, allowing Fourze to absorb all Cosmic Energy-backed attacks around him by spinning the Topper, then send the absorbed energy back to the target with a spiraling energy blast from the Barizun Sword's blade. Star Luck Ritual

Arms Weapon

Fifteen Fourze Arms wielding the Barizun Sword.

The Barizun Sword, along with the Billy the Rod, is wielded by Kamen Rider Fifteen when he uses the Heisei Rider Lockseed to assume Fourze Arms. Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai


The Barizun Sword is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


  • The Barizun Sword's name is taken from the Japanese onomatopoeiatic words "Bari" (the sound of booming thunder) and "Zun" (the sound of a thrusting sword).
  • When the Fire Switch is switched on in the Barizun Sword, it behaves like that of Kamen Rider Armed Hibiki's Ongeki Ha: Kishin Kakusei.


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