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Icon-hibiki.png This article is about a/an Makamou in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

The Bakegani (バケガニ) is one of the most reoccurring Makamou in the series, a giant crab with acid-shooting barnacles on its back. The Bakegani comes in variety of colors. Has four legs and two large pincers, used as its weapon. This Makamou usually lives in rivers, streams and coastal areas. The string-based instrument Oni are better suitable to battled with this kind of Makamou. It makes a sound like "nkyi, nkyi" that squeezes indirectly.

List of Bakegani

Bakegani of Boso (房総のバケガニ Bōsō no Bakegani): A moss-green with the red pincers Bakegani sighted attacked people near its saltwater territory at Boso. It was hiding under the water when his parents kill people to make food for him. Hibiki having a hard time fighting this Makamou due as string-based instrument Oni are better suited. After Hibiki killed the Bakegani's Hime, Bakegani successfully injured Hibiki. After that encounter, the Makamou returns to a coastal cave. But, Hibiki managed to destroy the Bakegani with his Ongeki Finisher.

Bakegani of Nikko (日光のバケガニ Nikkō no Bakegani): A green "freshwater" Bakegani was fought at Nikko, lacking barnacles as it grew up on the river. When its parents were defeated, it attempted to kill a weakened Zanki, but ended up being destroyed by Zanki's Ongeki Finisher.

Bakegani of Kamakura (鎌倉のバケガニ Kamakura no Bakegani): Bakegani sightings increased with Todoroki defeating three in Kamakura, Hakone, and the Miura Peninsula. A yellow Bakegani appears on the coast of Kamakura, and was defeated by Todoroki's Ongeki Finisher.

Bakegani of Hakone (箱根のバケガニ Hakone no Bakegani): Bakegani sightings increased with Todoroki defeating three in Kamakura, Hakone, and the Miura Peninsula. A white Bakegani appears on a spring in Hakone, and was defeated by Todoroki's Ongeki Finisher.

Bakegani of Miura Peninsula (三浦半島のバケガニ Miurahantō no Bakegani): Bakegani sightings increased with Todoroki defeating three in Kamakura, Hakone, and the Miura Peninsula. A black Bakegani appears on the Miura Peninsula, and was defeated by Todoroki's Ongeki Finisher.

Bakegani of Miura (三浦のバケガニ Miura no Bakegani): During the start of 'Orochi sealing' event, a red Bakegani appeared at Miura. While the first was destroyed by Hibiki Soukou's KiShin Kakusei and Ibuki Shippuu Issen, four more appeared and corner them. The three Bakgani were destroyed when Zanki once more assumed being an Oni and used his Raiden Zanshin to destroy two of them while Hibiki and Ibuki finished the other two off.

Bakegani of Oarai (大洗のバケガニ Ōarai no Bakegani): Todoroki was briefly overpowered by a red Bakegani in Oarai, but managed to destroy it with his Ongeki Finisher.

Bakegani of Kazuno (葛野のバケガニ Kazuno no Bakegani): A pink river-type Bakegani appeared in Kazuno in episode 26, destroyed by Todoroki's Ongeki Finisher.

Bakegani of Sano (佐野のバケガニ Sano no Bakegani): Also during the 'Orochi sealing' event, a golden-colored Bakegani appeared in Sano. Destroyed by Todoroki's Ongeki Finisher.

At the Orochi shrine, when Hibiki carries out the ritual of purification, many Bakegani appear from the cliffs surrounding the shrine. Bakegani and the other Makamou march towards the Oni and prevent them from performing the ritual.

A mossy green Bakegani seen through Takizawa Midori's documents in the Secret revealed.

  • Body length: 26 shaku (about 7.87m)
  • Body weight: 1466 kan (about 5.5t)

A Bakegani appeared during the Sengoku Period as depicted in the movie, fighting Todoroki until it was killed by Kirameki's Retsuban, Nishiki's Ressetsu and Habataki's Rekkuu.

Several Bakegani, alongside other Makamou, appeared in an all-out battle among the various monster groups during the destruction of the the world. Rider War (episode)

In the World of Hibiki, Idle Hibiki a larger than average version of the Bakegani with more pincers; called as Bakegani Mutant (バケガニ変異体 Bakegani Hen'i-tai), is released by Kamen Rider Ouja under Narutaki's orders to have a means to kill Decade if Gyuki could not kill him. It appears with Narutaki riding on it once Gyuki is destroyed. The Bakegani is destroyed through the combined efforts of Hibiki, Decade, Diend, Amaki, Todoroki, Ibuki, and Zanki. Ending Journey

Douji and Hime

Parent Douji and Hime pairs are created to care for the Makamou breed of Bakegani. Like their "child", they are able to secrete acid and alter their right hands into crab-claws.


Kamen Rider Hibiki

The first pair in the series are encountered at Boso, the Douji was destroyed by Zanki, the Hime later attacked Hibiki when he was sent to finish the job, killing her with his Onibi followed by a punch. Another set appeared at Niko at episode 15, raising their freshwater child until Zanki and Todoroki fought them. When the Hime was killed by Zanki's Retsurai, the Douji ran for it with the two Oni following, leading them into a trap only to be killed by being impaled by Zanki's guitar. Todoroki fought a reddish pair in episode 19, killing them both with one hit from his Retsurai. Another pair appear in episode 26, with the Douji destroyed by Todoroki's RaigekiKen and the Hime by a kick-version of the attack.

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Behind the Scenes

Concept Art

Bakegani,Kaidouji of Bakegani and Youhime of Bakegani were designed by Tetsuya Aoki (designer) (青木 哲也 Aoki Tetsuya).



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