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Aym (アイム Aimu) is a member of Team Orange Ride who transforms into Kamen Rider Proto Gaim (仮面ライダープロト鎧武 Kamen Raidā Puroto Gaimu). Originally Aym's leader was supposed to become Team Orange Ride's Armored Rider, but mysteriously left without any traces, so Aym stepped in as next in command and took over as Armored Rider Proto Gaim (アーマードライダープロト鎧武[ガイム] Āmādo Raidā Puroto Gaimu) and defend his team from other team members.


Little is known about Aym's personal history. What's currently known is that he's a citizen living in the Torkia Republic.

However, he and many others' lives have changed after Yggdrasil Corp. used the country for their experiments. But their experiements have failed when the country became infected and resorted to using the Scalar System, burning everything to the ground. Aym happens to be one of the infected when Takatora fought him (althought it may just be part of a daydream).

Aym and a whole bunch of young kids survived however, but were holed in Underground City, forced to be part of a death game created by the Nobles. He and a few others created a team, Team Orange Ride and have been fighting against other teams ever since. Along with having the false hope that the winning team can escape.

But as time went by, most of Aym's team members died, leaving only three members left, himself included. His leader also mysteriously disappeared, leaving him with his Sengoku Driver and in charge of what remains of his team.

Powers and Abilities

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Aym shares some of the same characteristics as Kouta Kazuraba, that according to Takatora, Aym reminds so much of him.

He's always cheerful, even in a time of crisis, and is always concerned in protecting what's left of his team.

Unlike Kouta however, Aym tends to be a bit more serious when wanting to protect those close to him, due to the death of most of his team members. During the time Takatora first met him, Aym even proclaims that he would resort to killing if it were to protect his friends.

But he still holds onto the decision that the Armored Riders should work together to stand against the White Armored Rider, and later the Nobles.

However, his previous behavior began to change after he killed an Inves, which revealed to be the previous leader of Team Orange Ride. Because of that, he began to breakdown and doesn't have the urge to fight anymore. It was even shown when he didn't want to fight with the Noble's guards.

Aym was able to find his way back however, when Takatora tells him to keep on living. Thus hardened his resolves to defeat the Nobles and make his home a better place again along with the other teams.

Even though he committed sins, unlike Kouta, Aym urged to live on and keep surviving to make a better future for all of Torkia Republic.


Orange Arms
KR-Proto Gaim
"Soiya! Orange Arms! Hanamichi on stage!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Orange Arms (オレンジアームズ Orenji Āmuzu) is Proto Gaim's orange-based default form. Accessed through the Orange Lockseed, this form bears the Dai Kabuto (ダイカブト lit. "Orange Helmet") helmet.

While assuming Orange Arms, Proto Gaim dons the Orange Armor Part (オレンジアーマーパート Orenji Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Daidaimaru.

Orange Armor Part consists of the following parts:

  • Dai Kabuto (ダイカブト Dai Kabuto) is the helmet to protect the head of a Rider.
    • Peak Stem (ピークステム Pīku Sutemu) is an analysis unit installed on the top of the head that monitors the wearer's biological information. It reads heart rate and physical or mental damage and try to cooperate with the Sengoku Driver so that the wearer's combat ability can be maximized.
    • Pulp Eye (パルプアイ Parup Uai) is the visual line sensor section of a Rider. A myriad of small camera eyes is arranged radially and can be caught far beyond the human visual range.
    • Reversal Arm (リバーサルアーム Ribāsaru Āmu) is a type of armor that protects the head, installed on the two sides of Pulp Eye. It has a role of receiving damage attacked to the head laterally to reduce damage.
    • Multi Dai Armor (マルチダイアーマー Maruchi Dai Āmā) are multiple armors made by stacking several sheets of metal, installed on the back of the head. Because the armor is repulsive due to the electromagnetic force, it escapes pressure like a cushion and it greatly increases the durability to offset the damage the armor itself received.
  • Dai Lung (ダイラング Dai Rangu) is the armor to protect the chest of a Rider. It boasts enough strength to scratch even if it is slashed with a sharp sword.
  • Dai Sleeve (ダイスリーブ Dai Surību) is armor to protect the shoulder of a Rider. By taking two folded structures, it will mitigate wearer damage and protect the Rider.

Appearances: Kamen Rider Zangetsu Stage -Gaim Gaiden-




Behind the scenes


Aym was portrayed by Keigo Hagiya (萩谷 慧悟 Hagiya Keigo). Aym's suit actor for Proto Gaim is unknown.


  • Aym's name is similar to the rider name "Gaim", but was spelled differently as his name has the letter Y instead of I.
  • Proto Gaim's suit is a recolored design of the original Gaim's suit, but the arms did not change n'or the lockseed.
  • Aym's Sengoku Driver has the original face plate like the original riders do in the show, however his straps are colored silver instead of yellow.


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