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Icon-revice.png This article is about an actress in Kamen Rider Revice.

Ayaka Imoto (井本 彩花, Imoto Ayaka) is a Japanese actress and model who portrays Sakura Igarashi/Kamen Rider Jeanne in Kamen Rider Revice. She is affiliated with Oscar Promotion.


In 2017, Imoto won that year's edition of the Japan Bishōjo Contest pageant.

She made her acting debut on December 7 that same year.

Personal life

  • Imoto is skilled in classical ballet and has been doing it since the first grade. In fifth grade, she won the Kyoto Mayor's Award competition.
  • Imoto had watched some Kamen Rider as her younger brother is a fan. She notes Kamen Rider Drive and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid to be very memorable, and was honored to have met Hiroki Iijima, who like Imoto is also affiliated with OscarPro.



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