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"Attache Calibur!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Attache case opens to release the sharpest of blade."
―Second activation announcement in Attache Mode[src]

―Blade Mode change announcement[src]

―Charging announcement[src]

―Announcement when trigger is pulled during charging[src]

"Full Charge!"
―Announcement upon changing back to Blade Mode from charging[src]

"Kaban Strash!"
―Special attack announcement[src]

"Progrisekey confirmed. Ready to utilize. (Progrisekey animal)'s ability."
―Progrisekey insertion announcement[src]

"(Prefix from Progrisekey) Attache!"
―Progrisekey utilization announcement in Attache Mode[src]

"(Prefix from Progrisekey) Kaban Strash!"
―Uncharged Progrisekey finisher announcement[src]

"(Prefix from Progrisekey) Charge!"
―Announcement when trigger is pulled during charging with a Progrisekey inserted[src]

"(Prefix from Progrisekey) Kaban Dynamic!"
―Charged Progrisekey finisher announcement[src]

The Attache Calibur (アタッシュカリバー Atasshu Karibā)[1] is the primary weapon used by Kamen Rider Zero-One[2], though any Rider can use it. It was produced by Hiden Intelligence.


The Attache Calibur consists of the following parts:

  • Caliber Kill (カリバーキル Karibā Kiru): The blade. It is a straight sword that is made of cemented carbide and boasts a sharpness enough to cut an armored car with a single blow at high frequency. It is possible to further improve the sharpness and durability by binding it to the blade under the energy supply.
  • Attack Trigger (アタックトリガー Atakku Torigā): The trigger. When the trigger is pulled, energy flows into the entire Caliber Kill, various attacks can be triggered.
  • Trans Lock Cylinder (トランスロックシリンダー Toransu Rokku Shirindā): The hinge mechanism. When the user Authorise is authenticated, the lock is released, and it is possible to expand from the attache state to the sword. It is also possible to trigger an energy charge attack by transforming it back to the attache state for defense or energy charge.
  • AC Handle Linker (ACハンドルリンカー AC Handoru Rinkā): The handle. At the same time as being a grip, it has a role to transmit information such as parameters and operation manuals that visualize the operating status to the user.
  • AC Shield (ACシールド AC Shīrudo): The exterior. Ultra-compression composite armor is completed by inserting 6 kinds of materials, which have different physical properties, into a plate made of titanium alloy, and super-compression by forging. Therefore, it can efficiently prevent against any attack while being about 1 cm thick, it functions as a shield to protect the user in the attache case state.
  • Rise Slot (ライズスロット Raizu Surotto): A slot intended to insert Progrisekeys into. Non-contact learning by a built-in reader Authoriser (オーソライザー Ōsoraizā) is started by loading a Progrisekey, and a special killing technique is possible by adding a part of the ability of the data image of a biological species Rider Model (ライダモデル Raida Moderu) to the slashing. However, this operation can not be performed if the limit is applied to the Progrise Key's expanded state (展開状態 tenkai jōtai).


The Attache Calibur has two modes: Attache Mode (アタッシュモード Atasshu Mōdo) and Blade Mode (ブレードモード Burēdo Mōdo)

Special Attack

If the Attache Calibur is changed back to Attache Mode, it will begin to charge. When it is switched back to Blade Mode, it will finish charging and pulling the trigger will perform a Kaban Strash (カバンストラッシュ Kaban Sutorasshu, lit. "Bag Strike Slash")[1]: Zero-One launches a powerful energy slash. When performed by Zero-One Flaming Tiger, the slash is made of fire. When Another Zero-One performed the attack, he instead generate a large red energy blade and performed a downward slash.


When a Progrisekey is inserted into the Attache Calibur, two finishing attacks can be performed. By pulling the trigger, a Kaban Strash with the power of the Progrisekey can be performed. By switching the Attache Calibur back to Attache Mode, charging it, and changing it back to Blade Mode, a Kaban Dynamic (カバンダイナミック Kaban Dainamikku, lit. "Bag Dynamic") finisher with the power of the Progrisekey will be performed.[1]

  • Rising Kaban Strash (ライジングカバンストラッシュ Raijingu Kaban Sutorasshu): Yellow energy is emitted from the Attache Calibur's blade before Zero-One delivers two powerful slashes: a downward slash followed by a horizontal slash.

  • Biting Kaban Strash (バイティングカバンストラッシュ Baitingu Kaban Sutorasshu): Beams of teal energy and a series of energy shark fins are projected before Zero-One slashes the enemy.

  • Rocking Kaban Strash (ロッキングカバンストラッシュ Rokkingu Kaban Sutorasshu): Zero-One charges the Attache Calibur with green and red energy before running up a large enemy, slashing them as he moves. He then leaps high into the air and performs a downward stab as he falls, causing a burst of green energy when he strikes the opponent.

  • Rocking Kaban Strash (ゼロツーカバンストラッシュ Zero Tsū Kaban Sutorasshu): Zero-Two launches a horizontal yellow and red energy slash

  • Shooting Kaban Strash (シューティングカバンストラッシュ Shūtingu Kaban Sutorasshu): Vulcan swings the Attache Calibur and creates two blue energy constructs of wolf heads that attach to the enemy's limbs and crash them into a nearby surface, followed by the energy heads transforming into energy pins and securing the target in place. Vulcan then jumps into the air and spins like a buzzsaw before delivering a downward slash to the enemy as he falls to the ground.

  • Flaming Kaban Dynamic (フレイミングカバンダイナミック Fureimingu Kaban Dainamikku): Zero-One delivers two large flaming slashes to the enemy.

  • Metal Rising Kaban Dynamic (メタルライジングカバンダイナミック Metaru Raijingu Kaban Dainamikku): Zero-One delivers two slashes to separate opponents, with each leaving a trail of combined Cluster Cells.

Behind The Scenes

The Attache Calibur is voiced by brothers Maynard and Blaise Plant of Monkey Majik.


Golden Attach Calibur.jpg

  • In 2019, Bandai made a gilded version of the DX Attache Calibur toy as a present to their long-time Hong Kong partner Steve & Daniel Cargo Company Ltd. in order to celebrate its 30th anniversary, with its packaging depicting the CEO of Steve & Daniel instead of Zero-One.



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