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"Attache Arrow!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Attache case opens to release the never-missing bow and arrow."
―Second activation announcement in Attache Mode[src]

―Arrow Mode change announcement[src]

―Charging announcement[src]

―Announcement when trigger is pulled during charging[src]

"Full Charge!"
―Announcement upon changing back to Arrow Mode from charging[src]

"Kaban Shoot!"
―Special attack announcement when bow is drawn in Arrow Mode[src]

"Kaban Slash!"
―Special attack and uncharged Progrisekey finisher announcement when trigger is pulled in Arrow Mode[src]

"Progrisekey confirmed. Ready to utilize. (Progrisekey animal)'s ability."
―Progrisekey insertion announcement[src]

"(Prefix from Progrisekey) Attache!"
―Progrisekey utilization announcement in Attache Mode when the Draw Extender is pulled[src]

"Kaban Attache!"
―Progrisekey utilization announcement in Attache Mode when the trigger is pulled[src]

"(Prefix from Progrisekey) Kaban Shoot!"
―Uncharged Progrisekey finisher announcement when bow is drawn in Arrow Mode[src]

"(Prefix from Progrisekey) Charge!"
―Announcement when trigger is pulled during charging with a Progrisekey inserted[src]

"(Prefix from Progrisekey) Kaban Strike!"
―Charged Progrisekey finisher announcement in when bow is drawn in Arrow Mode[src]

"Kaban Finish!"
―Charged Progrisekey finisher announcement when trigger is pulled in Arrow Mode[src]

The Attache Arrow (アタッシュアロー Atasshu Arō) is the primary weapon of Kamen Rider Horobi, though Kamen Rider Jin or any other Rider can use it. It was produced by A.I.M.S. but was stolen by MetsubouJinrai.net. The original model was destroyed by Kamen Rider Ark-One in episode 43, but Horobi later regains one through the abilities of Ark-Scorpion in episode 44.


The Attache Arrow consists of the following parts:

  • Kill Bottom (キルボトム Kiru Botomu): The lower blade. It is mainly used for linked attacks with counters and the Kill Upper. It is small, has a small turning radius, and is easy to handle.
  • Still Rapper (スティルラッパー Sutiru Rappā): The arrow generation mechanism. When the energy injected from Draw Extender is charged at the tip, an arrow called CEA (Charging Energy Arrow) is formed and ejected at high speed. This has a high penetration and very good destruction efficiency with respect to energy consumption. Moreover, since the sound emitted at the time of injection is small, the concealment is high.
  • Kill Upper (キルアッパー Kiru Appā): The upper blade. It is a close combat equipment that is the weak point of a shooting weapon, and boasts a sharpness enough to cut a train with a single slash. This makes it a balanced weapon, in addition to the main armed arrows.
  • Draw Extender (ドローエクステンダー Dorō Ekusutendā): The grip. Pull the grip toward you to extend the tube. The energy flows in conjunction with it, and when it is opened again, the Still Rapper is filled at high speed in a form that pushes out the energy inside the pipe.
  • Rise Slot (ライズスロット Raizu Surotto): A slot intended to insert Progrisekeys into. A non-contact learning by a built-in reader Surface Riser (サーフィスライザー Sāfisu Raizā) is started by loading a Progrisekey, and a special killing technique is possible by adding a part of the ability of the data image of a biological species Rider Model (ライダモデル Raida Moderu) to the blasting. However, this operation can not be performed if the limit is applied to the progrise key's expanded state (展開状態 tenkai jōtai).
  • AA Handle Linker (AAハンドルリンカー AA Handoru Rinkā): The handle. At the same time as being a grip, it has a role to transmit information such as parameters and operation manuals that visualize the operating status to the user.
  • Attack Trigger (アタックトリガー Atakku Torigā): The trigger. By pulling the trigger, energy flows into the Draw Extender.
  • AA Shield (AAシールド AA Shīrudo): The exterior. Ultra-compression composite armor is completed by inserting 6 kinds of materials, which have different physical properties, into a plate made of titanium alloy, and super-compression by forging. Therefore, it can efficiently prevent against any attack while being about 1 cm thick, it functions as a shield to protect the user in the attache case state.
  • Trans Lock Cylinder (トランスロックシリンダー Toransu Rokku Shirindā): The hinge mechanism. When the user Authorise is authenticated, the lock is released, and it is possible to expand from the attache state to the bow. It is also possible to trigger an energy charge attack by transforming it back to the attache state for defense or energy charge.


The Attache Arrow has two modes: Attache Mode (アタッシュモード Atasshu Mōdo) and Arrow Mode (アローモード Arō Mōdo)

Special Attack

The Attache Arrow has two special attacks after being converted to Attache Mode, charging, and being returned to Arrow Mode.

  • Pulling the trigger executes the Kaban Slash (カバンスラッシュ Kaban Surasshu, lit. "Bag Slash")
  • Drawing the bow executes the Kaban Shoot (カバンシュート Kaban Shūto, lit. "Bag Shoot"): Horobi fires a purple energy arrow. When performed by Horobi Ark Scorpion, four copies of the Attache Arrow perform the attack alongside Horobi while being suspended in the air behind him.


When a Progrisekey is inserted into the Attache Arrow, four finishing attacks can be performed. By drawing the bow, a Kaban Shoot with the power of the Progrisekey can be performed. By pulling the trigger, a Kaban Slash with the power of the Progrisekey can be performed in Blade Mode. By switching the Attache Arrow to Attache Mode before changing it back to Arrow Mode and drawing the bow, a Kaban Strike (カバンストライク Kaban Sutoraiku, lit. "Bag Strike") finisher with the power of the Progrisekey will be performed. By switching the Attache Arrow to Attache Mode before changing it back to Arrow Mode and pulling the trigger, a Kaban Finish (カバンフィニッシュ Kaban Finisshu, lit. "Bag Finish") finisher with the power of the Progrisekey will be performed.

  • Amazing Kaban Shoot (アメイジングカバンシュート Ameijingu Kaban Shūto): Horobi fires an energy construct of a Hercules beetle's horn at the enemy.

  • Sting Kaban Shoot (スティングカバンシュート Sutingu Kaban Shūto): Horobi charges the Attache Arrow with purple energy and fires a large arrow at the enemy. Upon striking the target, the arrows splits into many smaller copies that attack the opponent in unison.

Behind The Scenes

The Attache Arrow is voiced by brothers Maynard and Blaise Plant of Monkey Majik.


  • The weapon's gimmick of being a case-like object that converts into a weapon makes it similar to the GX-05 Kerberos and SB-555T Faiz Blaster.
  • Being an arrow based weapon that can also be used for close combat makes it similar to the Sonic Arrow and the Kaizoku Hassyar from Kamen Rider Gaim and Kamen Rider Build.
  • Its appearance and design slightly parallels the Chalice Arrow, being that it's a bow with bladed arms, and uses the collectible device to activate finishers.
    • The differences between it and the Chalice Arrow are that while the weapon has two variants of two finishers, one charged and one uncharged for each; the Attache Arrow has a non-weapon configuration and does not need an additional device combined with it to activate finishers.



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