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Ataru Hisanaga (久永 アタル Hisanaga Ataru) is the brother of Shingo who transforms into Another Den-O (アナザー電王 Anazā Den'ō)[1] derived from Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form. He is an 18-year-old high school student born on January 29, 2000 and a Heisei Kamen Rider fan; especially Kamen Riders Den-O and Double.

Character History

An Another Rider who emerges from beyond the time to hunt Sougo Tokiwa.[2]

He forges a contract with Futaros to meet Kamen Riders to acquire their aids on finding his missing brother Shingo. When he and Sougo travel back in time following Futaros to find Shingo, Ataru is forcibly transformed into Another Den-O (アナザー電王 Anazā Den'ō) by Another Double. Due to Den-O's status as a temporal-themed Kamen Rider, the original Den-Liner crew are unaffected by the changes. This allows all four Tarōs to assume Den-O's forms and destroy their demonic counterpart; saving Ataru as a result.

As Another Den-O, he is armed with four swords on his hips and is able to travel through time on the Another Den-Liner (アナザーデンライナー Anazā Denrainā), which also serves as Tid's base of operations.

Powers and Abilities

Another Den-O
Another Den-O Render
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Swords - Four sets of handheld weapons which stored on his hip armors when not in use. Their number are analogous to the Combination Armament DenGasher, while the appearance itself is based on the latter weapon's Sword Form.
  • Another Den-Liner (アナザーデンライナー Anazā Denrainā)[3]


  • Kamen Rider Den-O: Unlike other Kamen Riders whose powers would soon disappear after the creation of their Another Rider counterparts, Den-O's existence remains intact since Ryotaro Nogami is a Singularity Point. Therefore, Another Den-O is at risk of being defeated at the hands of his heroic counterpart.
  • Den-O Ridewatch: Since the Ridewatch preserves the power of Den-O himself, either Zi-O or Geiz could use it to access Den-OArmor and defeat Another Den-O.

Behind the Scenes




  • Another Den-O's belt is not based on the original Den-O Belt, and is instead inspired by an ancient Mayan design.
    • However, its horns are similar to the Climax Cellphone K-Taros when attached to the Den-O Belt and its color is similar to the Wing Buckle.


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