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Ataru Hisanaga (久永 アタル Hisanaga Ataru) is an 18-year-old high school student and the brother of Shingo, who is a huge fan of the Heisei Kamen Riders, especially Den-O and Double. Due to trouble arising with the involvement of the Time Jacker known as Tid, Ataru becomes Another Den-O (アナザー電王 Anazā Den'ō),[1], an Another Rider derived from Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form.

Character History

Ataru was born on January 29, 2000, the day before the first episode of Kamen Rider Kuuga aired and began the legacy of the franchise's ongoing televised run in the Heisei era. However his older brother Shingo Hisanaga was kidnapped by Tid and taken to the year 2018, and Shingo's kidnapping was deemed a mysterious disappearance. Ataru grew up loving the Heisei Kamen Riders, and wished that they were real and would save his older brother.

Ataru began attending Hikarigamori High School, and met an Imagin named Futaros shortly thereafter, who agrees to bring the Kamen Riders to life. It is due to this fact that Sougo Tokiwa began to follow him, where Ataru reveals that he has the ability to draw in Kamen Riders. Later, the two run into the time-displaced Shingo, who implies that he's from the past.

After they meet up with Ryuga Banjo and Kazumi Sawatari who then reveal that Sento Kiryu was taken by Tid, Sougo and Ryuga go to rescue him, while Ataru, Kazumi, and Shingo ride the bus home. Ataru then tells Kazumi that he highly resembles Otoya Kurenai (a reference to the fact that both Kazumi and Otoya are played by the same actor). Once they arrive, they are then ambushed by Another Double and Another Den-O, who both defeat Grease. Another Den-O then approaches Ataru, with Shingo attempting to protect "his younger brother". Another Double takes him away, and Another Den-O reveals himself to be Ataru from the future.

Back at home, Ataru is visited by Sougo and Sento, who reveals that Shingo was kidnapped. He brings the two to his room and reveals how he made a contract with the Imagin and created all of this chaos. After the two leaves, Futaros reveals that his powers are diminishing, meaning any of the existing Riders that are left in the world will soon disappear. Wanting to save them, Ataru heads outside once again and finds Kazumi being chased by monsters. However he has lost his memories and is unable to save him. In the very last minute, Ataru summons out Futaros, who saves him from the monsters. Finishing up the contract, Futaros heads inside Ataru and goes back to January 29, 2000. At that time, Sougo arrived and sees Futaro go in. However soon enough, he disappears.

Sougo returns with Woz, who then accesses the True Gaia Memory to ascertain the date Futaro went back to. Sougo takes Ataru to Janurary 29, 2000 at the hospital, where Futaro had just arrived and began chasing Another Double, who had taken (the) Shingo (of that time) hostage. Sougo reveals to Ataru that Shingo was kidnapped at this point in time and subsequently taken to 2018 by Tid and Another Double. Fully coming to the realization that his older brother was trying to protect him all this time, Ataru lashes out at Another Double, but Another Double pulls out and Another Watch and forcibly turns Ataru into Another Den-O. He then goes with Another Double and Shingo aboard their evil DenLiner, where it crash lands on December 3, 2018. Another Den-O fights Zi-O and Geiz, but he escapes shortly after.

Another Double and Another Den-O gang up against Kazumi and defeat him. Another Den-O then approaches his past self and reveals his identity before leaving.

Another Den-O and Another Double are on guard at Tid's tower where Shingo was being held. Sougo, Geiz, and Futaros return from the year 2000 and arrive at the tower. A battle ensues, and Futaro attempts to wake Ataru up from Another Den-O but it does not listen and attacks him. However right before Another Den-O is about to finish the job, everyone in the room (except Tid and Shingo) are transported by Ryotaro Nogami and the DenLiner crew to safety, where Momotaros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros, and Urataros take turns taking over Den-O and neutralize Another Den-O for good, turning Ataru back to normal.

Ataru is then helped up by Ryotaro, who then reveals that Riders will always exist so as long as people remember them. He then proceeds to transport the four back to the tower, where Tid is angry that the Kamen Riders keep coming back, despite them being fictional characters. Ataru tells him that they're not just fictional characters, but superheroes that will always exist in their hearts. This allows all 20 of the Heisei Riders to materialize in reality and save the public. An enraged Tid then transforms into Another Kuuga, but he is defeated by Sougo and Sento. He returns to the tower and turns both himself and Shingo into Another Ultimate Kuuga and terrorizes the city. In an epic battle, the 20 Kamen Riders defeated Another Ultimate Kuuga, with Kuuga himself acting as the corresponding Rider agent.

After Tid's defeat, the DenLiner prepares a trip back to 2000, ready to take Shingo. Before he departed, Ataru thanked his brother for protecting him, and Shingo apologized for making his younger brother wait to see his brother after 18 years.

After Shingo returns to 2000, the timeline changes. On January 29, 2000, Ataru Hisanaga is born with Shingo and a Kuuga figurine and plush right beside him. In 2003, the two pose with Kamen Rider Faiz gear. In 2005, the two pose with Hibiki gear. In 2007, the two attend a Kamen Rider Den-O show, posing with Den-O himself. In 2010, the two pose with the Cyclone and Joker Gaia Memories. In 2018, the two pose with Zi-O memorabilia.

Powers and Abilities

Another Den-O
Another Den-O Render
Another Den-O Face-off

Another Den-O open its face to reveal Ataru.

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Creator: Another Double
  • Year of Origin: 2007.
  • Position of year: Back of lower Left cloak.
  • Name and Position: "DEN-O", Back of lower Right cloak.
Powers and Abilities
  • Acceleration - Another Den-O can run at a blinding speed as means of retreating.
  • Swords - Four sets of handheld weapons which stored on his hip armors when not in use. Their number are analogous to the Combination Armament DenGasher, while the appearance itself is based on the latter weapon's Sword Form.
  • Another Den-Liner (アナザーデンライナー Anazā Denrainā)[2] - Spawned from Another Den-O's power itself, a time-travelling train that served as a knockoff of DenLiner Gouka.


  • Kamen Rider Den-O: Unlike other Kamen Riders whose powers would soon disappear after the creation of their Another Rider, Den-O's existence remains intact since Ryotaro Nogami is a Singularity Point. Therefore, Another Den-O is at risk of being defeated at the hands of his heroic counterpart.
  • Den-O Ridewatch: Since the Ridewatch preserves the power of Den-O himself, either Zi-O or Geiz could use it to access Den-OArmor and defeat Another Den-O. As of now, the Ridewatch has yet to appear on-screen.

Behind the Scenes


Ataru Hisanaga is portrayed by Nayuta Fukuzaki (福崎 那由他 Fukuzaki Nayuta). As Another Den-O, he is portrayed by an unknown suit actor.


  • Another Den-O's belt is not based on the original Den-O Belt, and is instead inspired by an ancient Mayan design.
    • However, its horns are similar to the Climax Cellphone K-Taros when attached to the Den-O Belt and its color is similar to the Wing Buckle.
  • Like most Another Riders, Ataru is opposite to Ryotaro Nogami and Momotaros since unlike Momotaros possessing Ryotaro while the latter keeps his free will, Ataru is completely taken over by the Another Den-O watch and loses all free will as Another Den-O.
    • Ironically, Ataru is a fan of the Kamen Rider Den-O series and inevitably becomes the Another Rider counterpart of his idol. Additionally his brother, Shingo, becomes an Another Rider based on his idol as well.


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