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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

As Long As There's Malice (ソコに悪意がある限り Soko ni Akui ga aru Kagiri) is the forty-second episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One. It features the debut of Williamson Yotagaki, the death of Izu, Aruto's appearance as Kamen Rider Ark-One, and the return of Azu since her last appearance in episode 35.5.


The Ark has been destroyed thanks to the combined efforts of both Zero-Two and Horobi, and the union of humans and Humagears alike! However, the impact of the Ark has not vanished yet! The human race is still believed to be targeted under the presumption that "As long as humanity exists, the Ark will continue to return"! Meanwhile, a new president of ZAIA Enterprise Japan who rivals Gai's original position suddenly appears, and his goal is to destroy Horobi! In time, a full-scale confrontation between humans and Humagears is about to begin!


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Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Key Used:
    • Zero-Two
      • Zero-Two
    • Vulcan
      • Rampage Gatling, Shooting Wolf
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah
    • Jin
      • Burning Falcon
    • Horobi
      • Sting Scorpion
    • Ark-One
      • Ark-One
  • Form Used:
    • Vulcan
      • RampageVulcan, Shooting Wolf
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah
    • Jin
      • Burning Falcon
    • Horobi
      • Sting Scorpion


  • During the scene where Aruto yells while gripping the Ark-One key, the next cut shows his mouth closed despite his scream still being audibly noticeable.


Zero-One Episode 39 Closing Screen
  • Closing Screen Progrisekeys:
    • Kamen Riders: Ark-One
    • Progrisekeys: Ark-One
  • Count at episode end
    • Progrisekeys in Zero-Two/Ark-One's possession: Rising Hopper, Biting Shark, Flying Falcon, Flaming Tiger, Freezing Bear, Breaking Mammoth, Shining Hopper, Hopping Kangaroo, MetalCluster Hopper, Zero-Two, Ark-One
    • Progrisekeys in Vulcan's possession: Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong, Gatling Hedgehog, Trapping Spider, Assault Wolf, Rampage Gatling
    • Progrisekeys in Valkyrie's possession: Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet, Fighting Jackal
    • Progrisekeys in Jin's possession: Burning Falcon
    • Progrisekeys in Horobi's possession: Sting Scorpion
    • Progrisekeys in Thouser's possession: Amazing Caucasus, Sparking Giraffe, Exciting Stag, Crushing Buffalo, Splashing Whale, Dynamaiting Lion, Storming Penguin, Scouting Panda
    • Humagear Progrisekeys in Zero-Two/Ark-One's possession: Is, Uchuyaro Subaru, Saikyo Takumi Oyakata, Dr. Omigoto, Sumida Smile, Mamoru, Bengoshi Bingo, Ikkan Nigiro, Okureru, Matsuda Enji, G-Pen, Matsurida Z, Fukkinhoukai Taro, Shesta, Delmo, Love-chan
    • Humagear Progrisekeys in's possession: Uchuyaro Raiden
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Thouser's possession: Awaking Arsino
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Ikazuchi's possession: Dodo
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Naki's possession: Japanese Wolf
    • Zetsumerisekeys in's possession: Berotha, Kuehne, Ekal, Neohi, Onycho, Vicarya, Gaeru, Mammoth, Arsino
  • The opening sequence was updated to include Zero-Two.
  • Izu's death in this episode is similar to the death of Soreo Hiden:
    • Both of them were severely damaged, resulting in similar facial wounds.
    • Both spent their last moments in Aruto Hiden's arms.
    • Both protected Aruto from an explosion. With Soreo, he shielded young Aruto from a nearby explosion, and with Izu, she pushed Aruto away from the explosion created by her own death.
  • Aruto's transformation into Ark-One mirrors how Sougo Tokiwa became Ohma Zi-O. Both lost a friend (Izu and Geiz Myokoin) in the hands of an enemy (Horobi and Another Decade), leading them to gain a malicious and fearsome power. Unlike Aruto, Sougo did not turn evil after obtaining Ohma Zi-O's powers.
  • This episode features the return of Vulcan Shooting Wolf since its last appearance in episode 18.
    • And features the last appearance of Vulcan Shooting Wolf.
    • This episode also features the return of the Ekal Magia (in the form of an Ark Magia) since its last appearance in episode 2, resulting in it having the longest absence of all Magia.
  • This episode features the last appearance of Valkyrie Rushing Cheetah.
  • With Aruto's return to the presidency of Hiden Intelligence in the previous episode, the original opening narration describing him as such returns, having last been used in episode 29.

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