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Oni Armor

Armor of the Ogre

The Armor of the Ogre (鬼の鎧 Oni no Yoroi) is a set of samurai-like armor that gives the user physical power equivalent to an Oni. It was created in early years as a substitute for Oni when their numbers were low. But not just anyone could wear the armor, the user would have to be properly trained to wield it.

It was kept at a Kibu shrine owned by Yoshino Kamue, until it was stolen by Kamen Rider Shuki in order to claim a transformation device to assume Oni form. The armor was destroyed by a Koganeōkami used by Kamen Rider Zanki but Shuki had succeeded in taking Kamen Rider Todoroki's Henshin Kigen.

Its only weapon was a katana but the user could also use other abilities that they could already do, e.g. the Firebird Shikigami by Shuki.

Appearances in other media

Ranger Strike

The Armor of the Ogre appeared as a collectible card in the third volume of the Masked Rider expansion pack of the Ranger Strike card arcade game. Its serial number is RK-173


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