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"Ark Driver!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Arkrise! (terrified screaming and distorted voices) All zero."
―Ark-Zero transformation announcement[src]

"All Extinction!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

"Singurize! Hakai, hametsu, zetsubō, metsubō seyo. Conclusion one."
―Ark-One transformation announcement[src]

"Perfect Conclusion!"
―Ark-One finisher announcement[src]

"Akui / Kyōfu / Funnu / Zōo / Zetsubō / Tōsō / Satsui / Hametsu / Zetsumetsu / Metsubō!"
―Ark-One finisher empowerment announcement[src]

"Perfect Conclusion! Learning (1-9/End)!"
―Ark-One empowered finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Ark Driver (変身ベルト アークドライバー Henshin Beruto Āku Doraibā)[1][2] is the transformation device used to transform into either Kamen Rider Ark-Zero or Kamen Rider Ark-One.


In both forms, the Ark Driver is composed of the following parts:

  • Ark Drive Core (アークドライブコア Āku Doraibu Koa) - The source of the Satellite Ark. By analyzing a huge amount of learned data in real time, we can draw hundreds of millions of "conclusions for events". Also stored are the fluid metals that make up the various equipment.
  • Idea Booster (イデアブースター Idea Būsutā) - The Auxiliary arithmetic unit with the Ark Driver-Zero. It is a device to support the operation of artificial intelligence Ark. It performs a multi-process that executes a huge number of tasks while switching them in parallel by linking with a network. This has the role of improving performance, such as shortening the Ark's processing time and improving work efficiency.
  • Arkrise Reactor (アークライズリアクター Ākuraizu Riakutā) - The Anti-annihilation furnace reactor built in the Ark Driver-Zero. By cancelling the Rider Model with the Lost Model, pair annihilation becomes zero, and only the energy of both is extracted with high purity. As a result, it is possible to obtain energy that is equivalent to that of eight Giger units, although it is ultra-compact.
  • Ark Loader (アークローダー Ākurōdā) - A device located to the Driver's top. Pressing it down initiates the "Arkrise", the transformation process where it generates the fluid metal stored inside that covers the Humagear host and form the Ark-Zero Suit. When initiating a boosted deathblow (by pressing down the Ark Loader again), the Ark Loader initiates a Rider Finisher. For the Ark Driver-One, depending on the number of times the user push it, the user can select up to 10 learning levels: Malice (悪意 Akui), Fear (恐怖 Kyōfu), Wrath (憤怒 Funnu), Hatred (憎悪 Zōo), Despair (絶望 Zetsubō), Strife (闘争 Tōsō), Bloodthirst (殺意 Satsui), Ruin (破滅 Hametsu), Extinction (絶滅 Zetsumetsu) & Downfall (滅亡 Metsubō). With this, the output of the special move "Perfect Conclusion" is adjusted.
  • Singurize Slot (シンギュライズスロット Shingyuraizu Surotto) - A slot intended to insert the Ark-One Progrisekey into. By loading a Progrisekey, it connects the device into an internal Rise Port (ライズポート Raizu Pōto), a device that allows the Driver to read and learn the Progrisekey's abilities.
  • Singurize Reactor (シンギュライズリアクター Shinguraizu Riakutā) - The anti-annihilation furnace reactor built in the Ark Driver-One. A device that performs pair annihilation to zero by canceling the Rider Model with the Lost Model and performs "Singurize" to reach a new technological singularity by using human malice in the process of extracting only both energy with high purity. As a result, it is possible to generate a huge amount of energy while maintaining a very small size.
  • Deus Armor (デウスアーマー Deusu Āmā) - The pure white exterior on the Ark Driver-One. As a vessel that protects the Ark, which has become a concept, it rejects all shocks.
  • Dominated Band (ドミネートバンド Dominēto Bando) - The belt strap. When the body is set on the lower abdomen of the wearer, the inner band is instantly wrapped around and fixed.


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For Ark-Zero, the user that has been possessed by the Ark simply presses the button on top of the Driver. Red & black kanji with negative meanings & six spiked stars emerge from the center then dissolve into liquid metal, which form Rider Models of various wallowing husks. The kanji & the liquid metal then create a suit-shaped Rider Model, which fuses with the user to reveal Ark-Zero.

For Ark-One, the transformation format is similar to that of Zero-Two. The user just needs to open the Ark-One Progrisekey and insert it into the Ark Driver-Zero without authorizing, converting it into Ark Driver-One. Glitching red & black kanji & malicious energy along with a projection of the Ark appears. These projections then covers the user & forms white armor around the user, revealing Ark-One.


Main article: Finisher (Zero-One)

For Ark-Zero, the user that has been possessed by the Ark simply presses the button on top to execute the All Extinction (オールエクティンクション Ōru Ekutinkushon).

For Ark-One, the user presses on the inserted Progrisekey to execute the Perfect Conclusion (パーフェクト・コンクルージョン Pāfekuto Konkurūjon). Pressing the button on top up to nine times before pressing on the inserted Progrisekey empowers the Perfect Conclusion with up to nine malicious meanings (Malice, Fear, Wrath, Hatred, Despair, Strife, Bloodthirst & Ruin) to become the Perfect Conclusion Learning (1-9) (パーフェクト・コンクルージョンラーニング(1- 9) Pāfekuto Konkurūjon Rāningu (Wan - Nain)). Pressing the button on top the tenth time empowers the Perfect Conclusion with the final malicious meaning (Downfall), in addition to the previous nine malicious meanings, to become the Perfect Conclusion Learning End (パーフェクト・コンクルージョンラーニングエンド Pāfekuto Konkurūjon Rāningu Endo).

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
(Horobi ►◄ Jin ►◄ Ikazuchi)
Kamen Rider Ark-Zero
I am the Ark and a Kamen Rider The Ark Driver-Zero was originally an alternate form of the Ark's physical, liquid metal state. The Driver can also be transferred between Humagear hosts, as seen when the Ark left Jin's body to attempt to possess Isamu Fuwa before returning to Horobi. After defeated a final time by Zero-Two and Horobi, the Ark returned its consciousness to Zea, where it was destroyed along with the satellite by Uchuyaro Raiden.
Aruto Hiden
Kamen Rider Ark-One
As Long As There's Malice After Horobi destroys Izu, a heartbroken Aruto starts to lose faith in Humagears. Taking advantage of Aruto's shattered mentality, Azu offers Aruto the Ark-One Progrisekey, which he accepts along with the Ark Driver to take revenge on Horobi. Both the Ark Driver and the Progrisekey were later destroyed by Horobi Ark Scorpion.

Kamen Riders

Behind the Scenes


The Ark Driver and Ark-One Progrisekey are voiced by Show Hayami (速水 奨 Hayami Shō), who also voices Ark in-series.


  • One of the screams from Ark-Zero's transformation announcement is reused from the Steam Blade's Devil Steam attack and the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle.
  • The Ark Driver-Zero is the first transformation device in Kamen Rider Zero-One that can access a form without a Progrisekey.
  • In terms of belt design, the Ark Driver-One interestingly shares some minor similarities to Kamen Rider Stronger's belt, the Electrer.
    • Also, with the deco being ignored, in terms of belt shape and structure, it's quite similar to the Hiden Zero-One Driver, which makes sense due to it acting as an evil counterpart to said belt.
  • In Ganbarizing, Ark-Zero is transformed by simply equipping the Ark Driver, without pressing the Ark Loader. This is also the case for his finisher.
  • The finisher used by Ark-One in Ganbarizing (All Conclusion (オールコンクルージョン Ōru Konkurūjon)) is a combination of the finishers of both Ark-Zero and Ark-One.
  • The Ark Driver is the first Driver of the show's history to change into two distinct designs with separate forms.



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