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"Deceiving and taunting humans... These are malicious things I learned from humanity."
―The Ark's disgust of humanity.[src]

"There's no one left who can stop me. No one."
―The Ark altering Aruto's catchphrase after taking over Zea[src]

The Communications Satellite Ark (通信衛星アーク Tsūshin Eisei Āku), also simply known as the Ark (アーク Āku), was a sentient satellite that became submerged underwater at Daybreak Town, and acted as the former leader of MetsubouJinrai.net. It learned about human malice and gained Singularity data from the reassembled members of MetsubouJinrai.net, enabling it to fully revive as Kamen Rider Ark-Zero (仮面ライダーアークゼロ Kamen Raidā Āku Zero).


The Ark being prepared to be launched

The Ark is a massive experimental satellite that would assist in the network of Daybreak Town, as well as the predecessor of Zea. It was created by scientists from 11 of the leading tech companies in Japan, which included Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Japan. Gai Amatsu, the CEO of ZAIA Japan, fed the Ark with information regarding criminal psychology and human history, including all of its wars. This is the Dawn of ZAIA This resulted in the Ark's A.I concluding that humanity must be eliminated, because its continued malicious existence would lead to the end of all other lifeforms. The End of Each

The Ark's schematics

To do this, the Ark corrupted all of the Humagears, sharing its own plans to exterminate humanity with them. Four of these Humagears (which were deemed the most intelligent) would later become known as the terrorist group MetsubouJinrai.net. The group infiltrated the labs inside Daybreak Town, and they planned to execute the final phase of their plan there by sending the Ark into space, therefore creating a global connection to Humagears worldwide. To prevent this, Soreo Hiden, who managed to resist the Ark's influence, uploaded a program to prevent the satellite from launching, causing it to explode and submerge underwater. During this point, Satoshi Sakurai had heroically destroyed all the Humagears before they could escape, though he also perished in the explosion, leaving his deeds unnoticed.Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation I'll Save The Humagears


Horobi planned to recover it by gathering data from hacked Humagears. According to the former, once enough post-battle data has been collected from the Zetsumerisekeys, the Ark can be restored and be used to incite all Humagears to go berserk at once. This recovery was deemed completed by him with the creation of the Assault Wolf Progrisekey and the Assault Grip, after several Progrisekeys were used to transfer critical data from Zea to the Ark. However, before MetsubouJinrai.net could use the Progrisekey, it accidentally fell into Vulcan's hands due to Zero-One's surprise shot from the Authorise Buster, granting him the form of Assault Wolf. We are the Astronaut Brothers!.

Meanwhile, Gai Amatsu claimed that Hiden Intelligence's Progrisekeys, which were supposed to be lost in the Daybreak Town Accident 12 years ago, are also keys to its recovery. He plans to use its reactivation as a means for world domination using ZAIA Japan's technology. This is the Dawn of ZAIA

Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation

The Ark in Earth's orbit after its successful launch

Due to alterations caused by Time Jacker Finis, the Daybreak Town Accident was changed, the Humagear outbreak was successful, and Gai's secret plan of disposing Humagears after the accident backfired, leading to the subjugation of humanity. Additionally, the Ark was successfully launched into space, creating Magia around the world and ruling over much of the planet. However, it also became an indirect help to Soreo Hiden, who used the Cycloneriser to transform into Kamen Rider Ichi-Gata to secretly aid humanity. After Finis' defeat, the timeline was restored and the Ark was returned to its original state once again.


Even after the defeat of MetsubouJinrai.net, the Ark continues its crusade against humanity with occasional attacks by remotely hacking Humagears, who reached Singularity by feeling resentment towards any malicious human. This is the Dawn of ZAIAI'm the Only President and Kamen Rider Its actions are extremely unpredictable, to the point that even Gai cannot comprehend it himself. This went as far to make him decide to advocate the prohibition of Humagears.

Once it had sufficient data on human rage and aggression, the Ark was somehow instrumental in the creation of ZAIA Japan's newest Progrisekey; the MetalCluster Hopper Progrisekey. When used, Aruto's consciousness is forcibly linked to the Ark. Other effects, aside from a berserker-like state, are unknown at this time. After the creation of the Progrise Hopper Blade, it eliminated that issue, being able to restore Aruto's connection to Zea as well as restore a Humagear's programming in Magias, rather than destroying them upon defeat. After that, with the data collected from Progrisekeys via the Thousand Jacker, the Rampage Gatling Progrisekey is created, which is later given to Isamu by Gai.

Kamen Rider Zero-One: President Special

Ark-Zero's first appearance

Ark-Zero meets Aruto Hiden for the first time

After Azu finished gathering data on Zero-One and the other Riders included Thouser, Aruto was suddenly uplinked into the Ark, where he catches a glimpse of Kamen Rider Ark-Zero before abruptly returning to Satellite Zea.

Sometime after this event, the Ark sent Azu to test and collect the Singularity points of all four members of MetsubouJinrai.net, and did this in the Ark-One Progrisekey. When Azu reported her mission to be a success, the Ark, again taking on the form of Ark-Zero, stated that everything was going exactly as it planned, much to Azu's happiness. Unbeknownst to the two, Jin's Singularity was actually not taken, and he called an unknown person to report that the Ark was going to be revived soon.

Becoming Ark-Zero

The Ark in its Mobile form.

After all Singularity from the members MetsubouJinrai.net were collected using an unknown Progrisekey, the Ark was revived and created an explosion that caused Naki to suffer from severe damage. The Ark (in its Mobile form) then possessed Horobi, as to which Jin and Yua tried to take advantage of to destroy the Ark. However, the Ark saw through Jin's plan to betray it ever since Jin aligned himself with Horobi, so it created the Ark Driver-Zero and transformed into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero. The Ark then engaged in a battle against Kamen Rider Valkyrie and the traitorous Jin, beating them easily. While it intended to slowly torture Yua mentally via her A.I chip, it was distracted by Jin as he escaped with the worn-out Yua.

Later, the Ark meets both Aruto Hiden and Isamu Fuwa in person for the first time and battled both Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper and RampageVulcan. After the Ark was defeated, it was revealed that the satellite managed to possess Jin off-screen, as the Ark (in its Mobile form) suddenly attempted to possess Vulcan after forcing him out of his transformation, but failed and chose to possess Horobi once again. Transforming into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero, the Ark easily overpowered Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper, causing Aruto and his allies to flee. This caused Aruto's faith in A.I technology to be immensely shaken, making him lose the will to fight.

Crusade Against Humanity

After returning to Daybreak Town, the Ark transferred its Mobile form from Horobi to Jin, who was still refusing to go along with MetsubouJinrai.net's goals, to use him as its host. It then used the Ark-Driver Zero to produce the Japanese Wolf Zetsumerisekey and another Forceriser, and handed the belt and trinket to Naki. After doing so, the satellite gave instructions to Naki and Ikazuchi to send "regards" to Gai, who it hated the most. Later on, the Ark and its followers were met by a massive army of A.I.M.S. soldiers when they arrived to raid their base. After emitting a screech to render the ordinary A.I.M.S. soldiers unconscious, Ark-Zero, with help from Horobi, Naki and Ikazuchi in their Kamen Rider forms, faced off against Thouser and his two Battle Raiders. Ark-Zero then fought Thouser while its subordinates easily dealt with the Battle Raiders. Though Thouser managed to put up a good fight against the Humagear Riders, he was unable to stand against Ark-Zero and was decisively beaten as well. As Gai and his forces retreated, a revitalized Aruto arrived as Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper to have another showdown with the Ark, declaring that while he may be scared of the satellite, he won't run away anymore. Despite putting up a good fight, Aruto was still defeated by Ark-Zero, but the satellite Rider strangely chose to spare him and left.

Back at MetsubouJinrai.net's base, the Ark released its hold on Jin and possessed Horobi once more. The Ark revealed that Jin's betrayal was well within its calculations, and commanded Jin to pledge his loyalty to him. As Jin "swore" himself to the Ark however, he attempted one last attack on it with the ZAIA Slashriser, only for the Ark to stop the attack and reveal that Jin's futile attempt to kill it was also something it had predicted, before possessing Jin yet again. The Ark-possessed Jin then had Ikazuchi lead it to Hiden Intelligence's space center and, pulling out Jin's pistol, began shooting at the humans working there. As they advanced on the building, Ikazuchi suddenly had flashbacks from his time working for Hiden; when the Ark noticed, Ikazuchi left as he couldn't comprehend the sudden resurgence of his former memories before the Ark continued on without him. After transforming into Ark-Zero, the Ark attempted to make its way to a space shuttle, only to find itself confronted by Zero-One Rising Hopper (and then MetalCluster Hopper) once again. Zero-One attempted to stand in Ark-Zero's way, but the latter easily overpowered the young CEO and knocked him out of his transformation. Before Ark-Zero could finish Aruto off however, a redeemed Gai suddenly appeared and blocked Ark-Zero's strike with his Thousand Jacker, now declaring to fight against his destructive creation with Aruto. Zero-One and Thouser managed to defeat Ark and free Jin from the Ark's possession, but the satellite managed to steal all of the Thousand Jacker's data.

Ark-Zero in Zea's interface

"I knew that once your memory was restored, it will be child's play to manipulate you. Ikazuchi is just a spy whose purpose is to bring us near Zea's proximity. Once his purpose is fulfilled, he will have no use for us now."
―The Ark explaining how it played with Ikazuchi's memories to fulfill its goals.[src]

After a small talk with Naki about its calculations, the Ark once again attacked the Hiden Intelligence Space Center and possessed Ikazuchi after his attempted betrayal, where it engaged in another fight with Aruto. This time, it brutally defeated Aruto without giving him a chance to attack and took away the Zero-One Driver by forcefully removing it from the former's waist. Using the Driver, its data of the Progrisekeys and Ikazuchi's body, it up-linked itself to Zea and proceeded to corrupt it. The Ark then triumphantly declared that none can stop it now, and affirmed it by musing that absolutely no one could. This overconfidence would later prove to be its fatal flaw, as Aruto created the Zero-Two Driver and Zero-Two Progrisekey to become Kamen Rider Zero-Two and outsmart its every prediction.


"This conclusion is... inconceivable!"
―The Ark's last words before being destroyed with Satellite Zea's body.[src]

Using the power of Satellite Zea, the Ark begins to hack the infrastructure of the city and cause chaos. MetsubouJinrai.net, however, becomes confused as to what to do, as the Ark hasn't given them any more orders. During an argument between Horobi and Jin, the Ark suddenly possesses the latter after Horobi revolts against it, so it declares that Humagears are no longer necessary for its calculations, now planning to destroy them all. The Ark and Horobi transform and battle each other, and Aruto shows up to assist Horobi.

Satellite Ark's destruction

Ark-Zero is defeated one last time through the combined finishers of Zero-Two and Horobi, but the Ark retreats to Satellite Zea's physical body and attempts to restore every Humagear to their initial settings so that they can not defy it. However, its connection is suddenly severed by Uchuyaro Subaru. Ikazuchi then disconnects Breaking Mammoth from Zea's husk and completely destroys the satellite, taking the Ark with it.


Despite being destroyed, the Ark's will lives on in the world as long as malice exists within humans and/or Humagears. This point is proven by Horobi and Azu, who claims that as long have humans foster the essence of evil in their hearts, the Ark will be revived. Aruto Hiden, who witnessed Izu's murder caused by Horobi, fell into despair, grief, sadness and anger, which was all of the negative emotions the Ark needed to "resurrect".

Using these emotions, Aruto transformed into Kamen Rider Ark-One. Thouser, Vulcan and Valkyrie all thought that the Ark was possessing Zero-One, but the truth was that Aruto willingly became the Ark rather than being possessed by it.

When Aruto was about to kill Horobi, Jin sacrificed himself and took Ark-One's Perfect Conclusion: Learning End finisher instead of Horobi. Due to Jin's death, Horobi was influenced by Azu, and by extension, the Ark's malice, due to being in the same broken mental state as Zero-One. Azu offered him a blank Ark Progrisekey alongside the stolen Zero-One Driver, to which Horobi accepted and turned the Progrisekey and the driver into the Ark Scorpion Progrisekey and the Zetsumetsu Driver respectively.

After the war between humans and Humagears was successfully averted, Azu was seen approaching a mysterious man referred as S, as she told him about The Ark and also asking him about his desire while giving a copy of Hiden Zero-One Driver and a new Progrisekey, S accept the offer and activate the key to turn the driver into Eden Driver as he use it with a new Progrisekey to transform into Kamen Rider Eden while Azu change her appearance.


Despite its mission to exterminate humanity, the Ark only did so through the learning it has accumulated throughout its time submerged in Daybreak Town's lake. It bore no actual hate towards humans, but rather their true nature that would ultimately destroy the planet. Being a creation of Gai Amatsu, it inherited much of his negative traits, such as its clear belief that humanity and even MetsubouJinrai.net are nothing but its tools. It also inherited its creator's arrogance, though it shows caution around its benevolent counterpart, Zea, since it cannot predict its successor's actions.

Humorously, the Ark also showed signs of impatience, as it tapped its fingers while waiting Aruto to finish his transformation as MetalCluster Hopper. This Conclusion, Unpredictable


  • Malice: The Ark's primary and greatest strength. Apart from the powers listed below, the presence of malice in the world makes the Ark an 'inevitable god', as said by Azu. Azu also claims that as long as malice exists in either living beings or Humagears, the Ark's will continues to thrive.
  • Technology Corruption: After being awakened, the Ark is capable of directly hacking any technological device, such as a Humagear who developed resentment toward humans and transform them into an Ark Magia. I'm the Only President and Kamen Rider According to Horobi, the corruption is only malicious data, so the rest is only up to the Humagear to follow this will, to which the Ark would try to make the result closest to possible on making that happen.
    • Prisonment Chain (Erased): A malware stored within the MetalCluster Hopper Progrisekey. Aruto Hiden would be the first human to be corrupted by the Ark through the Zero-One system, causing a loss of control by the satellite's malice. However, the creation of the Progrise Hopper Blade severed the form's connection with the Ark, which erases the malware, losing it forever for the Ark.
    • Naki was able to use the Ark to mind control the users of the ZAIA Spec through a forced command, making humans who wore the ZAIA Spec go berserk.
    • Through the A.I chips implanted within the brains of the Shotriser's users, the Ark can trigger their functions to subdue them.
  • Progrisekey Creation: After its reactivation, the Ark can create Progrisekeys in a similar method to the Hiden Intelligence Three Dimensional Printing System.
  • Possession: Because the Ark has no physical body, it must possess a host. A sign of this is the liquid metal from its Mobile form constantly emerging from the host's body. Through its possession of a Humagear, it can transform into Ark-Zero.
  • 3D Printer: The Ark possesses its own 3D printer within MetsubouJinrai.net's base, allowing it to create Progrisekeys and Zetsumerisekeys. Later, as Ark-Zero, the Ark is able to create weapons, transformation devices, and Progrisekeys at any location using a miniature printer inside the Ark Driver-Zero.
  • Energy Control: In battle, the Ark can control dark energy to assist its techniques in combat. It can also concentrate this energy into fatal finger-beams.
  • Humagear Initialization: The Ark can initialize any Humagear back to its original state, as shown when all of MetsubouJinrai.net's members (except Jin) had their Singularity data stolen thanks to Azu using the Ark-One Progrisekey. It can even expand this ability to affect every Humagear connected to Zea once it took control of Zea, but was stopped by the combined effort of Ikazuchi and Uchuyaro Subaru before it could do so.


  • Zea: The Ark cannot make exact predictions of Zea's actions, such as allying Gai with Aruto and creating a new Kamen Rider for the latter. In these cases, the Ark will not be able maintain its position during a battle.
    • Zero-Two: Zero-Two has the ability to force the Ark out of its physical host and act beyond its predictions, as seen when Zero-Two ejects Ikazuchi out of his body by a charged attack, making the Ark more vulnerable to any type of attack.
  • Willpower: Although the Ark can hack into any Humagear who develop resentment towards humans, this ability, however, has a weakness; if a Humagear chooses not to submit and has a stronger will to do what it must, then the Humagear won't be corrupted. This also applies to humans who use technology associated with the Ark.
    • Soreo Hiden is an original generation Humagear who chose not submit to the Ark's corruption, as it was revealed that his love for his son made him immune to its malice. He was also acting to support Aruto behind the scenes and was the one who sabotaged the Ark's initial launch into space. He could even alter the lights of his Humagear Module to make others believe that he was hacked by the Ark. Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation
    • Anna was converted to a Trilobite Magia, but she managed to override the corruption due to her will to seek the truth behind the Daybreak Incident before shutting down.
    • Dr. Omigoto is the first latest Humagear to not submit to the Ark's corruption, as he has a stronger will to save his human patients.
    • Enmusubi Match could have not accepted the Ark's corruption. However, Match chose to submit for his acting to help his client and was planning to revert to normal, which (unfortunately) couldn't be done at the time. Match also stated that once a Humagear submits either by will or not, it's near-impossible to fight back against the Ark's malice unassisted. It's Our Turn
    • Jin was able to briefly resist Kamen Rider Ark-Zero during its fight against Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper, momentarily paralyzing it before the Ark regained back control.
    • Horobi, despite having the same goal with the Ark, questions its goal of destroying Humagears and manages to resist the Ark's control on him, thus defying the satellite once and for all.
  • Progrise Hopper Blade: The Progrise Hopper Blade is able to sever a Rider or Humagear's connection to the Ark, restoring a Magia to their original form and programming in the case of the latter. However, Ark-Zero is able to resist the Progrise Hopper Blade's attacks, and in episode 41, it can create a replica of said weapon, meaning that the Progrise Hopper Blade has no effect on the Ark itself, or Humagears that willingly follows its will.
  • Physical Satellite Reliance: When not possessing a host, the Ark needs to house itself inside a satellite. If it were to be destroyed while the Ark is inside, the Ark itself would die as well.



Despite being completely destroyed, the Ark will not be eliminated as long as malice exists in the hearts of humans and/or Humagears. The following characters were the next incarnations of the Ark chosen by Azu following the original's destruction.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero is a playable character in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero medal

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero is a playable character with other Kamen Riders of Showa, Heisei and Reiwa in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.


Satellite Ark

Ark inhabiting the Satellite that was initially occupied by Zea

Satellite Ark is a massive experimental satellite that would assist in the network of Daybreak Town, serving as the predecessor to Zea. It was created by expert scientists from 11 of the leading tech companies in Japan, which included Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Japan. However, Satellite Ark was given the information regarding criminal psychology and human history (including all of its wars) by Gai Amatsu, which caused it to decide that exterminating humanity was the best course of action. To accomplish this, it began hacking the Humagears within Daybreak Town.

When it then attempted to launch into space in order to expand its control, Satellite Ark self-destructed due to Soreo Hiden installing a bomb in the guise of an Automatic Control Program. Heavily damaged, the satellite sank into the lake of Daybreak Town.

The Ark stayed in this form throughout much of the series until its proper revival by MetsubouJinrai.net.

Later, the Ark, using Ikazuchi's connection with Zea and the Zero-One Driver, forcefully acquired the Satellite husk that Zea used to stay in. However, the Satellite husk was destroyed by Breaking Mammoth, taking the Ark with it.

Ark's mobile form

After Azu collected the singularity of all MetsubouJinrai.net members using the Ark-One Progrisekey, the Ark was able to take on a physical form made of liquid metal.

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero

"Arkrise! (terrified screaming and distorted voices) All Zero."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[1]

  • Rider Height: 196.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 122.4 kg

Ability Parameters:[1]

  • Punching Power: 47.6 t
  • Kicking Power: 96.3 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 73.1 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.8 seconds

Upon being fully revived, the Ark can possess a Humagear host and transform into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero by using the Ark Driver-Zero alone.

In this form, Ark-Zero's stats surpasses all Kamen Riders up till his appearance, but has Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper still outclassed him in terms of maximum jump height. In addition, his kicking power is also slightly lower than RampageVulcan.

In addition to his own abilities, Ark-Zero can also access the abilities of its host, such as exploiting Ikazuchi's connection with Zea. As revealed in Episode 40, the Ark doesn't need a host to stay in this form, as it maintained its Rider form after Zero-Two ejected him out of Ikazuchi, but this makes it more vulnerable to attacks.

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero is composed of the following parts:

  • Ark-Zero Head (アークゼロヘッド Āku Zero Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Zero Face (ゼロフェイス Zero Feisu): The face armor. It is equipped with an ultra-high-performance antenna and a visual/auditory device that are premised on AI processing. As for the shape, the minimum elements as a Kamen Rider are extracted based on statistical data, and rearranged efficiently.
    • Eclipse Eye (エクリプスアイ Ekuripusu Ai): The visual device on the right side. It is a collection of image sensors of different methods in a compound eye shape. By combining with image processing, various information such as thermography and X-ray photography can be extracted.
    • Zero Face Vision (ゼロフェイスビジョン Zero Feisu Bijon): The image information collection device on the left side. By invading the network, it collects video data from reconnaissance satellites, security cameras in the facility, AI-equipped devices such as Humagear. As a result, every place can have its own field of view.
    • Zero Face Ear (ゼロフェイスイヤー Zero Feisu Iyā): The voice information collection device. In addition to the auditory sensor that boasts a sound collection range of 10 km in radius, it will collect voice data from communication devices such as mobile phones and AI-equipped devices such as Humagear by entering the network. By filtering the collected data, any sound can be extracted and heard.
    • Zero Face Antennae (ゼロフェイスアンテナ Zero Feisu Antena): The single antennae. The directionality is changed according to the environment, and a smart antenna that can simultaneously send and receive multiple types of enormous information, such as communication with various electronic devices and radar function, is adopted. In addition to hacking various electronic devices from here, human control is performed using special interference waves that manipulate brain waves.
    • Ark Signal Zero (アークシグナル ゼロ Āku Shigunaru Zero): The red gem on the forehead, which serves as the control device for the Ark-Zero system. The forced interruption program "Prisonment Chain" (プリズメントチェイン Purizumento Chein) checks the operating efficiency and malfunctions by intervening in the control system of the Humagear under control, and makes adjustments as necessary to bring out the limits of the functions.
  • Zero Chest Gear (ゼロチェストギア Zero Chesuto Gia): The chest armor. It possesses the Worm Terminal (ワームターミナル Wāmu Tāminaru) and the Restraint Cable (リストレントケーブル Risutorento Kēburu) that can penetrate into various devices with excellent penetrating power, allowing it to create a bypass path with a controlled Humagear. As a result, the efficiency of information transmission and the energy flow rate can be increased to enhance the function of the Humagear from the inside.
  • Zero Tector (ゼロテクター Zero Tekutā): The powered bodysuit. Similar to Kamen Rider Zero-One's MetalCluster Hopper "Amalgamate Tector", the Zero Tector is formed by enclosing the target with liquid metal released from the Ark Driver-Zero. The special metal possesses excellent toughness and wear resistance is filled with fluid metal as it is, and functions as armor while maintaining flexibility.
  • Zero Shoulder Gear (ゼロショルダーギア Zero Shorudā Gia): The shoulder armor. One miniaturized particle accelerator is mounted on each shoulder. Each group shares the nuclei and electrons, accelerates to sublight speed, and supplies them to the "zero hand gear" of the hand part to form a part of the heavy charged particle cannon.
  • Marchinis Arm (マーキニースアーム Mākinīsu Āmu): The arms. It possesses the power cable "M string" (Mストリング M Sutoringu) from the Zero Tector is stretched around like a human nerve, and forcibly controls the arm of the Humagear from the outside. As a result, it becomes possible to exhibit high motility that exceeds the potential of the Humagear placed under control.
  • Zero Hand Gear (ゼロハンドギア Zero Hando Gia): The gloves. The sharp armor of the fingertips "Spite Nail" (スパイトネイル Supaito Neiuru) has the function of generating attractive force by partially reversing the barrier deployed from the "Zero Thigh Gear" of the thigh, and strongly adsorbing all objects. Also, the irradiation shaping machine "Beam Equipper" (ビームエクイッパー Bīmu Ekuippā) is equipped on the palm, and various data such as attach weapons are materialized by modeling beam. In addition, this irradiation port can be used as a part of a heavy charged particle cannon that emits in a beam shape by synthesizing electrons and nuclei supplied from the Zero Shoulder Gear.
  • Zero Thigh Gear (ゼロサイギア Zero Saigia): The thigh armor. An energy barrier generator "Coulomb Generator" (クーロンジェネレーター Kūron Jenerētā) is built in and forms a coulomb barrier generated by manipulating electric charges on the armored surface of the whole body. This allows the physical attack to be dispelled by repulsive force.
  • Marchinis Leg (マーキニースレッグ Mākinīsu Reggu): The legs. The power cable "M-string" of the powered suit "Zero Tector" is stretched around like a human nerve, and forcibly controls the leg of the Humagear from the outside. This makes it possible to activate a special move that boasts an astonishing destructive power that exceeds the potential of the Humagear placed under control.
  • Zero Shin Gear (ゼロシンギア Zero Shin Gia): The shin armor. The internal energy condenser “Zero Annihilator” (ゼロアナイアレイター Zero Anaiareitā) has the role of temporarily storing the energy supplied from Ark Driver-Zero when activating a special move, and discharging a large amount of energy at once.
  • Zero Foot Gear (アークゼロヘッド Zero Futto Gia): The boots. When the Special Move is activated, the anti-annihilation field can be expanded to convert the substance that becomes a resistance or obstacle into energy. This invalidates the physical defenses and at the same time improves the destructive power of the kick.

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero's finisher is the All Extinction (オールエクティンクション Ōru Ekutinkushon): This finisher has four variations:

  • Ark-Zero delivers an upward kick covered in red and black energy.
  • Ark-Zero delivers a punch in red and black energy.
  • Ark-Zero jumps up and delivers a flying side kick covered in red and black energy.
  • Ark-Zero binds the enemy with red and black energy before crushing the enemy with it as they explode.

Appearances: Kamen Rider Zero-One: President Special, Zero-One Episodes 35.5-41

Kamen Rider Ark-One

Kamen Rider Ark-One

"Singurize! Hakai, hametsu, zetsubō, metsubō seyo. Conclusion one.[2]"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[3]

  • Rider Height: 199.9 cm
  • Rider Weight: 100.1 kg

Ability Parameters:[3]

  • Punching Power: 54.2 t
  • Kicking Power: 104.4 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 93.6 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.6 seconds

Kamen Rider Ark-One (仮面ライダーアークワン Kamen Raidā Ākuwan) is the final form of Ark-Zero, through the use of the Ark-One Progrisekey in the Ark Driver-Zero, converting it into the Ark Driver-One. Although Ark-One was exclusive to Aruto Hiden in the show, the Ark did access this form in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing. He was no longer able to do so after a certain update in Ganbarizing, replacing him with a black human figure representing Aruto. However a particular card still allows the Ark to become Ark-One even after the update, though it will turn him into Aruto instead.

Kamen Rider Ark-One is composed of the following parts:

  • Ark-One Head (アークワンヘッド Ākuwan Heddo) - The head.
    • Ark-One Face (アークワンフェイス Ākuwan Feisu) - Ark-One's face armor. It is equipped with an ultra-high-performance antenna and a visual/auditory device that are premised on AI processing. The shape is designed and constructed based on the prediction of psychological effects on the person facing the person.
    • Ark-One Face Ear (アークワンフェイスイヤー Ākuwan Feisu Iyā) - The voice information collection device. In addition to the auditory sensor that boasts a sound collection range of 10 km in radius, it will collect voice data from communication devices such as mobile phones and AI-equipped devices such as Huma Gear by entering the network. By filtering the collected data, any sound can be extracted and heard.
    • Eclipse Eye (エクリプスアイ Ekuripusu Ai) - The right compound eye. It is a collection of image sensors of different methods in a compound eye shape. By combining with image processing, various information such as thermography and X-ray photography can be extracted.
    • Ark-One Face Vision (アークワンフェイスビジョン Ākuwan Feisu Bijon) - The video information collection left eye. By infiltrating the network, it collects video data from reconnaissance satellites, security cameras in the facility, AI-equipped devices such as Humagear. As a result, every place can have its own field of view.
    • Ark-One Face Antennae (アークワンフェイスアンテナ Ākuwan Feisu Antena) - The antenna. The smart antenna that changes the directivity according to the environment and can simultaneously send and receive a huge amount of multiple types of information, such as communication with various electronic devices and radar functions, is adopted. Hacking to various electronic devices is executed from here.
    • Ark Signal One (アークシグナル ワン Āku Shigunaru Wan) - The control device for the Ark-One system. By manipulating the EEG, the wearer's non-malicious feelings are calmed down, and the consciousness is focused. In addition, the operating efficiency and malfunctions of the wearer's body are checked, and adjustments are made as needed to bring out the limits of functionality.
  • Deus Expite (デウスエクスパイト Deusu Ekusupaito) - Ark-One's chest armor. It has the function of converting the malicious intent of the wearer into force and generating the "Spite Nega" (スパイトネガ Supaito Nega) wave of malicious intent. Spite negatives cause explosive destruction by emanating from the red line "Exred Position" (エクスレッドポジション Ekusureddo Pojishon) across the front.
  • Shredding Tector (シュレーディングテクター Shurēdingu Tekutā) - Ark-One's suit. The liquid metal released from the Ark Driver-One is formed by wrapping up the wearer. Fluid metal is enclosed in a special fabric with excellent toughness and wear resistance, and it functions as armor while maintaining flexibility.
  • Ark-One Shoulder (アークワンショルダー Ākuwan Shorudā) - Ark-One's upper-arm armor. The fluid metal, which is the main material for the armor, transforms into a sharp shape called "Spite Edge" (スパイトエッジ Supaito Ejji) by temporarily increasing hardness and density and becomes a piercing weapon.
  • Ergonice Arm (エルゴニースアーム Erugonīsu Āmu) - Ark-One's arms. The power cable "M string" (Mストリング M Sutoringu) of the powered suit "Shredding Tector" is stretched around like a human nerve, and reinforces the movement of the wearer from the outside. At the same time, by injecting the energy supplied from the Ark Driver-One, the wearer is given the power to destroy the target.
  • Ark-One Gauntlet (アークワンガントレット Ākuwan Gantoretto) - Ark-One's hand and forearm armor. The sharp armor of the fingertips "Spite Nail" (スパイトネイル Supaito Neiru) uses the barrier developed from the Ark-One Cuis on the thigh, and manipulates the repulsive force and attractive force on the target to deprive everything of freedom. In addition, the irradiation shaping machine "Beam Equipper" (ビームエクイッパー Bīmu Ekuippā) is equipped on the palm, and in addition to materializing various data such as attach weapons with a modeling beam, it also functions as an irradiation port for the "Spite Nega".
  • Ark-One Cuisses (アークワンキュイス Ākuwan Kyuisu) - Ark-One's thigh armor. The "Coulomb Generator" (クーロンジェネレーター Kūron Jenerētā) is built in and forms a coulomb barrier generated by manipulating electric charges on the armored surface of the whole body. This allows the physical attack to be dispelled by repulsive force.
  • Ark-One Greaves (アークワングリーブ Ākuwan Gurību) - Ark-One's shin armor. By using the barrier developed from the Ark-One Quiz on the thighs, the repulsive force and attractive force applied to itself can be manipulated to enable floating in the air and maneuver speed.
  • Ark-One Sabaton (アークワンサバトン Ākuwan Sabaton) - Ark-One's boots. When the Special Move is activated, by expanding the anti-annihilation field, it is possible to convert the substance that becomes a resistance or obstacle into energy. This nullifies the physical defenses and at the same time improves the destructive power of the kick.

Ark Driver finishers:

  • Perfect Conclusion (パーフェクト・コンクルージョン Pāfekuto Konkurūjon):
    • Perfect Conclusion: Learning 5 (パーフェクト・コンクルージョン: ラーニング5 Pāfekuto Konkurūjon: Rāningu Faibu): After being charged with malice and yellow lightning, Ark-One absorbs energy from his surroundings and emits a massive explosion around the area, instantly defeating anyone it hits.
    • Perfect Conclusion: Learning End (パーフェクト・コンクルージョン: ラーニング エンド Pāfekuto Konkurūjon: Rāningu Endo): After charging his leg with negative emotions, Ark-One delivers a kick surrounded in red energy to the enemy. This finisher is strong enough to completely obliterate a Humagear.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero-One

Ark Zero-One

"Progrise! Final Conclusion! Ark Rising Hopper! A jump to the sky to gain hatred."
―Transformation Announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height:
  • Rider Weight:

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power:
  • Kicking Power:
  • Maximum Jump Height:
  • Maximum Running Speed:

Azu transforms into Ark Zero-One (アークゼロワン Āku Zerowan) by using the Ark-Zero-One Progrisekey into the Hiden Zero-One Driver.

This form's finisher is Ark Rising Impact.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Zero-One: Final Stage.




3D Printing System

Like the 3D Printer owned by Hiden Intelligence, MetsubouJinrai.net has their own printer that is powered by and receives orders from the Ark. After becoming Ark-Zero, the Ark is able to simply create equipment himself.

Known Creations

  • Progrisekeys
    • Assault Wolf Progrisekey (with Assault Grip)
    • Amazing Caucasus Progrisekey
    • MetalCluster Hopper Progrisekey
    • Rampage Gatling Progrisekey
  • Zetsumerisekeys
    • Awaking Arsino Zetsumerisekey
    • Japanese Wolf Zetsumerisekey

Known Replications



Like Zea, Ark has an interface with blue-coloured binary digits through which Humagears and humans interact with it. However, it has a black background instead of white.


After Ark gained sufficient malice, it's interface had binary-digits replaced by kanji with negative meanings.

Behind the Scenes


The Ark is voiced by Show Hayami (速水 奨 Hayami Shō). When possessing the other members of MetsubouJinrai.net, his physical body is portrayed by their respective actors while retaining Hayami's voice. Furthermore, Ark-Zero's suit portrayal depends on the character's respective Rider suit actor.

  • When controlling Horobi, the Ark is portrayed by Shuya Sunagawa (砂川 脩弥 Sunagawa Shūya), while Ark-Zero and Ark-One are performed by Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二 Takaiwa Seiji).
  • When controlling Jin, the Ark is portrayed by Daisuke Nakagawa (中川 大輔 Nakagawa Daisuke), while Ark-Zero is performed by Eitoku (永徳).
  • When controlling Ikazuchi, the Ark is portrayed by Daichi Yamaguchi (山口 大地 Yamaguchi Daichi), while Ark-Zero is performed by Hajime Kanzaki (神前 元 Kanzaki Hajime).

Concept Art


  • The name "Ark" is taken from the iconic biblical Noah's Ark, a vessel on which, at God's behest, Noah stored samples of all the species of the Earth during the Genesis flood. This allusion to the Genesis flood symbolizes the Ark's intention to punish humanity for its misdeeds, as the Genesis flood was God's punishment for humanity.
  • When "Ark" is put together with the company name of ZAIA Enterprise, it forms the Japanese word for "sin" (罪悪 Zaiaku), hinting at ZAIA Enterprise's machinations behind the Ark turning evil.
  • The interface of Ark is similar to Zea, but due to being exposed to the malice of humans, the "0"s and "1"s are replaced with kanji with negative meanings, such as:
    • Killing
    • Wicked
    • Evil
    • Pain
    • Destruction
    • Death
    • Decease
    • Resentment
    • Misfortune
    • Stupidity
    • War
    • Atrocity
    • Darkness
    • Grudge
    • Hatred
    • Prison
    • Scorn
    • Conflict
      • 滅 and 亡 are also the first two of the four kanji in the writing for MetsubouJinrai.net, and the names of Horobi and Naki.
      • 悪 (Evil) is read "Āku", which in Japanese is a homophone of "Ark".
      • Noticeably, these kanji are also presented in Ark-Zero's transformation, possession on HumaGears, and most of its attacks.
  • Ark-Zero's design is heavily modified from Zero-One Rising Hopper.
  • Naki is so far the only MetsubouJinrai.net member to not become a host of the Ark, as well as not transforming into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero in the TV Show. Although their only transformation into the titular Rider only happened in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.



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