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Are Dreams Important to You? (夢がソンナに大事なのか? Yume ga Son'na ni Daijina no ka?) is the thirty-third episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One. It features the return of Kamen Rider Valkyrie since episode 23Yua Yaiba's defection from ZAIA Japan and the revelation of Isamu Fuwa's past surrounding the Daybreak Town Accident.


A discarded Tennis Coach-Type Humagear known as Love-chan is brought into HIDEN Manufacturing! Love-chan has taken on the dream of a young high schooler named Keita, who wishes to become a professional tennis player in the Grand Slam! However, the exact reason as to why this Humagear was discarded remains a mystery... Meanwhile, Yua receives an unbelievable order from Gai! "Take out Fuwa..." Furthermore, a surprised and shocked Yua listens to Gai's revelation about another of Fuwa's secrets...!


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Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Key Used:
    • Zero-One
      • MetalCluster Hopper
    • Vulcan
      • Rampage Gatling
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet
    • Thouser
  • Form Used:
    • Zero-One
      • MetalCluster Hopper
    • Vulcan
      • RampageVulcan
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet


  • Key Used:
    • Thouser
      • Awaking Arsino


  • The RampageGatling Progrisekey's finisher crank is done in the wrong order. It goes "Speed, Power, Element" instead of "Power, Speed, Element".
  • Battle Raider finisher was "Hunt" Bolide instead of "Invading" Bolide.


Zero-One Ep 33 Closing Screen.png

  • Closing Screen Progrisekeys:
    • Kamen Riders: Valkyrie
    • Progrisekeys: Rushing Cheetah
  • Count at episode end
    • Progrisekeys in Zero-One's possession: Rising Hopper, Biting Shark, Flying Falcon, Flaming Tiger, Freezing Bear, Breaking Mammoth, Shining Hopper, Hopping Kangaroo, MetalCluster Hopper
    • Progrisekeys in Vulcan's possession: Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong, Gatling Hedgehog, Trapping Spider, Assault Wolf, Rampage Gatling
    • Progrisekeys in Valkyrie's possession: Fighting Jackal, Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet
    • Progrisekeys in Jin's possession: Burning Falcon
    • Progrisekeys in Horobi's possession: Sting Scorpion
    • Progrisekeys in Thouser's possession: Amazing Caucasus, Sparking Giraffe, Exciting Stag, Crushing Buffalo, Splashing Whale, Dynamaiting Lion, Storming Penguin, Scouting Panda
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Thouser's possession: Awaking Arsino, Berotha, Kuehne, Ekal, Neohi, Onycho, Vicarya, Gaeru, Mammoth, Dodo, Arsino

The finisher effect when Yua punches Gai, "This is My".

  • Humorously when Yua punches Gai, the ShotRiser Rider finisher caption effect is used, captioned "This is My" (これがわたしの Kore ga watashi no). It is labeled as "Resignation Punch" (辞表パンチ Jihou Panchi) by fans.

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