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The Sonic Wave Transformation Belt Arcle (ソニックウェーブ 変身ベルト アークル, Sonikku U~ēbu Henshin Beruto Ākuru) is Kuuga's transformation belt. An ancient belt created by the Rinto Tribe, it is capable of strengthening its wearer and create a biological armor for them to use in combat, but is only usable to those with a righteous heart to prevent abuse of the belt's power. Originally used by the ancient Kuuga, Riku, it was inherited by Yusuke in the year 2000 when he was attacked by Xu·Gmun·Ba, with the belt immediately fused into his body after he put it on.

When he transforms, it reappears around his waist and is always the same color as his current form. A stone embedded in the belt, called Amadam (アマダム, Amadamu), is the source of Kuuga's power and is able to extend the lifespan of a person. The Amadam is also present on Daguva, the Gouram, and (in Kuuga's World in Decade) Gamio as well.

When Kuuga is imbued with the Golden Power and upgrades into his Rising forms, the Rising Arcle Armor (ライジングアークルアーマー, Raijingu Ākuru Āmā) forms over the Arcle, causing the Amadam to transform into a golden color. When Kuuga transforms into his Ultimate forms, the Rising Arcle Armor upgrades even further into the Ultimate Arcle Armor (アルティメットアークルアーマー, Arutimetto Ākuru Āmā). In this state, the Amadam turns black, while the rectangular tiles that line horizontally across the belt turn silver.

A prototype Arcle was also created, but it lacked the Amadam, which keeps the user from going berserk. Mika discovered this Arcle and became the second Kuuga in the novel.

When Yusuke asked Sakurako the meaning of the symbols on the Arcle's sides, Sakurako said that it translates to "power".

Form Variants


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The Amadam was, as Sakurako Sawatari found in the Rinto scriptures, powered by the user's will and would corrode a weak user. Goma went berserk when an unrefined fragment of Daguva's Amadam was forced directly into his body. Gouram's Amadam reacts to Kuuga that if its master's will becomes clouded with power (referring to the ancient Rinto inscription: "when the holy spring dries up"), Gouram will start to crumble and be reduced to dust. Additionally, the Amadam also acts as a stabilizer to the bearer in order to prevent them from going berserk due to the power of Arcle as seen when the first user, later Mika, went out of control due to lack of this stone on their Arcle.

World of Kuuga

In this world the Arcle was given to Yusuke Onodera by Narutaki. It is unknown if the Ultimate Darkness sealed in the tomb was the true leader of the Gurongi, or if it was this world's first Kuuga, as the belt was found near his sealed remains.

User Restriction

Only the first one to take the belt can become Kamen Rider Kuuga and keep it until the user's death.


  • The transformation for Kuuga's Rising Ultimate resembles Takeshi Hongo's transformation sequence into Rider 1.


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