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Icon-fourze.png This article is about a Zodiarts form in Kamen Rider Fourze.

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The Aquarius Zodiarts (アクエリアス・ゾディアーツ, Akueriasu Zodiātsu) is the Horoscopes Zodiarts form associated with the constellation of Aquarius. She had a water-based body that granted her instant regeneration and was equipped with a whip called the Nectar.


Kamen Rider Wizard


The Aquarius Zodiartwas one of Amadum's monsters in the world within the Magic Stone. Alongside the Pteranodon Yummy (Female) , she cooked a fried fish for Kosuke Nitoh after he ended up in their world. The Kamen Rider Rings

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Break Joker

Aquarius Zodiarts Break Joker card

Aquarius Zodiarts appears as a playable character with other Riders and monsters in Kamen Rider Break Joker.

Kamen Rider Riderbout

Aquarius Zodiarts as seen in Kamen Rider Riderbout

Aquarius Zodiarts appears as a playable character with the other Heisei and Showa kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Riderbout.


Aquarius Zodiarts

Aquarius Zodiarts (cloaked)

  • Height: 231 cm
  • Weight: 187 kg

Dummy Horoscopes

Horoscopes full.png

An Aquarius Zodiarts was part of a force of twelve dummy Horoscopes which were manifested from a replica set of the twelve Horoscope Switches. Gamou had intended to give these to Foundation X in exchange for ¥100,000,000. However, the transaction meeting was interrupted by Inga Blink who stole the Switches for space warfare. The dummy Horoscopes would make their appearance to stop the Kamen Rider Club from getting to the Exodus shuttle, being engaged by Kamen Riders Fourze and Meteor. The dummy Aquarius is the fifth of the Horoscopes to be destroyed, by Fourze Firestates' Rider Exploding Shoot Limit Break. Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Everyone, Space is Here!

Behind the Scenes

Concept Art

Aquarius Zodiarts concept art

Aquarius Zodiarts was designed by Kia Asamiya (麻宮 騎亜, Asamiya Ki'a).



  • Aquarius Zodiarts is the only Zodiarts to have three Switchers.

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