This article is about a/an Orphnoch in Kamen Rider 555.

Aonuma (青沼) was one of the Ryusei students. At one point it looks harmless, but it is revealed that its true nature is Sloth Orphnoch.


During the Ryusei School reunion, he along with Kitazaki (Dragon Orphenoch) had involved in the slaughter of his classmates. He was killed by Takumi Inui in Wolf Orphnoch form with a punch.

Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation to Orphnoch: As all his race, he can transform of human to Orphnoch.
  • Destroy hearts: As Orphnoch, he can used his tentacle or weapon for eliminated the hearts of theis victims in burst of flames. 
  • Night Vision: He can see to his victims in the night. 


  • Claws: He has three claws on each wrist. Used as weapon against his victims.
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