This article is about a/an Dopant in Kamen Rider W.

The Antlion Dopant (アントライオン·ドーパント Antoraion Dōpanto) is a Dopant created from a person using the Antlion Gaia Memory. This Dopant was first seen as an enemy that Kamen Rider Skull fought during one of his cases as seen in a flashback in Futo Detective.

Character History

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  • Moisture absorption: The Antlion Dopant is capable of draining the moisture out of its human victims until they are a dead dried husk by sucking out the fluids of a victim through the use of its pincers.
  • Needle Projectiles: The Antlion Dopant is able to throw small needles from its body that skewer its target.
  • Ground manipulation: The Antlion Dopant's main ability is it is able to burrow underground and create sand sinkholes to pull in anyone towards it to feed upon or trap an enemy.


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Behind the Scenes

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