This article is about a/an organization in Kamen Rider Fourze.

The Anti-Zodiarts Union (反ゾディアーツ同盟 Han Zodiātsu Dōmei) is a group that was supposedly founded and led by the enigmatic Tachibana. Knowing that Cosmic Energy would one day be used for evil, Tachibana gave Ryusei Sakuta the equipment to become Kamen Rider Meteor to fight against the Zodiarts.

Their headquarters is in the artificial sattellite, the M-Bus, which provides Meteor with his powers. In contrast to the similar Kamen Rider Club, the union is more secretive.

However, it was finally revealed to be a farce and Tachibana's true identity, Kuniteru Emoto, was actually a loyal member of the Horoscopes who used Meteor in order to gather the Horoscopes Switches and discover the Rabbit Hatch in order to search for the Core Switch. This was proven to be a double trick, however, as Emoto had been struggling with his identity since the day he killed Kengo's father. He set up the M-BUS deliberately to stop the Horoscopes, and to gather the Horoscopes Switches to foil Gamou.

Known members