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For Kamen Rider Another Agito, see Kaoru Kino.

This unnamed person became Another Agito (アナザーアギト Anazā Agito), an Another Rider based on Kamen Rider Agito who appeared in Kamen Rider Zi-O.


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Another Agito

Another Agito

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 195.0 cm.
  • Weight: 95.0 kg.
  • Creator: Swartz
  • Year of Origin: 2019.
  • Position of year: Right Chest.
  • Name and Position: "AGITΩ"; Left chest.
Powers and Abilities
  • Infectious Bite: If Another Agito bites anyone, they will mutate into a copy of Another Agito. When Another Agito gains Ground Form later on, this ability evolves, allowing him to turn random civilians into Another Agitos without biting them, signified by the purple glow of the Wiseman's Monolith on his chest.
  • Rider Kick: Another Agito used a green energy rider kick against GrandZi-O, but failed.

Appearances: Zi-O Episodes 31-32, 41, 43

Ground Form

Ground Form

―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 195cm
  • Weight: 95kg

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 7t (15t at full power)
  • Kicking Power: 15t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 30m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100m per 5 seconds

Another Agito can assume Ground Form (グランドフォーム Gurando Fōmu) by using the Agito Ridewatch.

Kamen Rider Agito has the following parts:

  • Head (頭部 Tōbu) - The helmet.
    • Conpound Eyes (コンパウンドアイズ Konpaundo Aizu) - It has a field of view of 200 degrees up and down and 225 degrees left and right. It can also detect human faces from 10km away. In addition to being able to see through a 5m thick steel wall, it also has a starlight mode (スターライトモード sutāraito mōdo) that emits light to illuminate dark areas.
    • Cross Horn (クロスホーン Kurosu Hōn) - The golden horn. It is a sensory organ that control vision, smell and hearing. It also releases excess energy to prevent accidental self-destruction. It opens up when executing the rider kick finishing attack.
    • Master's Orb (マスターズ・オーヴ Masutāzu Ōvu) - A stone composed of almost the same material as the “Philosopher's Stone”. Located between the Cross Horn. It allows Agito to remotely communicate with the Machine Tornador.
    • Enhanced Ear (エンハンスドイヤー Enhansudo Iyā) - Audio devices located to the sides of the head. They boast a sensitivity several tens of times higher than normal human hearing and the sensitivity is adjusted for high volume sounds.
    • Crusher (クラッシャー Kurasshā) - The 'mouth area'. A phantom sound is emitted from between the armor plates, resulting in sharp fangs that cut through the steel.
    • Hard Shell Helm (ハードシェルヘルム Hādo Sheru Herumu) - Overall 'head armor', and the sturdiest part of the body. It protects the brain from any shock.
  • Wiseman Monolith (ワイズマンモノリス Waizuman Monorisu) - A stone located at the center of the armor/chest. It is a symbol of Kamen Rider Agito and efficiently supplies and circulates the “force” generated by the Altering.
  • Power Shell Armor (パワーシェルアーマー Pawā Sheru Āmā) - The 'chestplate'. It is a reinforced exoskeleton with 5 times the hardness of the Armored Skin. In addition, the golden parts of the chest and abdomen are called Gold Chest (ゴールドチェスト Gōrudo Chesuto), where the whole body's strengthening muscles are evenly distributed.
  • Armored Skin (アーマードスキン Āmādo Sukin) - The 'bodysuit'. It is armored skin that wraps around the whole body. It has both flexible elasticity and diamond-like hardness.
  • Shoulder Arms Shield (ショルダーアームズシールド Shorudā Āmuzu Shīrudo) - Armor protecting the shoulders. It can also be used as a sharp blade, and is effective for a shoulder tackle (ショルダータックル shorudā takkuru) attack.
  • Arm Block Shield (アームブロックシールド Āmu Burokku Shīrudo) - The forearm armor that protects Agito's arms when fighting against enemies. Its hardness is 10 times harder than that of Armored Skin.
  • Hammer Shell Grab (ハンマーシェルグラブ Hanmā Sheru Gurabu) - The hands. It is a strengthened skeleton that protects the fist. Agito concentrates power to his fists when releasing a punch.
  • Knee Armored Shell (ニーアーマードシェル Nī Āmādo Sheru) - The knees. The shock received at the feet is released outside the body.
  • Shock Silver (ショックシルバー Shokku Shirubā) - The silver parts on the legs. It sends the impact absorbed by the Fair Anklet to the Knee Armored Shell.
  • Fair Anklet (フェア・アンクレット Fea Ankuretto) - The golden ankle armor. It is a reinforced exoskeleton that absorbs received energy and protects the ankle joint.
  • Toe Armor (トゥアーマー To~u Āmā) - The feet. It is armored skin that has a double layer structure. It is super hard as it is a part that releases tremendous energy during Rider Kick (ライダーキック Raidā Kikku) attacks.

Appearances: Zi-O Episode 32




Behind the scenes


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Concept Art

Another Agito concept art

Another Agito was designed by Yutaka Izubuchi (出渕 裕 Izubuchi Yutaka).


  • Kamen Rider Another Agito already exists, and is based on almost the same concept.
  • Like Another Double, Another Agito is the second Another Rider with no known human identity[1]
  • This is the first case of an Another Rider to recycle suits due to the previous existence of an Another Agito. This is similar to the case of the future Riders, whose suits are recycled from previous seasons' Riders' suits. Although the suit has been recycled, there are a few minor differences:
    • The chest plate is labeled with the original Rider's name and the Another Rider's date of creation like the other Another Riders
    • The Ank Point's color is changed to have bright gold and red accents instead of dull gold and blue accents.
    • The suit uses a new head with longer crests, diamond-shaped ridges on the sides, a sharper chin, and new eyes that are similar to other Another Riders
  • Another Agito is currently the only Another Rider to transform into his Kamen Rider counterpart via their Ridewatch.
    • The last time a series' monster used a transformation device in this manner was when Igor used the Grimm Eyecon.
    • In an inversion to Another OOO, Another Agito started as an Another Rider before transforming into an actual Kamen Rider, who in fact is his original template.

Who's helmet not enough.jpg

  • When Another Agito infects his first victim, he is seen with the original Kamen Rider Another Agito's helmet instead.
  • This host of Another Agito, like the other Another Riders' hosts, also serve as the opposite to the individuals who possess the Agito power, namely Shoichi Tsugami/Kamen Rider Agito and Kaoru Kino, the actual Kamen Rider Another Agito:
    • Shoichi Tsugami is a man who is blessed with the Power of Agito, which is a gift from the OverLord of Light so that humanity can evolve beyond the OverLord of Darkness's control. He fights to protect the other people who are also gifted with the powers of Agito. On the other hand, this Another Agito spreads its power to people like a virus, dooming humanity to become mindless monsters under the control of the Time Jackers, effectively ensuring the suppression of the human race.
    • When Kaoru Kino became Another Agito, he became jaded and detached from reality that led him in his attempt to defeat Shouichi before he is defeated by Ryo Ashihara, which leads to his eventual change of heart fighting alongside with the Riders. This Another Agito is a twisted reflection of what Kino could have become if his Power of Agito was corrupted by his prolonged madness and grandiose delusions.
  • With his themes Another Agito is.
    • The last Dragon themed monster of the Heisei Era.
    • The last Grasshopper themed monster of the Heisei Era
    • The last Zombie themed monster of the Heisei Era.


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