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Anomalocaris Dopant (アノマロカリス・ドーパント Anomarokarisu Dōpanto) is the Dopant form assumed when one uses the Anomalocaris Gaia Memory. [1]

Dopant Form

Anomalocaris Dopant

Anomalocaris Dopant (Prototype ver.)

As the Anomalocaris Dopant (アノマロカリス・ドーパント Anomarokarisu Dōpanto), they can travel underwater and fire their fangs as if they are bullets. The Prototype version lacks a sphere in the center of the belt.

Big Anomalocaris

The user is also able to transform into the Big Anomalocaris (ビッグ・アノマロカリス Biggu Anomarokarisu) while in default Anomalocaris form.


Genzo Takamura's Henchman

Main article: Genzo Takamura's Henchman

Genzo Takamura's Henchman

The first user of the Anomalocaris Memory was a henchman of Genzo Takamura, possesses the experimental version of Anomalocaris Memory. He was easily defeated by Double's Joker Extreme.

Genzo Takamura

Main article: Genzo Takamura

Genzo Takamura

The main user of the Anomalocaris Memory was the childish Genzo Takamura (鷹村 源蔵 Takamura Genzō). He worked as the head of one of the many Gaia Memory manufacturing centers scattered throughout Futo. Due to the fact that councilwoman Miyabi Kusuhara was continuing her late husband's plans to build the Second Futo Tower and Ryubee Sonozaki saw it as a threat to his enterprise, Takamura was given the order to assassinate her. After giving a proto-model of his Anomalocaris Memory, a production-model, to his friend so he could serve as a decoy (defeated by Kamen Rider Double's Joker Extreme), Genzo later kidnapped the councilwoman's daughter Asuka to lure her mother into a trap. However, the Anomalocaris Dopant was defeated by Double LunaTrigger and his Trigger Full Burst Maximum Drive.


Main article: A (EXE)


A member of EXE, known as "A" (A(エー) Ē), possessed a second Anomalocaris Memory (アノマロカリスメモリ Anomarokarisu Memori). He transformed into the Anomalocaris Dopant (アノマロカリス・ドーパント Anomarokarisu Dōpanto) to fight Shotaro as Kamen Rider Joker, but was easily defeated by his Rider Punch. Goodbye to the E/A Bouquet of Justice to This City

Movie War Ultimatum

The Anomalocaris Dopant makes an reappearance in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum, as one of the revived members of the Monster Army that Wizard faced in his portion of the movie. He was destroyed when Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon fired a Dragon Breath at the group of kaijin, despite the "crowd"'s protests.

Kamen Rider Wizard

The Anomalocaris Dopant was one of the monster souls, presumably the essence of the Anomalocaris Memory, which surfaced in the world within the Magic Stone. The Kamen Rider Rings It was destroyed with the other monsters in the battle with the 14 Heisei Riders, among those who fell to a combination of Blade's Lightning Slash, OOO's OOO Bash and Agito's Rider Kick. Neverending Story

Behind the Scenes

Concept Art

Anomalocaris Dopant was designed by Katsuya Terada (寺田 克也 Terada Katsuya).


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