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Anna (アンナ) was a Tour Conductor-Type Humagear. She was the first Humagear to resist reprogramming by after being turned into a Trilobite Magia.


Anna was a Humagear designed for Historical Tours Bus Guide. During her evaluation day, she was assigned on a group of students which also includes the son of one of the victims of the Daybreak Town Accident. During the tour, their designated bus driver, Burs was transformed into the Onycho Magia by Jin. After being rescued by A.I.M.S.' Isamu Fuwa and Yua Yaiba, they returned to Hiden Intelligence with Fuwa and Go Sakurai, who was revealed to be the son of Satoshi Sakurai, who was being blamed for the Daybreak Accident.

After a meeting with Fuwa and Go, Anna was also present when Aruto and Izu requested Jun Fukuzoe for information about the accident, but was declined.

Anna and Aruto then both decided to book another tour to Daybreak Town to investigate for themselves.

Meeting Fuwa and Go by chance on the shore right past the barrier, Anna was ordered by Aruto to assist in guiding the two into the ruins of Daybreak Town's Humagear factory, since "guiding" is in Anna's original job.

Inside the Humagear Factory ruins, they looked for possible clues before they were attacked by Trilobite Magias. With Fuwa defending them, Go found a memory card, which Anna started to examine. Just as Anna has started reading through the card, Zero-One and Onycho Magia arrived crashing in the factory, with the latter detecting a Humagear nearby and started a reprogramming coil to target Anna, turning her into a Trilobite Magia. Despite conversion, Anna's original programming re-manifested and showed the contents of the memory card and updating the historical database of the Daybreak Town Accident before completely shutting herself down. Fuwa declares that he will take the Humagear into A.I.M.S. custody for cross examination, but Kamen Rider Horobi appears and destroys Anna's body.

Because of the policy of Hiden Intelligence to replace a broken Humagear within 24 hours, it is possible that a new Anna was made afterwards.

Magia Form

KR01-Trilobite Magia

Behind the Scenes


Anna is portrayed by Satomi Ohkubo (大久保聡美 Ōkubo Satomi).


  • This marks the first time a Humagear was capable of overriding their reprogramming after being turned into a Magia.



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