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Icon-saberThis article is about a transformation device in Kamen Rider Saber.

"Ankokuken Kurayami!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Jaaku Read! Ankokuken Kurayami! Get go under conquer than get keen. Jaaku Dragon! Kurayami Honyaku! Hikari wo ubaishi shikkoku no ken ga, reikoku mujou ni ankoku ryuu wo shihai suru!

Translation: Evil Read! Ankokuken Kurayami! Get go under conquer than get keen. Jaaku Dragon! Kurayami translation! The jet-black sword that robs the light ruthlessly rules the dark dragon! (ジャアクリード!闇黒剣月闇!Get go under conquer than get keen. ジャアクドラゴン!月闇翻訳!光を奪いし漆黒の剣が、冷酷無情に暗黒竜を支配する!)"
―Transformation announcement with the Jaken Caliburdriver and Jaaku Dragon Wonder Ride Book[src]

"Jaou Read! Ankokuken Kurayami! Jump out the book, open it and burst. The fear of the darkness. You make might a just, no matter dark joke. Fury in the dark! Jaou Dragon! Dare mo nogare rarenai...

Translation: Evil King Read! Ankokuken Kurayami! Jump out the book, open it and burst. The fear of the darkness. You make might a just, no matter dark joke. Fury in the dark! Jaou Dragon! No one can escape... (ジャオウリード! 闇黒剣月間! Jump out the book, open it and burst. The fear of the darkness. You make might a just, no matter dark joke. Fury in the dark~! ジャオウドラゴン!誰も逃れられない···)"
―Transformation announcement with the Jaken Caliburdriver and Jaou Dragon Wonder Ride Book[src]

"Jaaku Read! Jaaku (Wonder Ride Book name)! Ankokuken Kurayami! Get go under conquer than get keen. Jaaku Dragon!

Translation: Evil Read! Jaaku Dragon! Ankokuken Kurayami! Get go under conquer than get keen. Jaaku Dragon! (ジャアクリード!ジャアクドラゴン!闇黒剣月闇!Get go under conquer than get keen. ジャアクドラゴン!)"
―Transformation announcement with the Jaken Caliburdriver and any other Wonder Ride Book[src]

"Hissatsu Read! Jaaku Dragon!"
―Scanning announcement with Jaaku Dragon Wonder Rider Book[src]

"Hissatsu Read! Jaaku (Wonder Ride Book name)!"
―Scanning announcement with any other Wonder Rider Book[src]

"Kurayami Hissatsu Geki! Shuutoku Issen!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning one Wonder Ride Book[src]

"Kurayami Hissatsu Geki! Shuutoku Nisen!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning two Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Kurayami Hissatsu Geki! Shuutoku Sansen!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning three Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Hissatsu Read! Giant Monster!"
―Scanning announcement with super God Beast Wonder Ride Books.[src]

"Hissatsu Read! Giant Animal!"
―Scanning announcement with super Animal Wonder Ride Books.[src]

"Hissatsu Read! Giant Story!"
―Scanning announcement with super Story Wonder Ride Books.[src]

"Hissatsu Read! Jaaku Special!"
―Scanning announcement with the Dragonic Booster or King Lion Booster.[src]

"Kurayami Hissatsu Geki! Kanzen Dokuha Issen!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning super Wonder Ride Books or the Boosters[src]

"Kurayami iai!"
―Finisher activation announcement with the Hissatsuholder[src]

"Dokugo Issen!"
―Finisher execution announcement with the Hissatsuholder[src]

"Kurayami! Kidoku!"
―Summoning announcement with the Haouken Xross Saber[src]

The Ankokuken Kurayami (闇黒剣月闇アンコクケンクラヤミ lit. "Dark Sword Darkness") is the personal weapon of Kamen Rider Calibur.


Ankokuken Kurayami and Kougouken Saikou were the first two Seiken created by Tassel. It is a polar opposite of Kougouken Saikou designed to seal it and the succeeding Seiken should they ever fall into the wrong hands. Those who wield Ankokuken Kurayami gain the power of precognition, allowing them to view possible futures from multiple timelines. However, this power is also the sword's curse, as all of visions are tragic outcomes eventually lead to the world's destruction, thus slowly corrupting its users and leading them down a path of despair and villainy.

It was originally wielded by Yuri, which ended up in the hands of Hayato Fukamiya, then Daichi Kamijo, and Kento Fukamiya. After Kento reunites with his father and the creation of Haouken Xross Saber, Kurayami would stop showing Kento visions of the future. Kento later returned the sword to Yuri, who then gave it to Sophia.


The Ankokuken Kurayami is composed of the following parts:

  • Engrave Hilt (エングレイブヒルト, Engureibu Hiruto): The handle. It sports a striking device at the end, which is struck upon the Ride Integrator on the Jaken Caliburdriver to complete the user's transformation into Kamen Rider Calibur.
  • Kurayami Trigger (クラヤミトリガー, Kurayami Torigā): The trigger. When triggered, the Ankokuken Kurayami reads its user's intentions and initializes Rider Finishers by generating dark energy within the Ankokuken Kurayami Emblem.
  • Ankokuken Kurayami Emblem (闇黒剣月闇エンブレム, Ankokuken Kurayami Enburemu): The emblem at the base above the Engrave Hilt. It is the source of Kurayami's dark energy. In addition, the user can perform "Jaaku Read", which wraps the abilities of the Wonder Ride Book read by the "Jagan Reader" with darkness attributes, and make all abilities their own.
  • Gold Slave (ゴルドスレイブ, Gorudo Sureibu): The golden, jagged blade. It has been sharpened in the depths of darkness over many years, and has the ability to become sharper as it is exposed to light. It is possible to cut through space if the Ankokuken Kurayami is wielded by a powerful swordsman.
  • Kurayami Soul (クラヤミソウル, Kurayami Sōru): The blade's clear purple section. It is a blade that can carry wisdom. By pressing a Wonder Ride Book against the Jagan Reader, the Ankokuken Kurayami can embody and hold its contained lore for attacks.
  • Jagan Reader (ジャガンリーダー, Jagan Rīdā, lit. "Evil Eye Reader"): The reading device at the lower base of the blade. By pressing a Wonder Ride Book's "Spireader" against it for speed reading, speed reading with the evil eye is performed. The Jagan Reader can read in two stages: transformation only requires pressing a Wonder Ride Book against it for a second, while a special attack is initiated by pressing against it for a slightly longer duration. A special move can be stacked by scanning Wonder Ride Books up to three times in the second stage.



To transform, the user scans a Wonder Ride Book on the Ankokuken Kurayami, places the book in the Jaken Caliburdriver and presses the button on the top of the Driver with the bottom of the sword's hilt.

When Calibur upgrades his form into Jaou Dragon, he'll appear in an area (which later turns out to be rocky hills) surrounded with dark, purple mist as a projection of the Jaou Dragon Wonder Ride Book appears behind him. As the Wonder Ride Book opens in the Jaken Caliburdriver, a projection of a gigantic, purple dragon and four smaller, golden dragons appear from the book projections and encircle Calibur, upgrading his torso, shoulder armor, wrist armor and helmet. Finally, a purple cape appears from the leftover aura of the dragons, finishing the transformation. Additionally, Calibur will be surrounded momentarily by dark plasmas that move like dragons before dissipating.


Ankokuken Kurayami can absorb and negate incoming energy attacks from other Seikens. However, this absorption has its limit and can be overwhelmed by especially powerful attacks, like finishers from a Wonder Combo.[ Chapter 10: Crossing Swords, and Crossing Feelings.]

The sword is also capable of sealing the souls of its victims within itself. [Chapter 13: I, Will Stay True, To My Convictions.] However, if the victim has strong enough willpower, they can break out of the sealing. [Chapter 15: Beyond The Resolution, and Beyond.] It can also seal the power of other Seiken, rendering them incapable of being used. [Chapter 26: Deep Darkness, With a Sword.] The power of the sealing has no limit, depending on its wielder as Kento had shown that he could seal the power of Kamen Rider Solomon. However, the cost of the drastic output will be the wielder's life. But if the sealing is done alongside Kogouken Saikou, it will seal the target in a different dimension instead of a dark void. [Chapter 37: Change the Future, Who?]


Main article: Reading Finishers

There are two ways of activating a finisher with the Ankokuken Kurayami:

  1. Scanning a Wonder Ride Book at the base of the blade and pulling the trigger. The scanning can be done up to three times.
  2. Docking the sword into the left-hand Hissatsuholder, pulling the trigger, and pulling it back out.

Kurayami Hissatsu Geki (月闇必殺撃 Lit. "Darkness Finishing Strike"): Calibur scans a Wonder Ride Book against the base of the blade and performs an attack using its power.

Shūtoku Issen (習得一閃 Lit. "Learning Flash"):

Jaaku Dragon Kurayami Hissatsu Geki (ジャアクドラゴン月闇必殺撃, Jaaku Doragon Kurayami Hissatsu Geki): This finisher has four variations.

  • Calibur channels dark energy into Ankokuken Kurayami before launching two purple energy slashes. After breaking through enemy's attack, the two slashes combine into a single X-shaped slash before striking the enemy.
  • Calibur charges Ankokuken Kurayami with purple energy and electricity before swinging it downward, summoning a dragon made of purple fire, that flies into the enemy.
  • Calibur charges Ankokuken Kurayami with purple and black energy before swinging it, summoning several serpent-like dragons made of dark energy. The dragons homing in on enemies and wrap around them, restraining them.
  • Calibur uses Ankokuken Kurayami to block an incoming attack and transfers dark energy back to the opponent.

Saiyuu Journey Kurayami Hissatsu Geki (西遊ジャーニー月闇必殺撃, Saiyū Jānī Kurayami Hissatsu Geki): This finisher two variations.

  • Calibur extends Ankokuken Kurayami's blade, which is covered in red energy, and uses it to delivers three slashes to enemy.
  • Calibur forms a dark cloud to protect himself from the enemy's attacks.

Tenkuu no Pegasus Kurayami Hissatsu Geki (天空のペガサス月闇必殺撃, Tenkū no Pegasasu Kurayami Hissatsu Geki): Calibur charges the Ankokuken Kurayami with blue energy before delivering a series of energy slashes that produce blue energy feathers.

Jaou Dragon Kurayami Hissatsu Geki (ジャオウドラゴン月闇必殺撃, Jaō Doragon Kurayami Hissatsu Geki): This finisher two variations.

  • Calibur charges Ankokuken Kurayami with dark energy and summons four golden energy dragons to block an enemy. Calibur then swings the sword, summoning a larger purple energy dragon that pushes behind the golden dragons in order to overpower the enemy's attack. The five dragons then strike the opponent, resulting in an explosion.
  • Calibur charges Ankokuken Kurayami with purple energy swings it downward, launching a large purple energy slash.

Shūtoku Sansen (習得三閃 Lit. "Learning Triple Flash"): Calibur scans one or more Wonder Ride Books 3 times and performs an attack using their powers.

Jaaku Dragon Kurayami Hissatsu Geki (ジャアクドラゴン月闇必殺撃, Jaaku Doragon Kurayami Hissatsu Geki): Calibur channels dark energy into Ankokuken Kurayami before launching a powerful purple energy slash.

Kurayami Iai Dokugo Issen (月間居合読後一閃 Lit. "Darkness Unsheathe After-Reading Flash"): Calibur docks Ankokuken Kurayami in the Hissatsuholder and pulls the trigger before pulling it back out and performing an attack.

Calibur channels dark energy into Ankokuken Kurayami's blade before swinging it downward, launching a large purple energy slash.

This finisher has two variations.

  • Calibur performs a horizontal slash of purple energy.
  • Calibur charges Ankokuken Kurayami with dark energy before swinging it downward, launching a purple energy slash followed by a large purple energy dragon. Four additional golden dragons then ram the enemy as the slash makes contact, resulting in an explosion.

Jaou Hissatsu Geki (ジャオウ必殺撃, Jaō Hissatsu Geki, Lit. "Evil King Finishing Strike"): Has eight variations.

  • Calibur is surrounded by dark energy before summoning four golden dragons that fly into the sky to attack the enemy from the sky. Calibur then delivers an upward energy slash, summoning a large purple energy dragon that flies into the the enemy.
  • Calibur performs a purple energy slash, destroying the enemy attacks and summoning four golden dragons. Calibur then performs a second slash, summoning a large purple dragon. Together, the five dragons ram the enemy.
  • Calibur charges Ankokuken Kurayami with dark energy and launches a purple energy slash.
  • Calibur performs a flying kick covered in dark purple energy.
  • Calibur summons a large purple dragon bites the enemy and smashes them into the wall before transforming into a spherical purple energy field, securing the target in place. Calibur then performs a 360 degree purple energy slash to attack other surrounding enemies.
  • Calibur stabs another Seiken's emblem with Ankokuken Kurayami, causing red chains to appear around it. This results in the Seiken's power being sealed, indicated by the blackened emblem and accents on the weapon.
  • Calibur rushes towards the enemy and delivers a horizontal slash.
  • Calibur delivers an upward purple energy slash at close range before charging for a short period and swinging Ankokuken Kurayami downward, launching a larger energy slash projectile. Both attacks produce a shockwave of purple energy upon striking the enemy

Wonder Ride Book[]

"Ankokuken Kurayami ni erabareshi kenshi to jaaku na ryuu no densetsu no douwa...

Translation: A legendary fairy tale of a swordsman chosen by the Ankokuken Kurayami and an evil dragon... (闇黒剣月闇に選ばれし剣士と邪悪な竜の伝説の童話…)"
―Story announcement[src]

Wonder World Story of Ankokuken Kurayami Wonder Ride Book (ワンダーワールド物語 闇黒剣月闇ワンダーライドブック, Wandā Wārudo Monogatari Ankokuken Kurayami Wandā Raido Bukku) is based on Ankokuken Kurayami.[1]

Behind The Scenes[]


The Ankokuken Kurayami is voiced by Akio Otsuka (大塚 明夫, Ōtsuka Akio), who has voiced various characters in Super Sentai, including Hades God DagonIcon-crosswiki in Mahou Sentai MagirangerIcon-crosswiki and Champ/Oushi BlackIcon-crosswiki in Uchu Sentai KyurangerIcon-crosswiki.


The name part of the sword, Kurayami (月闇), is a play on a Japanese word with the same spelling, "暗闇", with means "darkness". The "月闇" itself usually has no special reading nor meanings.


  • The transformation announcement “Get go under conquer then get keen” is a play on the phrase Gekkō Ankoku Zangeki (月光暗黒斬撃, "Moonlight Dark Slash").
  • Like the Evol-Driver, the Ankokuken Kurayami announces the series' collectible devices, Wonder Ride Books, using different names. Usually this is in the form of the word Jaaku (ジャアク, "Evil") being added before or replacing part of the Wonder Ride Book's name.
  • Brave Dragon: Jaaku Brave Dragon
  • Storm Eagle: Jaaku Eagle
  • Saiyuu Journey: Jaaku Saiyuu Ja
  • Tenkuu no Pegasus: Jaaku Pegasus
  • Lion Senki: Jaaku Lion
  • Peter Fantasista: Jaaku Peter Fan
  • Tri Cerberus: Jaaku Cerberus
  • Needle Hedgehog: Jaaku Hedgehog
  • Lamp do Alangina: Jaaku Alangina
  • Genbu Shinwa: Jaaku Genbu
  • Jackun to Domamenoki: Jaaku-na-Mamenoki
  • Sarutobi Ninjaden: Jaaku Ninja
  • Kobuta 3Kyoudai: Jaaku Butasan
  • Hanselnuts to Gretel: Jaaku Hansel
  • Bremen no Rock Band: Jaaku Bremen
  • Konchuu Daihyakka: Jaaku Konchuu
  • Ocean History: Jaaku Ocean
  • Dragonic Knight, X Sword Man, Primitive Dragon, Elemental Dragon, Emotional Dragon: Giant Monster
  • King Lion Daisenki, Tategami Hyoujuusenki: Giant Animal
  • Kin no Buki Gin no Buki: Giant Story
  • Diagospeedy: Jaaku Diagospeedy
  • Dragonic and King Lion Boosters: Jaaku Special
  • Douwa Wonder Ride Books: Jaaku Douwa
  • Mukashi Wonder Ride Books: Jaaku Mukashibanashi
  • Taro Wonder Ride Books: Jaaku Taro-den
  • Happy Wonder Ride Books: Jaaku Happy
  • Televi-Kun: Jaaku Comic[2]
  • Jidai Wonder Ride Books: Jaaku History[3]
  • MetsubouJinrai Monsters, Phantom Beast Alter Ride Books: Jaaku Monster
  • A.I.M.S. Animal File, Animal Alter Ride Books: Jaaku Animal
  • Hiden no Hiden Monogatari, Story Alter Ride Books: Jaaku Story
  • When scanning Legend Rider Wonder Ride Books, the Ankokuken Kurayami instead says the group of monsters from the respective series (except for 1 and Decade, which is says the evil organization).
  • So far, Ankokuken Kurayami has (formerly) sealed the following Seiken.
  • As per Sword of Logos Saga, it was revealed that users of Ankokuken Kurayami can see the vision of every future that they saw.
  • It is revealed that Tassel is the one who created Ankokuken Kurayami with thoughts of peace imbued into it.
  • In some scenes in most episodes, the hilt appears thinner than how most users hold the sword, and the blade appears to look like rubber.




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