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Icon-amazons.png This article is about a/an transformation belt in Kamen Rider Amazons.

"Omega! (Electronic music) Evolu-E-Evolution!"
―Amazon Omega's transformation announcement[src]

"Alpha! (Bass guitar) Roaming the wild! Wi-Wi-Wi-the wild!"
―Amazon Alpha's transformation announcement[src]

―Amazon Sigma's transformation announcement[src]

"Violent (attack name)!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Amazons Driver (変身ベルト アマゾンズドライバー Henshin Beruto Amazonzu Doraibā) is a transformation belt used by Kamen Riders Amazon Omega, Amazon Alpha, and Amazon Sigma in Kamen Rider Amazons. [1]


It is currently unknown how the Amazons Driver was created, however it's very likely that Nozama Pharmacy had no knowledge of the Driver creation as they weren't able to create any prior to analyzing Jin Takayama's driver.EYES IN THE DARK

At the start of the series, one Driver was already used by Jin to transform into Amazon Alpha, while another was kept as a spare in his house. After discovering the existence of Haruka Mizusawa, a second Amazon similar to Jin, Nanaha Izumi then gave the other Amazons Driver to Haruka, allowing him to control himself while transformed as Amazon Omega. It is currently unknown if other Drivers existed at that time.

A third Driver was created by replicating data from Jin's Amazons Driver when he was briefly captured by the Nozama Pharmacy. This one was given to Jun Maehara, revived by transplanting newly developed Amazon Cells into his corpse, letting him become Amazon Sigma.

The Amazons Driver would be succeeded by the Neo Amazons Driver, which was used by Amazon Neo, Amazon New Omega, and Amazon Neo Alpha.


To transform, the user simply turns the Acceler Grip on the Driver forward and back again. The Driver will then light up its "eyes" (with different Driver having a different "eye" color) and announce the user's designated Rider name followed by unique transformation music. The user will instantly transform into his Rider form in a bright explosive flash capable of knocking people/Amazonz back and burning surrounding objects.

Despite the shape and function of all known Drivers looking identical (save for the "eye" color and orientation of the faceplate), it is not known whether Riders can exchange Drivers.


  • Condorer Core (コンドラーコア Kondorā Koa): The Amazon Driver's core unit. It emits a special pulse to stimulate one's Amazon cells, transforming the user's body structure and providing superior combat abilities.
  • Acceler Grip (アクセラーグリップ Akuserā Gurippu): The Driver's left grip. Controls transformation and finishing attack activation. Twisting the grip forward and then back again activates the Condorer Core, stimulating the user's Amazon cells and transforming them into an enhanced version of their natural Amazon form. Also enhances certain body parts for finishing attacks.
  • Battler Grip (バトラーグリップ Batorā Gurippu): The Driver's right grip. Able to detach and transform into a variety of weapons based on the will of the user. Has been shown taking the forms of a spear, a whip, a sickle, and a small blade.
  • Orga Bind (オルガバインド Oruga Baindo): Special flexible rubber belt which automatically adjusts to the user.
  • Connectinger (コネクテイソガー Konekuteingā): A sensor unit that monitors the user's condition and controls the pulse output of the Condorer Core to adjust combat ability.


By turning the Acceler Grip on the driver while transformed, a Rider can execute one of the following finishers:

  • Violent Punish: Amazon Omega's finisher. The spikes on his right forearm will extend, allowing Omega to slash enemy Amazons in half or causing them heavy damage with a single swipe.
  • Violent Slash: Amazon Alpha's finisher. Alpha leaps forward and slashes the enemy with his arm spikes.
  • Violent Strike: Amazon Alpha, Omega, and possibly Sigma's Rider Kick.
  • Violent Break: Battler Grip finisher.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
Jin Takayama
Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha
Pre-series Jin had already been in possession of his Amazons Driver for an unknown period of time by the start of the series. What happened to the driver after its user's death is unknown.
Haruka Mizusawa
Kamen Rider Amazon Omega
BEAST INSIDE Haruka was given Jin's spare Amazons Driver by Nanaha, which he used to transform into Kamen Rider Amazon Omega. Haruka later retired this Driver in favor of the superior Neo Amazons Driver, but later used it again after the latter was destroyed by Amazon Neo Alpha.
Jun Maehara
Kamen Rider Amazon Sigma

Jun's Amazons Driver was a replication of Jin's Amazon Driver made by the Nozama Pharmacy during his brief capture there. It was later used by a prototype test subject and was destroyed soon after.



  • The shape of the Amazons Driver is based on the Condorer. However, while the Amazons Driver is a transformation device, the Condorer is not.
  • The Battler Grip of the driver functions in a manner similar to the Ridol, as it can reconfigure into different weapons.


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