Missing Ace
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In an alternate story, Amane Kurihara (栗原 天音 Kurihara Amane) is Haruka's fifteen year-old daughter and Kotaro's niece. Five years after the sealing of the Joker Undead, a heart-broken Amane becomes a target to the Albino Joker.


Missing Ace

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In Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace, a heart-broken Amane became a sukeban at age thirteen. It is revealed that Amane's father died at the mountain ranges in Thailand due to the power of the Ancient Relief that her father opened, as it was told by Sakuya Tachibana, before Junichi Shimura, who later revealed to be the Albino Joker attempting to put harm on her. Rendering unconscious, she was initially rescued by Chalice, who was being released by Leangle from the Human Card, however Albino Joker attacked Joker and took Amane away from him. Albino Joker uses her for the Vanity Card but then she is saved by Hajime, who sacrifices himself in order to defeat Jashin-14.


Amane Kurihara as a teenager is portrayed by Miku Ishida (石田未来 Ishida Miku). In flashbacks, she is portrayed by her original actress, Hikari Kajiwara (梶原 ひかり Kajiwara Hikari).


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