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For the villain that appears in the World within the Magic Stone, see Amadum.

The Amadam (アマダム Amadamu) is a stone embedded in the Arcle belt, the source of Kuuga's power and able to extend the lifespan of a person. Furthermore, an Amadam is present on N-Daguva-Zeba (N-Gamio-Zeda in the A.R. World of Kuuga) and Gouram.

The Amadam changes its color whenever Kuuga assumes one of his forms:

  • Growing - orange
  • Mighty - red
  • Dragon - blue
  • Pegasus - green
  • Titan - purple
  • Rising (including Amazing Mighty) - yellow
  • Ultimate - black

Another Arcle

Another Arcle (prototype) was also created but it lacks the Amadam which makes the user easily go berserk. Mika however, discovered it and wearing it thus becoming the second Kuuga.

The Amadam was, as Sakurako Sawatari found in the Linto scriptures, powered by the user's will and would corrode a weak user. Gooma went berserk when an unrefined fragment of Daguva's Amadam was forced directly into his body. Gouram's Amadam reacts to Kuuga that if its master's will becomes clouded with power (referring to the ancient Linto inscription: "when the holy spring dries up"), Gouram will start to crumble and be reduced to dust. Additionally, the Arcle also acts as a stabilizer to the bearer in order to prevent them from going berserk due to the power of Arcle as seen when the first user, later Mika, went out of control due to lack of this stone on their Arcle.

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