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The Alter Ring (オルタリング Oruta Ringu) is a mysterious belt bestowed upon Shouichi by the Overlord of Light. The orb at the center of the belt is called "Philosopher's Stone"[1] and it holds the "Seed of Agito", which is the source of his power. As he grows in strength, he would unlock its full powers. To the left and right of the "Philosopher's Stone" are the "Dragon's Eye", which will allow access to either Storm form or Flame form.

Pressing the right switch will allow Agito to access Flame form while pressing the left switch will allow Agito to access Storm form. When accessing Burning and Shining form, the "Dragon's Nail" forms over the belt to protect the "Philosopher's Stone".


  • Bandai's toy version of the Alter Ring was called the "Triple Flash DX Henshin Belt".
  • The orb at the center of the belt shares its name with Wizard's Philosopher's Stone.

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