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Albee Stewart is Dex' adoptive Earth brother. Albee looks up to Dex with enthusiasm as any little brother would. He tries to help Dex get accustomed to Earth by encouraging him to watch a great deal of television. Of course, Albee's help can sometimes lead to Dex acting strange in public.

Masked Rider

In one episode, Albee dreamed that he gained the Masked Rider's powers upon bumping into Dex. He is able to transform in to the Masked Rider when Albee yells out the phrase, "Ectophase Activate!". In his dream, Count Dregon put Albee through a triple death match against three tough Insectivores, but Albee managed to destroy them all.Ectophase Albee


"Ectophase Activate!"
―Masked Rider's transformation.[src]

Masked Rider

Masked Rider's primary form. Albee gained the Masked Rider powers after running into Dex as they were playing baseball in the backyard. Masked Rider has a Rider Kick capable of destroying monsters.


  • Ecto-Accelerator Belt: Masked Rider's transformation belt.
  • Electro Sabre: The most important weapon of Masked Rider's artillery, the Electro Sabre uses one swift cut to finish off an enemy. The Electro Sabre comes out of the Ecto-Phase on his belt. It's very rare that any of Dregon's maggots or insectivores can sustain the harsh blow of the Electro Saber.
  • Magno is Masked Rider's customized automobile he utilizes when facing extremely strong monsters. Magno speaks in a female voice. Magno was given to Dex by his grandfather. Magno also can transform into a creature to fight. She is capable of driving at accelerated speeds and digging underground.
  • Combat Chopper is Masked Rider's motorcycle, he reeves up for battle when the city is under attack. It talks and transforms into a creature form. It can reach very high speeds and isn't afraid to fight back and is very feisty when it comes to battling Count Dregon's evil forces.

Appearances: Masked Rider Episode 32

"Masked Rider Super Gold!"
―Masked Rider's transformation.[src]

Super Gold

After attaining the Masked Rider powers, Albee used Super Gold to defeat Manosect.


  • The Ecto Ray is a very powerful heat laser which can only be summoned by using the powers of Super Gold. It emits a very accurate and harsh shot on any foe.

Appearances: Masked Rider Episode 32

Unexplained Form 2

During the battle with Cyborgator, Albee appeard to be in an unnamed green form.

Appearances: Masked Rider Episode 32


Behind the Scenes


Albee Stewart was portrayed by Ashton McArn II, in episode 32 when Albee had become the Masked Rider only in a dream, the suit actor was portrayed by Jiro Okamoto in the original japanese footage of Black RX and J.


  • Albee is the first Child of a young certain age to be a Masked Rider, but as only this had appeared in a dream.

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