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Akira Kusakabe (日下部 章 Kusakabe Akira) is a Superintendent of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He is seen helping Shinnosuke Tomari in Professor Masahiko Odagiri's murder case. Before becoming Superintendent, he was a Public Safety officer.

Character History

Akira had mentioned that Professor Odagiri's Anima System operation when he investigating the murder case. For the money, he copied Professor's computer data and this makes him be targeted by the Roidmudes. Finally, Akira was killed and copied by Brain, and used his identity to infiltrate the Special Investigation Unit. Why Was Professor Banno Targeted during the Global Freeze?

Behind the Scenes


Akira Kusakabe is portrayed by Jun Yamasaki (山崎 潤 Yamasaki Jun), who previously portrayed Toru Hojo in Kamen Rider Agito and Itsuro Takuma in Kamen Rider 555.



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