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Akira Hayase (早瀬 明 Hayase Akira) is a former policeman and the friend of Shinnosuke Tomari.

Character History

Six months prior to the series, during the "Global Freeze" incident, Type ZERO Episode 0: Countdown to Global Freeze Hayase and his partner, Shinnosuke were apprehending some criminals. Hayase was cornered in between a flammable generator and one of the two criminals. Panicking, Shinnosuke pulled out his gun and tried to aim at the criminal, but due to the Slowdown effect, he accidentally shot the generator, causing it to explode and in the process, causing some pipes to collapse. As Shinnosuke tried to save Hayase from the falling pipes, the Slowdown effect happened once again, causing the young policeman to be unable to save Hayase from being crushed, leading Shinnosuke thus lost his motivation as a police officer, and was transferred to a Special Investigation Unit. Why Did My Time Stop?

During the six months, he stayed at the hospital during his convalescence period, with Shinnosuke visiting once in a while, eventually spurring Shinnosuke to forget the events of that fateful night, for his own sake. What is a Kamen Rider? Later on, it was revealed that Hayase had heard of Kiriko from Shinnosuke, but they have never met. When they finally meet, Hayase deduced that they'd been kept apart to prevent Kiriko from learning things Shinnosuke didn't want her to know, but he nonetheless tries, much to Shinnosuke's annoyance. What is the Secret That Dwells in the Heart?

He eventually learns of his former partner's identity as a Kamen Rider, due to Shinnosuke defending him from the Sword Roidmude. Why Has a New Battle Started?

While partially recovered from his injuries, Hayase later joins forces with Shinnosuke, Go, Chase and the Special Investigation Unit to battle the remaining Roidmudes and Gold Drive. He revealed that he had gathered a team from the Special Vehicles Divison to prepare a back-up Drive Pit in case the current one was destroyed. What is a Roidmude's Last Dream?

Behind the Scenes


Akira Hayase was portrayed by late Yukihiro Takiguchi (滝口 幸広 Takiguchi Yukihiro).


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