This article is about a/an manga-only character in Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Akira Harada (原田 明 Harada Akira), is a serial killer in Kamen Rider Kuuga manga from another reality.


After witnessed Zu-Gumun-Ba's Gegeru on a train, Akira Harada went crazy. He founded a cult and call Gumun his "Goddess" and begin to kill innocent people by putting fireworks in his victim's body and explode them as the "sacrifices".

Arrested by Kaoru Ichijo, Harada escaped from the police car and want to continue his cult ceremony. However, he was captured and finally melt by Zu-Gumun-Ba's poison by coincidence few minutes later.


  • His face is inspired by DC Comic's villain Two-Face.
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