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For the A.R. World version, see Akira (A.R. World).

Akira Amami (天美 あきら Amami Akira) briefly transformed into what was called Transformed Akira (あきら変身体 Akira Henshintai) by the Hibiki production crew after she used her Onteki to transform.

Background and Personality

At point in life, Akira decided to become an Oni and came under the tutelage of Ibuki. Her parents were killed by Makamou and only chose to become an Oni in her quest for revenge.


After passing the entrance exams to Jounan Academy, she went to join her master Ibuki on his search for an Ittanmomen Makamou. She boarded a train where she gave up her seat to a pregnant woman and was unbeknownst to her, watched by Asumu Adachi. Akira switched to another train and later took a taxi to Ibuki's location. She arrived near a lake where, she was suddenly grabbed by her ankles by a Douji and Hime. They said that they were hungry for the girl, but as they approached Akira, Ibuki arrived with his motorcycle and severed the limbs of the Makamou. He asked if she was okay, and transformed into his Oni form. The Douji and Hime started attacking but were easily deflected by Ibuki. He grabbed his Ongekikan Reppu and shot the Hime until it exploded.Majestic Breath Oni

The Douji jumped att Ibuki but was deflected by one of Akira's Disc Animals. Ibuki thanked her as the Disc Animals kept pushing the Douji away. It was just about to be shot by Ibuki when the Ittanmomen swooped down and picked up its parent. Its skin was however becoming dehydrated so it dived into the lake and disappeared. Later in the evening, she heard someone outside her tent and was surprised to see the boy from the train there. The boy called Asumu Adachi was already acquainted with Ibuki and Hibiki which surprised her as well. Ibuki called the Tachibana's to inform them that he would take care of the boy until the morning as the Makamou would not be active during the night. The boy wondered if he could see Hibiki in the morning as he wanted to let him know he passed, but Akira interrupted as their dinner was ready. Asumu's stomach growled, so Ibuki asked him to join them. Akira became annoyed and decided to revolve the Disc Animals and said to Asumu that it was no time to engage in superfluous things and glared annoyingly at him as she walked of.

The next morning she was out walking when she heard Asumu yelling. As Akira found him she annoyingly pulled out a Dull Colored Snake Disk Animal from his pants. Akira scanned it with her Onteki but it was a miss. Asumu approached her and said good morning, but she replied that she was uncomfortable with him so close. He backed of and said that the Disk Animal was amazing, but Akira just walked of. They were the same age and he asked if he could help with something but she rejected him flat. Akira annoyingly told him that he was a bother for them as what they were doing was not a game, and as he was not trained then he should not be there. Ibuki just arrived and tried to calm things down. Akira called Asumu a ”good for nothing”, as he only got lost, slept and ate. Ibuki said that being adversarial was one of Akira's bad traits. Hibiki then appeared with a energetic good morning greeting and a batch of cucumbers he wanted them to eat. Akira yelled at the man that it was hard for them to know he had friends over half of Kanto.

Ibuki and Akira later departed to fight the Makamou and followed the Disc Animals to another part of the lake. Ibuki transformed as the Ittanmomen surfaced and started blasting the Makamou with his Ongekikan. The Douji suddenly jumped at him from the water and was able to restrain the Oni. Akira summoned Disc Animals while the Ittanmomen tried to attack her, it missed and she was able to use the discs to free Ibuki. He then proceeded to shoot the Douji until it exploded and focused his attention on the Ittanmomen. He switched the bullets to ones with purification crystals and fired them into the Makamou. Akira kept watching as the makamou tried to attack Ibuki, atempt after atempt. As the monster started to falter, Ibuki attached his Ongekimei to his Ongekikan and turned it into a trumpet. He took a large breath and blew a tone of purification sound at the Ittanmomen. The bullets inside the Makamou started to glow which eventually made it explode. Akira took a picture of the victory. They returned to camp where they were greeted by Hibiki. Asumu gave a beverage to Akira and praised her hard work. She took the beverage, thanked him, and apologized for saying too much earlier. Hibiki hummed that Akira and Asumu was getting along.Shouting Wind

Some time later after graduating and the start of the spring vacation, Akira was at the Tachibana Sweet Place, with Ibuki and Hinaka. They were trying to figure out what sort of Makamou he was up against next. The data matched both the Ubume and the Okubi which had similar growing conditions. Hinaka praised Akira for her knowledge. Ibuki said that they would prepare counter measures for both, and they would contact them when they reached Chichibu. Ichirou Tachibana came and greeted Ibuki as Hibiki, to the Oni's grief. Ichiro told them that Hibiki was in Fujioka, exterminating an Ooari and to Akira he told her to keep up the good work, even thought it was her spring holiday now. The Tachibanas wished them good luck as they departed. Akira and Ibuki had taken a restroom stop on the road when Akira got a mail from Hinaka which said that there had been a serial case of auto-mobile accidents in the Chichibu area. The pair decided to hurry there and drove of. They eventually came upon what looked like a landslide, but the car they found was completely flattened and the people had disappeared without their clothes. They concluded that it could be neither an Ubume or Okubi. Its tracks were quite visible so they decided to pursue it directly with their motorcycle.A Squirming Evil Heart

As they were trailing the mysterious Makamou, a huge rock suddenly came sliding down the hill and unto the road and it continued at a high pace downward the rest of the mountain. Ibuki identified it as a Makamou and decided to follow it down the mountain while Akira notified Hinaka. Akira later used herself as bait and the Douji and Hime appeared. She threw her Disc Animals at them but they were easily deflected by the duo. They asked if she was an Oni and would have to kill her if that was the case. The Douji threw a branch at Akira which knocked her down. She said they would have to see who would get killed and was called spirited by the Hime. Akira continued by saying that she would not let murderers like them get away. The Douji charged at her but Ibuki fired his Ongekikan at it before it reached Akira. The Douji called it a bother and disappeared while the Hime said that their child would soon make everything suffer and disappeared as well. Ibuki carried Akira up to their motorcycle while talking to Ichiro, who had identified the Makamou as an Otoroshi. It was a Makamou that only appeared once every one hundred years. Ibuki asked which fighting style to use but Ichiro did not know and had sent an inquiry to Yoshino. Ibuki told the injured Akira that he would be going alone and set of. Kasumi came and picked her up and they arrived at the Oni's location just as the Makamou had been defeated. Ibuki's motorcycle was laying under some debris so Akira asked Ibuki what had happened, who irritated replied that it was Hibiki's doing. Kasumi was surprised that Hibiki had driven, to which he defended himself that it was the stopping part that was hard and laughed it of.The Oni Who Stands in Line

Some days later the master and disciple were field-testing the Asagi Washi and Kiaka Shishi Disc Animals. Ibuki complimented Midori Takizawa's work in in refining the Disc Animals.Swallowing Wall

When they arrived back at the store there where none to greet them to their surprise, even though there was a customer. Akira noticed the customer's Jounan uniform and was about to talk to her when Ibuki called out, as the door to the basement had shut tight. He explained to her how it was like a ninja mansion with concealed entrances. He called Hinaka who was in the basement and tried to open the door but was unable to so she asked Ibuki and Akira to take care of the store in the meantime. Akira and the girl who was called Hitomi started talking and Akira revealed that she was also going to Jounan but had been unable to go today. Hitomi said they might even be in the same class then. Ichirou and Hinaka were finally able to get out from the basement with Ibuki's help, and they thanked the two for taking care of the store. Asumu came up behind them without a word and to their surprise, both Akira and Hitomi called out his name.Revealed Secrets

Some days later, Akira and Ibuki were tracking an Ubume when they finally found it and its parents at a lake. Ibuki transformed into his Oni form and a battle ensued. Akira used several Disc Animals to distract the Hime as her master fought the Douji. Ibuki tried shooting the Douji when it transformed into its armored form. The Douji suddenly started convulsing and transformed further to gain a pair of broken wings. It went straight for the Hime and killed it with its bare teeth. It then jumped down into the lake and grabbed the Ubume and ate it whole, before flying of. Ibuki reported it to Hinaka immediately, and then they followed the Makamou. Ibuki and Akira kept following the Berserk Douji until they had to pass a thin bridge where Ibuki decided to transform. He fired several Onishii with his Ongekikan into it, which made it turn around and attack Ibuki. Akira used some Disk Animals to distract it which enabled Ibuki to blast it away with the sound of his Ongekikan. The Douji rejected the bullets however and started to attack Ibuki again. After a long struggle it was able to grapple him and bite his shoulder as Akira shouted for her master.Berserk Fate

The Berserk Douji gnawed on Ibuki's shoulder until he resisted and it threw him away. It then noticed Akira and went after her, but as it grabbed her and smelled her it decided to let her go. The Berserk Douji went away while Akira ran to help her master. Ibuki decided that they needed to follow him immediately so Akira helped him up. They found it engaged in a duel with Hibiki so Ibuki and started shooting at it which made it fly away. Hibiki came to see how the two were fairing and decided that they reorganize as Hinaka would arrive soon. After regrouping, Hibiki called the Tachibanas where Ichirou and Midori told him that the only information they had was the name. Ichirou theorized that it might be an experiment to create stronger Makamou, using old information. Hibiki would work with Ibuki and use their Ongeki to see what happened. Having made camp, Hibiki, Ibuki, Akira and Hinaka started to set up a search grid with the Disc Animals. Hibiki asked Ibuki if they could choreograph their attacks and he agreed, so he, Ibuki and Akira would have to cooperate. The master and Disciple answered in union which Hibiki found funny and Hinaka called it beautiful. Hinaka thought that Asumu would be good as his disciple which made Hibiki spill his drink. Akira laughed and Hibiki said that Akira should have a good school life with Asumu instead. Ibuki and Hibiki decided to train in the meanwhile as Akira and Hinaka finished cooking their food. The next morning they were checking the incoming Disk Animals when a Snake Disc Animal crept up Hibiki's leg. The Snake had the location of the Berserk Douji and they all set of after it. When they came close, Hibiki, Ibuki and Akira headed for the Berserk Douji while Hinaka remained with the vehicles. When they arrived they saw a Otoroshi Douji and Hime engaged in battle with the Berserk Douji and commented that it was their second time in a hundred years. Hibiki and Ibuki transformed into their Oni forms just as the Berserk Douji wounded the Otoroshi Hime. Hibiki threw fireballs at the Otoroshi Douji and killed it instantaneously. The Berserk Douji brought out its weapon and rushed towards them as Ibuki blasted it with bullets. Hibiki kept it busy while Ibuki fired his pure sound at it, but it was ineffective. The two decided to attach Hibiki's Ongekiko to it, but it was smacked away. Akira went to retrieve it but was caught of guard by the injured Hime which was still alive. She summoned the Disc Animals and threw the Ongekiko back to Ibuki. He was able to attach it to the Berserk Douji, and Hibiki used his Bakuretsu Kyoda form which made it explode. The three thanked each other for their good job and started walking back.Devouring Douji

Some time later, Akira, Ibuki and Hibiki were on a training run when Hibiki stopped at a motorcycle shop. Ibuki greatly admired the bikes with Hibiki, and the former thought a bike would fit Hibiki perfectly. He said he would do his best to learn how to drive then. Akira reminded him of before when he did not know how to stop a bike which made him silent. While Ibuki and Akira trained their Tai Chi forms, Hibiki went to buy some snacks.. When he came back he commended Akira's commitment and progress in training and wondered if it was due to her will-force. She said it was due to Ibuki's guidance, and as she had heard that Hibiki's training was fast she asked if it was true. He was ambiguous about it and asked if her next step was to become an Oni. She confirmed it as she was currently on the sixth level. Akira wanted to transform soon, but Ibuki had said that it was not good to rush. Hibiki said it was true, and Ibuki was young as well so there was no need to rush. They later went to a supermarket where Hibiki tried to learn them bargain tips. As he went to grab some produce he stumbled upon Asumu's mother, Ikuko Adachi.Weakening Thunder

When they returned to the Tachibana Store they were met with sombre news about how Sabaki was defeated and that Zanki was retiring from being an Oni. Later in the basement, Ibuki felt sorry for Tomizo for losing his motivation which was Zanki. Ichirou said the same could be said for Akira who had not been able to attend much of school. Ibuki told her he was already an active Oni when he was in high school and was not able to attend as well. He wanted her to attend as much as possible and Akira thanked him for it. Hibiki came down later after hearing the news and made a call to Zanki. He thanked him for his hard work and also gave Tomizo a pep talk for his solo debut battle. Zanki and Tomizo called the Tachibanas later to let them know that everything went fine, and everyone made a sigh of relief.Roaring Oni

Some time later Akira went to school where Asumu informed her of a Kanji test they were having that day. Asumu decided to go to the library to copy his notes for Akira. Kiko called out to Hitomi, and Akira noticed that she had been looking at her. Yet she did not greet Akira and tried to ignore her which confused Akira. Kiko asked Hitomi why she was spacing out but she denied it and her friend went on to complain how hard the Kanji looked for today's test. She glanced awkwardly at Akira as she walked by, who herself felt out of place. Hitomi was contemplating her dilemma from before during gym class and was approached by Akira who wanted to talk about Asumu. She explained that she was absent a lot from school and Asumu lent her his notes, which was something Hibiki had asked him to do. It surprised Hitomi but also made her happy and she offered her help as well. They went and patted Asumu on the shoulders who became distracted by them so that he was hit by a basketball. Ibuki called Akira before the next class and told her of a Douji and Hime in Kameido and asked her to bring the Ongekikan and Disc Animals from home. She ran as fast as she could to get to the garage and bring the gear.A Targeted Town

Akira phoned Ibuki when she arrived at Kameido. Ibuki fnformed her that he had defeated the Douji and Hime and it was only down to find the Makamou now. He would start searching in Gyuoutoku so Akira headed there as well. When she got to southern Gyuoutoku, Kasumi called her and said they were moving on to Hachouboori next. She changed direction and just as she hung up the phone and was running in a tunnel she got a sudden headache. She saw the Black Puppet moving towards her but fainted as it got closer. Akira was woken up by a lady who was glad to see she was okay. Akira's phone had died so she asked her what time it was. She thanked the lady and then headed to where Ibuki might be.Akira came to the facility just as Hibiki and Midori arrived as well. Akira was exhausted so Hibiki took Ibuki's Ongekikan with him as he ventured into the facility. Midori and Kasumi then took care of Akira and told her to rest as they gave her some tea. Ibuki was able to defeat the Makamou with Hibiki's help and they then returned to the Tachibana store where Asumu and Hinaka were waiting. Hibiki and Asumu commended each other's work and that Asumu fit in the Tachibana uniform. Ichirou came down to praise them as well and that the bath was open. Hibiki told Ibuki to use it first, but Midori wanted it too. Hibiki said that she could just use her own but she wanted to take it in a large bathtub and they laguhed. Asumu then gave Akira a copy of his school notes and started telling her of school events. Ibuki teased him by taking the notes just as Hitomi came in to the shop as well. Ichirou then said that for everyone's hard work he would get dumplings for everyone.Unbroken Hurricane

Some day later Akira and Ibuki delivered their report about the Oonamazu and the mysterious figure Akira met, to the Tachibana Sweet Place. Ichirou and Hinaka were there to see that the report was transfered to their computer. Ibuki asked if Asumu was starting to work today, and the Tachibanas confirmed and said it was a good thing as they had their hands full and the boy knew a lot about Takeshi already. Ichirou reminded Hinaka that ”someone” had told him, which she giggled to before apologizing, Ibuki had done the same so he apologised too. Akira was finished uploading the report and Ichirou thanked them. Yoshino would now have all the collected data from eastern Japan. He also told them to be wary of the person Akira met. Ichirou apologised for asking Ibuki and Akira to come on their day of, but Ibuki said it was fine as he usually did not get to chat with them otherwise. Asumu then arrived and Ibuki wished him good luck with the job. Asumu told Akira that he would copy his notes to her right there at the store from now on which pleased her. Akira and Ibuki then left.Strumming Warrior

Some days later, Ibuki and Akira were tracking an Ubume and had followed them to a lake, but Ibuki halted as soon as he saw the black hooded figure there as well. Ibuki was about to fire his Ongekikan when the robed figure used telekinesis on them and threw them into the lake. The robed figure disappeared and the Douji and Hime prepared to fight the Oni. Ibuki was about to shoot the Ubume as it surfaced, but the Douji knocked the Ongekikan out of his hands. The Ubume then descended and flew away with the Douji and Hime. Ibuki and Akira started pursuing them. The Ubume was flying along a river while Ibuki and Akira pursued it on their motorcycle. They got worried when it flew by a group of roadtrippers, but it surprised the Oni when it took no heed of them. Ibuki and Akira stopped and called to the Tachibanas and discussed with Ichirou and Hinaka about how the two Makamou were seemingly travelling towards the same location and were not attacking any people. Ibuki would call again if something happened. Ibuki and Akira arrived at some old building ruins where they were attacked by the Douji and Hime. Todoroki arrived at almost the same location and were attacked by the Yamaarashi Douji and Hime. They managed to push Todoroki downwards until he came upon Ibuki and Akira who were surprised to see him. As the two Douji and two Hime stood and glared from them above, the Oni transformed. As the Oni charged, the Makamou were running away however.Gathering Demons

Ibuki and Todoroki chased the Makamous and Todoroki threw his Ongekigen which killed one, but the other one took the Ongeki and used it to deflect Ibuki's bullets. The Makamou tried to overpower them but Akira sent Disk Animals to help them. Todoroki used his Kitōjutsu Raigekiken but missed the monsters. Ibuki used his Kitōjutsu Senpūjin and was able to get the Ongekigen from the Makamou. Akira was about to bring it to Todoroki but a Yamaarashi Douji shot it's needles at her, making her fall but she kept going and stumbled her way to Todoroki who as able to defeat the Yamaarashi Douji and Hime with one strike. Ibuki shot the the remaining one with his Ongekikan. Akira had fainted due to her injury and Todoroki carried her back.Becoming a Cocoon

Some time later, Ibuki and Akira fought an Ittamomen and its parents. After defeating the Douji and Hime, the Ittanmomen attempted to fly away but they foolowed it while riding on their motorcycle. Ibuki shot it full with Onisho and made it explode right as it dived at them. Akira praised his work, and now they just had to report in to headquarters before heading to Hibiki's location. They arrived as Todoroki was training with his Ongekibou. While Ibuki and Todoroki started dueling with the Ongekibou, Akira called Asumu to warn him that Hibiki might not be able to make it to his brass band performan. Asumu was understanding and thanked her for telling him, and he would let Hitomi know too. Kasumi and Akira started scanning the incoming Disk Animals for the Makamou and eventually they got a hit. Hibiki came back to the camp as all of them had gathered together. Hibiki said he had wanted to practice with the Ongekibou first Ibuki said it would be nice to have a taiko festival. Hibiki liked that and asked Todoroki if he had been practicing. He nervously said yes, and Hibiki turned to say that it was the first use of his Kurenai form this year, so they should not chicken out. They agreed on calling it a taiko festival and Kasumi wished them good luck as they headed out.Burning Crimson

While Ibuki, Hibiki, Todoroki, Kasumi, Hinaka and Asumu went to swim, Akira took care of the Tachibana Sweet Place. A customer called her a good girl for taking care of it on her own. She later talked with Ichirou and Akira said she had been told by ibuki that Hibiki always went alone to defeat a Kappa and asked Ichirou why that was so. Akira guessed but Ichirou was none the wiser since he never went out in the field. Ibuki and Kasumi came and she was not happy that she was left behind today. Ibuki and Ichirou gave a signal to each other which Kasumi noticed and she demanded to know what it meant. They denied doing anything and walked of, but she felt it was suspicious. Later, Ichirou was on the phone with Ishiwari again and he told him to tell Sabaki to be careful and take care of himself. Ibuki asked what had happened, and Ichirou told him that he had almost drowned but Ishiwari helped him. Akira remarked that Sabaki had just recovered as well. Ibuki was worried if Hibiki would be able to fight if he was hit with the Kappa's attack. Ichirou was hopeful as being an Oni meant you had to fight. Even if it meant remembering uncool memories, Ibuki continued. Akira commented that an uncool Ibuki did not seem like the Ibuki she knew. Ichirou concluded that Hibiki must be fighting alone so that Kasumi did not see any uncool moments. They went up to hear Kasumi talking with Hibiki on the phone, but his voice was very squeeky, sho she thought it was a prank.Running Azure

Some time later, Ibuki and Akira had to face a Bakegani and Akira had to save him before it was defeated. The next day, Ibuki and Kasumi went shopping while Akira bought a watermelon and went to the Tachibana Sweet Place. Asumu was cleaning the door window when he saw that Akira stood outside. He apologised and let her in and she remarked that the door should probably be open before the customers arrived. Asumu commended her for her work on the previous day as he had heard she saved Ibuki while fighting a Bakegani. She became a little embarassed and showed him a watermelon she brought. It was at extra price at the supermarket so she bought it to share with the other. Asumu realised then that the extra worker Ibuki talked about was her. Asumu became happy and called Hinaka.

Akira and Asumu were busy serving the customers when asumu almost bumped into Midori Takizawa in the back. She was holding a large knife which scared Asumu, but she said there was a delicious looking watermelon downstairs. He said Akira brought who just came into the back which made Midori happy and she waved the knife at her while greeting her. The phone suddenly rang and Asumu insisted on taking it before Midori. It was Todoroki who called to report in having defeated a Bakegani, bu there was something he was worried about. Hinaka, Akira and Midori were laughing about how Midori waved the knife around when Hibiki arrived. He had run into a person named Hokuto who gave him some gifts and he had himself bought a watermelon, so they now had two. Asumu came and passed on Todoroki's information about a summer Makamou. Hibiki got his gear and Hinaka grabbed a map that Akira fixed. They headed out and Asumu wished them luck. Akira, Midori and Asumu were taking a break when he asked about what summer Makamou meant. Midori explained that there were several types of Makamou, where a black figure created big Makamou while a white figure created small ones. The small ones appeared during the summer just like ghost and other things usually did in ancient Japan. The summer ones were small but they multiplied very quick and required a lot of effort to defeat. Hibiki had his kurenai form which made him able to defeat them in one hit, and it was usually his job to defeat them. A customer then arrived and Midori said she would tell him more the next time. Akira was coming from the kitchen when Tsutomu Tsumura came through and went down to the basement, she looked quissically at him.Counting the Days

Asumu asked Akira if she knew Tsutomu and she informed him that he was forced to quit his training to become an Oni. Asumu wondered if he was Hibiki's disciple, but that was not the case sod he was slightly relieved. A customer then entered and Asumu went to greet her. Akira was up in the store when Hitomi came by, and she brought another watermelon to them. Asumu had been gone a long time, so Hitomi decided to help her and changed into the Tachibana uniform. Tsutomu and Asumu eventually came up from the basement and the old disciple asked him to send his regards to Hibiki. As Tsutomu left, Asumu was surprised to see Hitomi there in their work uniform. Akira grabbed him in the collar and asked where he had been. Hibiki, Todoroki, Hinaka, Ibuki and Kasumi returned to the Tachibana's where there was a lot of watermelon waiting for them. The fireworks were soon beginning so they all dressed up in Kimonos and went out. Todoroki went around and handed out watermelon to them but missed one for himself. Akira chatted with Midori as the fireworks continued and they yelled ”Tamaya”.Passing Down the Bond

After defeating a Tengu and its Douji and Hime, Ibuki and Akira took up a new search for an Okubi which they tracked for three days until they found its base, but it had no intent of coming out. He called Kasumi to report the situation. Akira got a text message from Hitomi which said that since Asumu had a day of from work it would be nice if the two of them could work together at the store again. Ibuki was glad that Akira had friends like Asumu and Hitomi and she agreed. She used to only think about herself before, but she did not like that part of herself. Asumu and Hitomi helped her be strong and that was why she wanted to do her best to change herself more. Ibuki was grateful to Asumu and Hitomi, but he also thought Akira's feelings were splendid. Ibuki got a call from Hinaka who informed him that that they lost contact with Eiki who was at Kayanoki mountain searching for a Tsuchigumo. Hinaka was worried as Eiki had said it behaved like a Tsuchigumo but there was something strange about it. She wondered if it was another mutation. Ibuki and Akira were done with the summer taiko training so they would head there immediately. Hinaka apologised for the inconvenience and she would also tell Todoroki who was relatively close. Ibuki aknowledged it and he and Akira headed of on their motorcycle. They arrived at Eiki's camp but found no trace of him so they started scanning his Disc Animals. Todoroki and Zanki arrived shortly after. Zanki asked if they had heard anything about Eiki but Ibuki had no luck in calling him. Akira found a hit for a Tsuchigumo on one of the Disc Animals. Todoroki and Ibuki agreed to head out immediately, but Zanki warned them that if Eiki had been defeated, then it might not be an ordinary Tsuchigumo and told them to be careful.Undying Malice

When they returned to camp, they told them of how they had face a Warrior Douji and Hime and seen an armored Tsuchigumo. Ibuki reported the situation to the Tachibana's while the others prepared the Disc Animals. Todoroki and Akira released all the Disc Animals while Zanki and Ibuki watched. Zanki remained in camp whie the other three went out searching with flashlights. Rain started however and they came running back. They had received word from some mountain folk that they had saved Eiki, and that he was unusually hurt. Asumu, Ibuki, Akira, Todoroki, Zanki and Hibiki all went back to the Tachibana Sweet Place together, where they were greeted happily by the Tachibanas.Shining Boy

She was briefly taken as an apprentice by Shuki due to their similarities but her temporary master had no qualms about sacrificing her to kill the Notsugo. Fortunately, Zanki was able to save her. During her training, she was able to transform into an Oni in an attempt to save Ibuki. She eventually chose to give up her goal of being an Oni and resumed a normal life.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Transformed Akira medal

Transformed Akira appears as a playable character in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.

Oni Form

Transformed Akira

Transformed Akira in tv series

Transformed Akira in S.I.C



Behind the scenes


Akira Amami was portrayed by Eri Akiyama (秋山依里 Akiyama Eri) (Nana Akiyama (秋山奈々 Akiyama Nana) at the time). Transformed, Akira's suit is a reused Kamen Rider Danki suit without the chest armor.


A figure of Transformed Akira was made for the S.I.C. toy line. This version follows the white and silver colouring of her Onteki, in comparison to Ibuki's gold and blue Onteki. It is mentioned that she was not a formal Oni and thus not having Shou Mei (襲名 Shūmei, lit. succession to another's professional name), which implies the formal name of the Oni form may be Ibuki, if she is not following Todoroki to have a new name.


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