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Aguilera (アギレラ, Agirera) is one of the main antagonists of Kamen Rider Revice. She serves as the acting leader of the Deadmans and is Giff's fiancée.


Aguilera claimed that she has been a part of the Deadmans since she was a toddler. Weakness Is Strength!? The Invincible Jeanne!

Aguilera, along with Olteca and Julio, were first seen leading the Deadmans' rally by using the Vistamps to summon Giff Juniors from her cult followers who cheered for them. As she embraces her dormant fiancé, Giff, she proudly remarks that the time for demons has come and will soon shatter the world order by spreading chaos.

After capturing the dangerous criminal, Tomoyuki Harada, to unleash the Mammoth Deadman, Aguilera participated in the attack of the Fenix ceremony with their army of Giff Juniors. As the Deadmans march forward and spread panic towards the civilians present, Hiromi Kadota accidentally created the Rex Deadman in an attempt to use the Revice Driver. She took a camera and publicly declared her intentions to create hell on Earth, before she and her subordinates made their leave. In the end, Ikki Igarashi managed to contract with his devil, Vice, in order to become Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice to combat the Deadmans.Family! Contract! The Devil Whispers!

Following Olteca's failure after he contracted with golf caddy, Ibata, Aguilera was talking to Giff as she asks about her origins and who she really is, before Olteca revealed himself. Although she expressed discontent for him eavesdropping her conversation, Aguilera was surprised to see him brought over a guest, Ibata's boss Araki, as he sought to succumb to his inner demons from Vice's advice.The Devil Is Just a Bad Guy!?

While lamenting in seeing Giff once more, Aguilera is informed by Olteca how they need to create quite more Deadmen to sacrifice in order to resurrect their leader. Julio entered and found another volunteer to receive a Vistamp. After the Kong Deadman was destroyed, the volunteer returned to the base and Aguilera congratulated her efforts, but offered to let her continue using the Vistamp so she can create more demons.Hostage Trouble, What to Do Brothers!?


Aguilera has a sinisterly carefree demeanor, not liking being told what to do.


When incognito, Aguilera uses the pseudonym Hana Natsuki (夏木 花, Natsuki Hana) and wears different outfits.




Behind the Scenes


  • Aguilera is portrayed by Yui Asakura (浅倉 唯, Asakura Yui).


  • Aguilera is a surname of Spanish origin. The name Aguilera is related to Latin word, Aquilaria, meaning 'eagle’s nest'.


  • Aguilera is the first female villain leader in the Reiwa Era.
  • Currently, Aguilera is the only Deadman general to not possess a Deadman monster form.




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