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Agito Power

The Power of Agito belonging to Shouichi, Ryo, & Kino released from the OverLord's possession

Agito (アギト Agito), also known as the Power of Agito (アギトの力 Agito no Chikara) or the Seed of Agito (アギトの種子 Agito no Shushi)[1], is a special blessing given to passengers of the Akatsuki ship and certain individuals in Kamen Rider Agito. Those who are given the Power of Agito are given special abilities and the targets of the Lords, who are tasked by the OverLord to eliminate those who are blessed with the power.


The Power of Agito is the essence of the OverLord of Light after his demise at the hands of his brother the OverLord of Darkness. The purpose of the power was for humanity to evolve beyond the OverLord's control. Akatsuki however was attacked by the El of the Water under orders from the OverLord of Darkness to wipe out any vessels, refusing to let his brother's ambition come into fruition. Fortunately Tetsuya Sawaki (now known as Shoichi Tsugami) fought the El as the 2nd Agito before being thrown into the ocean with him.

These powers grant their users the power to become Agito as well as other abilities (ex. psychic powers, enhanced senses etc). Still only four individuals were able to use the transformation and of them only Shouichi and his older sister Yukina Sawaki were able to become perfect Agitos but Yukina committed suicide due to her traumas. The other individuals were Ryo Ashihara and Kaoru Kino. Ryo gained his transformation after a near fatal accident and became Kamen Rider Gills, a flawed and more feral form of Agito. Kino had received his transformation from Akatsuki but he too gained a flawed and disillusioned form of Agito, Another Agito. Near the end of the series a young woman named Kana Okamura also started to become an Agito and attempted to do the same thing Yukina did until she was stopped by Shouichi and the newly named Tetsuya.

The Power of Agito can also appear to have the power to revive individuals who already possess another carrier of the power as shown when Koji Majima relinquished his power to revive Ryo.

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Taking the form of the young OverLord of Light, the Power of Agito are portrayed by Ryunosuke Kamiki (神木 隆之介 Kamiki Ryūnosuke).


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