This article is about a/an spin-off media story in Kamen Rider Black RX.

After 0 is the Kamen Rider Black RX Edition of S.I.C. Hero Saga, based on Kamen Rider Black RX. This S.I.C. Hero Saga story for Black RX ran in Monthly Hobby Japan in the December 2002 through March 2003 issues. It tells the story of what happened after the finale of Black RX. It features the original characters the White RX (Another RX) (白いRX(アナザーRX) Shiroi Āru Ekkusu (Anazā Āru Ekkusu)), Shadow Moon with RX powers, and the Creation King (Another Shadow Moon) (創生王(アナザーシャドームーン) Sōseiō (Anazā Shadō Mūn)), the result of Shadow Moon absorbing both King Stones.


Ceremonial Day (式日 Shikijitsu)

Kotaro Minami is walking out when all of a sudden he finds himself out in the open under the moonlight and he sees someone floating around. It’s Another RX, a white Kamen Rider. Kotaro, who for some reason, transformed into Black instead of RX, confronts the unknown enemy. During the fight, Another RX pulls out his Kingstone and becomes the Creation King, Another Shadow Moon.

Dazzling (眩惑 Genwaku)

In the middle of their confrontation, the battlefield turns into a dark temple with a throne which Creation King sits on. However, inside the armor is just a skeleton with a beating heart, for the remains are being controlled by the will of the Creation King.

It turns out that the fight between Black Sun and Shadow Moon was to determine which body would be most suitable for Gorgom’s ruler, the Creation King to use, which the King somehow ended up in Shadow Moon’s body.

Earth's Demise (終焉の地 Shūen no Chi)

Shadow Moon takes control of Battle Hopper, and uses the Satan Saber to stab Kotaro in the King Stone, causing Black to briefly revert to Batta Man before reverting to Kotaro.

King of Dreams (夢幻の王 Mugen no Ō)

Taking the King Stone from Black, Shadow Moon absorbs it into his own, and becomes the the Creation King’s true form, Another Shadow Moon. However, Kotaro once again transforms into Black RX without the King Stone and defeats Creation King.

Kotaro then wakes up, apparently that was all a dream. Or was it?