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Icon-ryuki.png This article is about a set of power-up devices in Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.

Advent Cards (アドベントカード, Adobento Kādo) are the cards used by the 13 Kamen Riders and the Rider imitation Alternatives/Advent Master Eubulon in Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (on this page, Ryuki lore is listed before Dragon Knight lore, separated by a "/"). In Kamen Rider Decade, a new Rider, Kamen Rider Abyss, also uses them alongside A.R. versions of the 13 Riders in the World of Ryuki.

These cards are held in the Riders' Card Decks and can be scanned via their Visors. There are a wide array of different Advent Cards that are attributed to each Rider. Some are unique, but most Riders share a select few amongst each other. With the exception of the Contract, Seal, and Survive Cards, all Advent Cards are named with "(Blank) Vent". In Ryuki, the cards of the Alternatives are of a very different design than the normal Riders' cards, having been made after the fact as an attempted imitation; in Dragon Knight, the Advent Master's cards differing in design is not addressed, though they may represent a prototype stage.

These cards allows the Riders to summon their Contract/Advent Beasts as well as offensive and/or defensive weapons or use special abilities in their battles. Most Advent Cards have their offensive or defensive power rated by Attack (AP) or Guard (GP) respectively (the Guard number is exclusive to Guard Vent), and shown at the bottom right corner in multiples of 1000 (save the blank Sword Vent); purely ability-giving cards like Copy or Clear Vent have no number. These points roughly indicate how powerful the card's weapons or abilities are after being scanned in the Visor. Though not directly referenced in onscreen material and often portrayed as being used with little heed to this conversion, every 20 AP/GP a card has is seemingly equal to 1 ton of force, so Ryuki/Dragon Knight's Sword Vent with 2000 AP potentially hits with 100 tons of force, while Ouja/Strike's with 3000 AP can hit with 150 tons. The Alternatives'/Advent Master's cards feature the Attack within the green text near their barcodes alongside other card-unique specifications, and theirs is given instead in multiples of 500 that can deviate from even thousands.

Known Advent Cards

Advent/Attack Vent

The Advent (アドベント, Adobento) Card is a card any of the 13 Riders that have a Contract Monster/Advent Beast has access to. This is used to summon their respective Advent Monsters and is what their Contract Card turns into once they contract with a monster. If this card is stolen or the monster is destroyed, a Rider's armor will revert to its blank form. It is renamed Attack Vent in Dragon Knight, although in the games its name remains as "Advent". Additionally in Dragon Knight, Darkwing/Darkraider is renamed into Blackwing/Blackraider and Genocider is renamed Cerebeast, and as Eubulon has no contract, Psyco-Rogue's card does not exist. Regardless, in both series the cards themselves feature the names of the Contract Beast, making them the only cards whose activation announcements are not the name printed on them.

When Shiro temporarily stops the Rider Fight in episode 24, the Advent Cards turn blank, though the Riders' symbol still remains on the card.

Sword Vent

A Sword Vent (ソードベント, Sōdo Bento) Card allows 6 of the 13 Riders, the Alternatives/Advent Master, and Abyss to summon a sword-like weapon. Interestingly, while the swords summoned by normal Sword Vent cards resemble certain body parts of the Contract Monsters/Advent Beasts, the Survive Sword Vents of Ryuki/Dragon Knight and Knight/Wing Knight are instead parts of their visorzweis.

Strike Vent

A Strike Vent (ストライクベント, Sutoraiku Bento) Card allows 6 of the 13 Riders and Abyss to summon a gauntlet-like weapon. The gauntlet summoned resembles certain body parts of their Contract Monsters/Advent Beasts, usually their head or arms. Some of them can even launch projectiles.

Guard Vent

A Guard Vent (ガードベント, Gādo Bento) Card allows 7 of the 13 Riders to summon a shield-like armament; Zolda/Torque uniquely has access to two versions of this card without changing to an upgraded form, though one was never seen during the series. The shield summoned resembles certain body parts of their Contract Monsters/Advent Beasts. This variety of card uniquely features the numbered "Guard" power instead of the "Attack" power of most other cards.

Shoot Vent

A Shoot Vent (シュートベント, Shūto Bento) Card allow 3 of the 13 Riders to summon firearm-like weapon; Zolda/Torque uniquely has access to two versions of this card without changing to an upgraded form. The summoned weapons for Zolda/Torque resemble parts of Magnugiga's body, while Ryuki/Dragon Knight and Knight/Wing Knight, who only get Shoot Vent while in Survive Mode, use their Visorzweis for their attacks. Zolda's shoulder-mounted Gigacannon was renamed Launch Vent for Torque, though its card still read "Shoot Vent".

Nasty Vent

The Nasty Vent (ナスティベント, Nasuti Bento) Card allows Knight/Wing Knight in both regular and Survive Forms to summon Darkwing/Blackwing or Darkraider/Blackraider, which then performs the Sonicbreaker (ソニックブレイカー, Sonikku bureikā) supersonic screech attack to distract or annoy opponents.

Trick Vent

The Trick Vent (トリックベント, Torikku Bento) card allows Knight/Wing Knight in both forms and Ryuki/Dragon Knight in Survive mode to perform the Shadow Illusion (シャドーイリュージョン, Shadōiryūjon), creating 4 or more illusion copies of themselves. These copies will disappear if they sustain enough damage.

Blust Vent

The Blust Vent (ブラストベント, Burasuto Bento) Card allows Knight/Wing Knight Survive to summon Darkraider/Blackraider to execute the Dark Tornado (ダークトーネードー, Dāku tōnēdō), a pair of tornadoes fired from the turbines on his wings. The card is announced as "Blast Vent" by the Visors, but the card reads "Blust Vent"; while not its own word, "blust" can be extended into "bluster", which does have a definition referring to a fierce wind.

Swing Vent

The Swing Vent (スイングベント, Suingu Bento) Card allows Raia/Sting to summon a whip that resembles Evildiver's tail. In Kamen Rider Ryuki, After killing Raia, Ouja made a contract with Evildiver. In Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode 26, Ouja used Evil Whip but activated the Swing Vent card offscreen. After that, he did not use the weapon or the card, so there is no image of the Swing Vent card that has Venosnaker's emblem (in the place of Evildiver's in the upper right corner of the card). In Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Kamen Rider Strike does not use the weapon or the card after stealing the Sting Deck and Contracting Evil Diver.

Freeze Vent

The Freeze Vent (フリーズベント, Furīzu Bento) Card allows Tiger/Axe to temporarily immobilize another Rider or a Rider's Advent Monster by making them suddenly freeze in place.

Spin Vent

The Spin Vent (スピンベント, Supin Bento) Card allows Imperer/Spear to summon a dual spear-like weapon that resembles Gigazelle's horns.

Hold Vent

The Hold Vent (ホールドベント, Hōrudo Bento) Card allows Verde/Camo to summon a bolas/yo-yo-like weapon that resembles Biogreeza's eyes that can be thrown to snag an opponent.

Clear Vent

The Clear Vent (クリアーベント, Kuriā Bento) Card allows Verde/Camo to turn invisible.

Time Vent

The Time Vent (タイムベント, Taimu Bento) Card allows Odin to send himself or someone else back in time; though the main series Shinji, when sent back in time, was unable to change any of the events he relived (and most of the time forgot he was reliving events), the A.R. Shinji was able to change the entire flow of events. It was never used by Wrath nor seen in his possession in the Dragon Knight Series, so it is unknown if he had it. It does become part of his deck in the Wii Video Game.

Unite Vent

The Unite Vent (ユナイトベント, Yunaito Bento) Card allows Ouja/Strike to combine Venosnaker, Metalgelas, and Evildiver into Genocider/Cerebeast; they separate again after the battle is over.

In Dragon Knight, the card's design was also modified and reused for the Link Vent card created by Eubulon, which allows the 13 Riders to combine the power of all 13 Final Vents and unleash it in one condensed attack. These cards were used to destroy Xaviax.

Copy Vent

The Copy Vent (コピーベント, Kopī Bento) Card allows potentially any Rider to copy something about their opponent, but is not part of every Rider's arsenal. It has only been seen being used by Raia/Sting to create a copy of the weapon his opponent is using, or by Verde to copy his opponent's appearance (with weapons); though he may have had it, Camo was never seen with or using it.

Strange Vent

The Strange Vent (ストレンジベント, Sutorenji Bento) Card allows potentially any of the 13 Riders to use 1 random Advent Card of any kind (typically one from their opponent's deck), but is not part of every Rider's arsenal. Once slotted, the card turns into the other card as the slotter opens, and must be slotted again to activate the copied card. It was only possessed and used by Ryuki/Dragon Knight Survive, accessing Trick Vent and Steal Vent (Ryuki only) on different occasions. It was also used by Ryuki in a net movie to change the cards of his poker opponents into other types of cards. Although in the Kamen Rider Perfect File Magazine stated that Odin also own Strange Vent Card, however Odin never used it in any media appearances.

Confine Vent

The Confine Vent (コンファインベント, Konfain Bento) Card allows potentially any of the 13 Riders to nullify the effect of an Advent Card of a Rider for one round, but is not part of every Rider's arsenal. It was only possessed and used by Gai and the Earth's Thrust.

Return Vent

The Return Vent (リターンベント, Ritān Bento) Card could allow potentially any of the 13 Riders to reactivate the effect of a negated card. It was intended to be an Advent Card that would counter Confine Vent, but it didn't appear in the series.

Steal Vent

The Steal Vent (スチールベント, Suchīru Bento) Card allows potentially any of the 13 Riders to steal another Rider's weapon, but is not part of every Rider's arsenal. It was only possessed by Odin, and was used by him and by Ryuki Survive through Strange Vent.

Seal and Contract Cards

The Seal (シール, Shīru) and Contract (コントラクト, Kontorakuto) Advent Cards are possessed by each of the Riders in their blank Card Decks: Seal can (at least in Ryuki) seal away a Mirror Monster for good without needing to defeat it; Contract will make a contract with a Mirror Monster and make it the Rider's Contract Monster/Advent Beast, giving the Rider new and unique powers based on the Monster, after which the card becomes their Advent/Attack Vent.

Either the Seal Card or the Deck itself is in both series seen to project a spherical energy shell to block Dragreder from approaching Shinji/Kit. Tsutomu Ejima, who aided with Shiro Kanzaki's initial efforts in Ryuki, carried a lone Seal Card to scare away Monsters that tried following him. Shiro/Xaviax also provided Ouja/Strike with extra Contract Cards to re-contract with the loose Contract Monsters/Advent Beasts of Gai/Thrust and Raia/Sting.


The Survive (サバイブ, Sabaibu) Advent Cards allow any of the 13 Riders to assume their powered-up Survive forms; only three Survive Cards exist, with one (Mugen) being unseen during Ryuki, but later seen in Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryukiin which Odin uses all three Survive Cards on his Goldvisor in order for him to become immortal, but he is weakened when Survive Rekka and Survive Shippu are disintegrated due to the effects of Ryuki and Knight's Ridewatches, which results in Odin's defeat. In Dragon Knight, it's said that each Rider has their own Survive Mode card, but only Wing Knight and Dragon Knight's were seen. The only Riders to possess these cards are:

  • Survive Rekka (サバイブ 烈火, Sabaibu Rekka, lit. "Raging Fire"): Ryuki/Dragon Knight, Ryuga (S.I.C.)
  • Survive Mugen (サバイブ 無限, Saibabu Mugen, lit. "Infinite"): Odin
  • Survive Shippu (サバイブ 疾風, Saibabu Shippū, lit. "Hurricane"): Raia (never used), Knight/Wing Knight, Ouja (S.I.C.)

Accele/Speed Vent

The Accele Vent (アクセルベント, Akuseru Bento) (Speed Vent in Dragon Knight) Card allows Alternative and Alternative Zero/Advent Master to briefly move at high speeds.

Wheel Vent

The Wheel Vent (ホイールベント, Hoīru Bento) Card allows Alternative and Alternative Zero to transform Psyco-Rogue into its motorcycle form, Psycoroader. As the Advent Master has no Contract to Psyco-Rogue. In Dragon Knight, he doesn't possess this card.

Final Vent

The iconic Final Vent (ファイナルベント, Fainaru Bento) Card allows any of the 13 Riders, the Alternatives/Advent Master, or Abyss to execute a powerful finishing attack unique to each of them by combining their powers with their Mirror Monster. While Alternative had this card, he was defeated before using it, though Alternative Zero did; as Eubulon has no contract, he lacks this card. Though Odin had activated his Final Vent once, it was not fully seen, and he faded away before he was able to complete the attack; Wrath on the other hand used it once, but the recoil of the attack vented him as well (it's unclear if this self-venting was part of the attack or if Xaviax, controlling Wrath, didn't know how to avoid it as a side effect). Verde used this attack several times; however, Camo never did.


Kamen Rider Decade is capable of utilizing the forms and abilities of all the Riders before and after him, including Ryuki himself. However, instead of using Ryuki's Advent Cards, he instead uses his own Rider Cards that are associated with Ryuki.

  • Ryuki (リュウキ, Ryūki): Transforms Decade into Ryuki's default form.
  • Ryuki Blank Form (リユウキブランクフォーム, Ryūki Buranku Fōmu): Transforms Decade into Ryuki's Blank Form.
  • Ryuki Strike Vent (リュウキストライクベント, Ryūki Sutoraiku Bento): As Ryuki, Decade summons the Dragclaw.
  • Ryuki Advent (リュウキアドベント, Ryūki Adobento): As Ryuki, Decade summons Dragreder.
  • Ryuki Guard Vent (リュウキガードベント, Ryūki Gādo Bento): As Ryuki, Decade summons the Dragshield.
  • Ryuki Dragreder (リュウキドラグレッダー, Ryūki Doragureddā): Transforms Ryuki into Dragreder.
  • Ryuki (リュウキ, Ryūki): With Ryuki Dragreder flying behind him, Decade performs a flying kick similar to Ryuki's Final Vent called the Decade Dragoon (ディケイドドラグーン, Dikeido Doragūn).
  • Ryuki Survive (龍騎サバイブ, Ryūki Sabaibu): Summons Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive, armed with the Dragvisorzwei. Using the Final AttackRide: Ryuki card allows Decade to execute a Burningsaber-style attack alongside Ryuki Survive.

Like Decade, Kamen Rider Diend can also use the abilities of Ryuki and his contemporaries

  • Knight (ナイト, Naito): Summons Kamen Rider Knight, armed with his Sword Vent.
  • Zolda (ゾルダ, Zoruda): Summons Kamen Rider Zolda.
  • Ouja (オウジャ, Ōja): Summons Kamen Rider Ouja, armed with his Sword Vent.
  • Scissors (シザース, Shizāsu): Summons Kamen Rider Scissors, armed with his Strike Vent.
  • Raia (ライア): Summons Kamen Rider Raia, armed with his Swing Vent.
  • Gai (ガイ): Summons Kamen Rider Gai, armed with his Strike Vent.
  • Odin (オーディン, Ōdin): Summons Kamen Rider Odin.
  • Tiger (タイガ, Taiga): Summons Kamen Rider Tiger.
  • Imperer (インペラー, Inperā): Summons Kamen Rider Imperer.
  • Femme (ファム, Famu): Summons Kamen Rider Femme.
  • Ryuga (リュウガ, Ryūga): Summons Kamen Rider Ryuga.
  • Verde (ベルデ, Berude): Summons Kamen Rider Verde.
  • Abyss (アビス, Abisu): Summons Kamen Rider Abyss.
  • Alternative (オルタナティブ, Orutanatibu): Summons Alternative.
  • Alternative Zero (オルタナティブ・ゼロ, Orutanatibu Zero): Summons Alternative Zero.


The Advent Cards, along with the other Rider Powers, were stolen from Ryuki by Amadum in the world within the Magic Stone, who explained that they were already his due to the Riders' powers being from the same source as evil. However, the power was soon returned thanks to the appearance of Kamen Rider Gaim, with the return of the Advent Cards immediately transforming Ryuki into Survive Form. [Neverending Story]

Arms Weapon

Gaim Ryuki Arms

The Dragsaber is the Arms Weapon wielded by either an Armored Rider or a Genesis Armored Rider when they transform into Ryuki Arms, which is assumed by Kamen Rider Gaim in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Energy Item


Survive (生存, Sabaibu): Evoking Kamen Rider Knight Survive, this blue medal that depicts a Rider's hand holding the Survive Shippu Advent Card. Its code is EI149.


  • These are the first Collectible Devices in Kamen Rider history, as well as the first of three collectibles to be in the form of cards, followed by Rouse Cards and Rider Cards.
  • Regardless of whoever scans the cards into their Visors, so long as the owner is still around, the weapon will gravitate to the original user. With Final Vents, the principle is presumably the same, with the original owner performing his Finishing Move. This is shown when Shinji/Kit scans Kitaoka/Drew's cards for him, and Zolda/Torque's weapons go to Kitaoka/Drew instead of him.
  • When Ouja/Strike re-Contracted with the Contract Monsters of Raia/Sting and Gai/Thrust, he received versions of their cards featuring his Cobra emblem in the upper corner in place of their original Stingray and Rhino emblems (though certain shots still show the original cards, likely in error).
  • Advent Cards with gold trim borders and red bars over the card names are only seen in the decks of Odin and Riders in their Survive forms, indicating a possible connection. Indeed, the three Survive Cards form a golden phoenix image when placed together, Odin's Contract Monster is Goldphoenix, and a promotional image shows him with all three cards placed in an unfolded version of his Goldvisor, implying all three are meant to be a part of his deck, and that Riders in Survive forms are using a portion of Odin's power to access said form. Indeed, Shiro Kanzaki, who controlled Odin, was the one to distribute the Survive cards to other Riders.
    • The only card to break this pattern is Abyss' Final Vent, featuring red bars without a gold trim border. But as Abyss is original to Decade, it likely exists independent of the original Ryuki lore.
  • The Advent Cards seem to have a similar function to the Gosei Cards from Tensou Sentai GoseigerIcon-crosswiki.png as both sets of cards allow the main heroes to either summon weapons, use attacks, or summon their animal based mechs they are themed after.


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