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"I am the world!"
― Adel's proclamation as he wanted to become the world itself[src]

Adel (アデル Aderu) was the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Ghost. He is the son of the Gamma Emperor Adonis and a brother of Alain, Argos, and Alia. He is fanatically devoted to the Gamma ideology and willing to do almost anything to achieve his father's ideals. Upon imprisoning and assassinating his father, Adel became the Emperor of the Gamma making it his mission to complete the ideals his father had strayed from.

Character History

Early life

The young Adel witnesses the Gamma World with his family.

Adel was evidently born in the world of the Gamma at some point by the mid-19th century at the latest, Reverse! Mysterious Science! the second-born son of the Emperor Adonis and his wife, following his older sister Alia. Horrible! Disappearing World! They were joined by their younger brother, Alain, before their mother died. Amazing! The Gamma's World! Conciliation! All Resolutions! Gather! Chain of Grief!

Prelude to Invasion

As Gamma Ultima, Adel killed Daigo Fukami.

When the Gamma World was faced with a crisis as the vital energy needed to maintain the life support system ran low, Adel, supported by Igor, suggested an invasion of the human world in order to obtain more power. Subsequently, an initiative to convert the Earth to the image of their own world was prepared. Upheaval! The Magistrate's Decision! Appearing in the human world in 2005, Adel murdered the leader of the Ghost Hunters, Ryu Tenkuji, Conciliation! All Resolutions! but not before he gathered a collection of fifteen luminaries resurrected via the Ghost Eyecons to one day oppose the Gammaizers when the invasion arrived, with the secret assistance of the Gamma magistrate, Edith. Reminiscence! Secret of the Mind! He was also responsible for the death of Daigo Fukami, having slain him with a sword which was curiously identical to that usually accessed only by the Gamma Ultima Fire armament. Courage! Tragic Resolution! Kamen Rider Ghost: ~Memories of the Future~ The invasion itself would not arrive for another ten years, starting with the murder of Ryu's son, Takeru Tenkuji, who Edith had resurrected as Kamen Rider Ghost in order to fight the Gamma. Upheaval! The Magistrate's Decision!

Beginning the Demia Project

Adel was confronted by Alain, who had returned to the Gamma World after overseeing the creation of several dimensional gates linking the worlds, asking why he didn't tell him about the true power the heroic Ghost Eyecons possessed. Adel told Alain that there would be no point in obtaining a living human body and that their only use to the Gamma is as a weapon, revealing that that was why he sent Jabel to recover the Eyecons without filling him in, stating that their world needed the inhabitants of the human realm. Superb View! The Earth's Dawn!

Adel learns from Igor that Alain has commandeered the Kamen Rider Necrom system which the Gamma had developed, without permission. Adel lets him be as he observes him fight the Kamen Riders in the human world, intending to see what he can do with it. Perfect! The White Kamen Rider!

Adel later sends Igor to begin the Demia Project, telling him that he will be appointed as the new magistrate if he is successful. Explosion! Paint From Your Heart!

Having been instructed by his father, Adonis, Adel summons his siblings Alia and Alain for a meeting with the Gamma magistrate, Edith, who had requested an audience with the royal family. Explode! Flames of Friendship! Adel eavesdrops on Adonis's private conversation with Edith as well.

Taking over the Gamma

Adel announces himself as the new Emperor following the "murder" of his father.

Adel destroys his father's Eyecon body, forcing him to return to his mortal body and secretly imprisoned by him, then put the blame on his younger brother, by destroying his Eyecon body first to be forced back to his mortal body, to be killed there.

He also attempted to get rid of Specter and Ghost for being one of the threats that may interfere with his plan. He now has a Gammaizer under his command, such as having an Adel Fire counterpart serve him and assist him to get rid of a more substantial threat, Ghost himself, freezing his movements and hurting him, whenever he transformed into Grateful Damashii via the Eyecon Driver G.

During Alain and Takeru's return to find Makoto and his original human body back, Adel kills his dying father in front of Takeru and Alain, vanishing in Alain's arms.

Adel, along with the now 11 Gammaizers, fought against Ghost and the 15 Damashii Parka Ghosts and easily defeated them before the Gammaizers merged with Adel to transform into his Perfect Gammaizer form. Resurrection! Hero's Soul!

After a big fight with the three Riders and eventually losing to Mugen Damashii's powers, he is oftered by Takeru to save both the real world and the Gamma world together. However, Adel refuses the ofter and realizes his "mistakes".

Adel died after destroying his own Royal Gamma Eyecon.

After returning to the Gamma world, he unbelieveably took out his Royal Gamma Eyecon in his body, crushes it with his bare hands, and fading away in the progress, much to Alia's and the Gammaizers' shock. Before his body fades away, Adel claims that he will become the world. Astonishing! Hermit's Truth!

Becoming the World

Connect! Genius Juvenile!

Activate! Terror of Demia!

Adel connects with the world

Horrible! Disappearing World!

Duel! Words from the Swordsman!

Conciliation! All Resolutions!

Adel died after being redeemed

Gather! Chain of Grief!


Adel is a narcissistic megalomaniac with a nihilistic disposition. He is a fanatic in the Gamma ideology and believes he is the only one capable of bringing his father's ideals to fruition. However, his understanding of Adonis's ideology is distorted and far from Adonis's vision. Anything he deems unnecessary he will eliminate, even members of his family. He justifies his actions by saying it is for the sake of the perfect world, ignoring that he is responsible for creating war, conflict, and death, the things his father sought to eliminate. He even going went to ridiculously lengths to destroy his own Royal Gamma Eyecon, making his Eyecon body fade away in the process for his plans.

Before his end, however. It is revealed that all of his doings are because of misunderstandings of his father's heart during the death of his mother. After Alia and Takeru managed to convince him, he changed his heart. But his fate was closed as it's too late to realize the Gammaizer's true goal (even Adel did not expect this) to be themselves after Takeru managed to connect all seven emotions.


Powers and Abilities


  • Gamma Hole Creation: As a Gamma, Adel possesses the ability to create miniature Gamma Holes by merely pointing and making the shape of an eye with his hand, allowing him to travel from his own world to the human world and back.
  • Energy Blast: Adel can shoot purple energy blasts from his hand, even in his human form. Conspiracy! Adel's Trap!


  • Skilled Combatant: Adel is shown to be skilled in hand-to-hand combat, being able to fight Ghost Grateful Damashii in his civilian form. Resurrection! Hero's Soul!


Royal Gamma Eyecon

As with all Gamma, Adel's natural basic form is the Gamma Eyecon (ガンマアイコン Ganma Aikon).

This Eyecon was destroyed by Adel himself by crushing it with his bare hands, with his Eyecon body fading away in the process.

Gamma Ultima

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 201 cm
  • Weight: 122 kg

Gamma Ultima (眼魔ウルティマ Ganma Urutima, lit."Eye Devil Ultima") is the royal Gamma form which Adel assumes using the royal Transform Gamma Eyecon.

Powers and Abilities
Enhanced Strength
Adel in his Gamma Ultima Form can easily destroy heavy equipment with a single blow. He easily overpowered Specter and Ghost in close combat.
Vector Manipulation
Adel is capable of reversing the magnitude or direction of an incoming projectile with ease. This is shown when he redirected a blast from Specter's Gan Gun Hand back to him.
Energy Blast
Adel can shoot powerful purple energy blast from his hand.
Appearances: Episode 22, 40 (flashback)

Perfect Gammaizer

Perfect Gammaizer before blooming.

  • Height: 217 cm
  • Weight: 108 kg

When Adel fuses with the Gammaizers, he can transform into the Perfect Gammaizer (パーフェクトガンマイザー Pāfekuto Ganmaizā), analogous to Ghost's Grateful Damashii.

Powers and Abilities
Adel in his Perfect Gammaizer form can use tentacles to attack his opponents. He also can use tentacles for defensive purposes.

Perfect Gammaizer's "Rider" Kick.

Drill Kick
With powerful spinning tentacles around his body, Adel can perform a drill kick finisher.
Gammaizer Summoning
Like Ghost Grateful Damashii's ability to summon the Parka Ghosts, Perfect Gammaizer has the ability to project individual Gammaizers from and retract them back within him at will.
Appearances: Ghost Episodes 38, 41, 42, 45-48


Behind the Scenes


Adel is played by Akihiro Mayama (真山 明大 Mayama Akihiro). As Gamma Ultima, his suit actor is Masashi Takada (高田 将司 Takada Masashi). As Perfect Gammaizer, his suit actors were Eitoku (永徳) and Yugo Fujii (藤井祐伍 Fujii Yugo).

Concept Art

Gamma Ultima and Perfect Gammaizer were designed by Kazuhiko Shimamoto (島本 和彦 Shimamoto Kazuhiko).


  • Adel is the first villain to be related to a white Kamen Rider, as the previous trends of the preceeding seasons' respective white Riders' relatives are close friends to the main protagonists.
    • If Tenjuro Banno is counted, he is technically the second villain related to the white Rider.
  • Adel is similar to Redyue, in terms of being cold and calculative, they also plot to usurp their respective superiors - Rosyuo and Adonis, respectively.
    • However, unlike Redyue, Adel successfully fulfills his ambition.
  • Both Alain and Adel are based on Cain and Abel, not only named after them, but also their grudges against each other. However, their role of being based on Cain and Abel are reversed.
  • Adel is the only of Adonis' children to not be a Kamen Rider (Alain is Necrom, Alia is Dark Necrom Pink and Argos is both Dark Ghost and Extremer).
  • Adel fusing with Gammaizers and transforming into Perfect Gammaizer is very similar to when Takeru Tenkuji fuses with the 15 Heroic Souls and transforms into Ghost Grateful Damashii.
  • Adel's Drill Kick finisher in his Perfect Gammaizer Form very similar to Kamen Rider Knight's Final Vent.
  • If one looks closely, Adel's Perfect Gammaizer from has two different faces. The first face from before the tulip head flowers appears more human-like. While the second after flowering has an appearence akin to a hybrid of a buddhist monk's headwear and a medieval helmet.
  • Adel is, coincidentally, responsible for the deaths of the three main Rider's fathers.



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